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The Water Cycle FREE Printable Worksheets and Teaching Resources

Updated on December 14, 2014

Teaching resources for The Water Cycle

On this page you will find Free printable worksheets and teaching resources for the Water Cycle.These resources were very hard to find and are the actual resources I used for teaching the children about the water cycle. Including a printable water cycle diagram, printable worksheets, pictures and labeled diagrams, On line interactive flash water cycle videos, all excellent teaching resources for your class to learn The Water Cycle all these resources are free.

Water is One of our Earths most precious resources. Teaching about the water cycle is becoming a more and more important part of the curriculum.

With Seventy percent of Earth being covered by water.

In the atmosphere, rivers, oceans, groundwater, and elsewhere on Earth or 326 million cubic miles of water. With statistics like this, children are easily confused as to why the Earths Water resources are so precious,.

When teaching about our environmental issues, I found it a tricky subject to cover due to the subconscious thought that water is all around us, Why do we need to preserve it? the children would ask.

I also found it the most fun of subjects to teach.

Here I have included free to download resources, activities, videos, enabling you to have a wealth of information on one page.

Intro Picture Credit: By The Odd Git (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Water Cycle Teaching resources

A fantastic hands on resource small books for the students, I highly recommend this for all elemetery school children.

Making fun learning.

Eco Schools Water Cycle -REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE
Eco Schools Water Cycle -REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE

Steps of the Water Cycle

Why do we need to explain the water cycle

Less than one percent of our useable water is present in rivers, lakes, and groundwater: we use these sources for our drinking water.

And this is the message we need to get across to the students, where does our water go? Why is only such a small about available to use. And how important is it that we begin to look at our lifestyle choices, to help conserve our natural water supply.

Water is one of the 9 Topics covered for Achieving the Green Flag from Eco Schools, Foundation for Environmental Education FEE. I was fortunate enough to work with Eco Schools and we became one of the first schools to be recognised as "Green" whether you just use the resources for your classroom, or actually follow the Green Flag criteria, it is a fabulous interative way to engage the children.

Picture Credit: available to Buy from Glass Bottles

What is the Water Cycle - video for teachers to use to explain the Water Cycle

This video, uses a well known tune to explain the Water Cycle in action

Teach The Water Cycle Song: (to the tune of She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain)

"Water travels in a cycle, yes it does.

Water travels in a cycle, yes it does. It goes up as evaporation,

the clouds make condensation,

it rains down precipitation,

yes it does."

The Water Cycle Teaching resources

Fun factual, and engaging, everything the student needs to learn.

Cheap Water Cycle Charts - Ideal pictures to compliment your water cycle projects

Learning about Water - Activities for kids

The water cycle
The water cycle

This is a water saving project my daughter made, then the children were allowed to bring them home and made us follow her water saving Tips.

A piece of A2 paper flooded into 3 sections, and each designed by the child into a leaflet.

Water cycle videos

animated online water cycle tutorials

With my daughter becoming frustrated with all the terms to understand I found this video, and it was fun to watch too.

This is a fantastic video 3 minutes long to watch for the class, and does it very simply. Using 2 kids looking at the rain and wondering if their football match would be on the next day or would the rain make it too wet.

Water Cycle Scholastic Video

An online explanation of the Water cycle - I highly recommend this especially if you have the use of computers, or white board resources

Free - Water Cycle Printable Worksheets

Diagram of the water cycle worksheet for students

The main Learning Outcomes

A FREE Water Cycle diagram to label available from

Enchanted Learning ©2001-2010

Accumulation - the process in which water pools in large bodies (like oceans, seas and lakes).

Condensation - the process in which water vapor (a gas) in the air turns into liquid water. Condensing water forms clouds in the sky. Water drops that form on the outside of a glass of icy water are condensed water. (This term appears twice in the diagram.)

Evaporation - the process in which liquid water becomes water vapor (a gas). Water vaporizes from the surfaces of oceans and lakes, from the surface of the land, and from melts in snow fields.

Precipitation - the process in which water (in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail) falls from clouds in the sky.

Subsurface Runoff - rain, snow melt, or other water that flows in underground streams, drains, or sewers.

Surface Runoff - rain, snow melt, or other water that flows in surface streams, rivers, or canals.

Transpiration - the process in which some water within plants evaporates into the atmosphere. Water is first absorbed by the plant's roots, then later exits by evaporating through pores in the plant.


Enchanted Learning ©2001-2010

Printable worksheets and Diagram of the water cycle

The water cycle

Use this blank sheet for the students to fill in the Water Cycle process

Water Cycle Teaching resources and Lesson Plans

PDFs to download with no sign up- Free online

Great ideas for using in the classroom - Free

It was always great to have a couple of resources online to be able to get a few ideas from, especially around the holiday times, I have added in some great time fillers on a few holiday subjects all with free resources here for you. That I used many times in the classrooms to keep the kids busy

you can leave a message here even if you are not a member of Squidoo, please note all comments are moderated for approval.

© 2011 Lisa Auch

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