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The Blood Red Crescent: The Battle of Lepanto

Updated on August 30, 2017

A Book About An Amazing Battle - Lepanto!

The Blood Red Crescent was a great example of a Crusader Book. From the quiet student life at a Monastery, to the great Battle of Lepanto! Follow the young Venetian Boy, Guido, as he along with his friends, the English Michael Selwyn, Barnabas Butter the gunman, and the Italian Sailor, Luigi, as they embark on a quest in the name of the Holy League, the name of the crusaders who set out to defeat the Turks.

The Blood Red Crescent

The Plot of the Blood Red Crescent!

About a young boy, named Guido.

Guido is a 14 year-old boy living in Venice, Italy. During his time, the Turks are raiding Venetian and Italian trading ships around Greece. They are also enslaving Christian Greeks.

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From Venice to Sicily and then Lepanto - this book was amazing.

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The Blood Red Crescent
The Blood Red Crescent

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