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There has to be a better way.

Updated on November 23, 2014

There has to be a better way.

There has to be a better way. Wars, overpopulation, pollution, crime, terrorism, poverty, ignorance, disease, stupidity, evil, insanity, and hundreds of other social problems -- and all of them solvable with a little common sense. What is wrong with the human race that it chooses to create still more new problems instead of ending the old problems once and for all?

There has to be a better way.


Please like this lens by pressing the like button. But if you don't like this lens, then please tell me how I can improve it. I'll even give you credit for any idea of yours that I use (unless you prefer anonymity). Leave constructive criticism. Leave a friendly critique. But please help me make this lens better by suggesting some idea that I never thought of. Thank you for any help! -- your editor, Toni Roman

Way #1 - Let Humanity Muddle Along like It Always Has

Muddling along stuck in a rut is the starting point of this lens. It has not worked out very well, has it? If you are honest with yourself, then no matter how bright-eyed and optimistic you are, you have to acknowledge that wars DO exist, pollution DOES exist and the world's population is seven billion and growing whether or not you think that is a good thing.

God help you if you think breeding like roaches with no thought of providing jobs for all the babies being born and something better for old people than warehousing them and neglecting them. You may not think about the big picture and where it is all going but some people are thinking about it. If you leave this world in the hands of far left communists or far right police states and garrison states (like the USA under the Patriot Act), then by default you are agreeing to let the world be run into the ground. Totalitarians are very efficient at making the trains run on time and sometimes they screw even this up (see news stories on trash crashes). Like it or not. Whatever your philosophy, you must either think about the big picture or make sure that this world is in the hands of trustworthy people.

Right now, the world is _NOT_ in the hands of trustworthy people. How do I know this? Read the news. Watch the news. That should convince you.

way #2 - drink the Kool-Aid

This refers to the Peoples Temple cult. When the authorities (none too smart themselves) were closing in, their stoned leader urged them to commit suicide and, in some instances, went Kevorkian and assisted them.

Mass suicide of the entire population of the globe will result if we continue to listen to the warmongers, the climate change deniers and the "have big families" advocates. The overpopulation advocates are generally chamber of commerce types, real estate developers and preachers who do not care about consequences because population explosion suits their agenda and personally profits them.

The actual suicide will result from choking on our own filth. Coughing from bad air, getting sick from bad water and bad food, and then wondering why everyone is getting cancer and other diseases is what is happening.

If some nut speeds up this mass suicide, then the exact way it will happen will either be someone pushing a button and launching a missile with a nuclear warhead (thus precipitating the final world war) or with a chemical warhead (like VX) or a biological warhead (like a super-Ebola). Unfortunately this could also happen as an act of nuclear terrorism, chemical terrorism or bioterrorism. At least one religion (and several cults) condones murder and mass murder.

Is this what you want? It is not what I want. I do not like either the terrorists or the governments whose ham-fisted use of military and intelligence assets breeds more and more terrorists. I am reminded of that line in Star Wars where Princess Leia says to Darth Vader: "The harder you squeeze, the more will slip through your fingers". [ I am not a Star Wars fans so it might have been to Grand Moff Tarkin or whatever. ]

Anyway, law-abiding Americans are being squeezed by having their phone calls and email eavesdropped and cameras with face recognition everywhere surveillanced and all invading the privacy of law-abiding citizens while George Bush's "evil-doers" get away with more and more. How is this fair?

Young people are quite willing (eager even) to pull down their pants or pull up their dresses and bend over for proctological examination by Big Brother in the name of national security. Young people do not remember that all this happened before in the Sixties and, before that, in the Nineteen-Fifties under J. Edgar Hoover and Senator Joseph McCarthy.

The USA has never canceled elections even during wars (unlike other countries) but it _HAS_ inexcusably suspended civil liberties more than once. Most recently, with the hated Patriot Act essentially gutting the Constitution. It is hard for me to respect Tea Party and other "citizen" movements whining about affordable health care when more important matters like freedom is at stake. What stupidity!!! I am not the biggest fan of the president but others are motivated by racism not public spirit.

So drink the Kool-AId while life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are legislated away by Congress and executed away by Homeland Security and its secret police equivalents in other nations. Breathe the poisonous air, drink the contaminated water and eat the junk food as polluters buy and sell Congressmen and Senators.

As for me, I drink filtered water, avoid cities with really bad air, change the filters in my home, and eat organic food as much as my budget allows. The Republicans and Democrats are the problem so I encourage third parties but not communists and neo-Nazis (Tea Party). And I do these lenses because if even one person reads one of my lenses and gets inspired to make a positive difference in the world, then I have done something worthwhile. And on that subject, I don't do lenses in hopes of becoming a millionaire. Yeh, right. I try to only offer useful items for sale and I don't really push those items since I just cannot get excited about doing lenses that are just commercials.

I keep coming back to this -- the world is a mess and I can either be part of the solution or part of the problem. I don't want to be part of the problem. And I don't want to drink the Kool-Aid.

way #3 - Work at a job you hate your whole life.

Creative Commons  Some rights reserved by didbygraham
Creative Commons Some rights reserved by didbygraham

Retire bitter. Die bitter. Be remembered as a bitter person that no one wants to remember because they are bitter too.

way #4 - Be an activist and get assassinated for trying to improve things.

Getting shot is no fun. In fact, it's quite painful but at least you die quickly -- unless you don't and you are left in a wheelchair or feeding through a tube the rest of your miserable life.

Generally speaking, as long as you are a bad guy or a villain, you will be left alone. But try to make things better and some jerk will try to kill you. Or worse, a conspiracy of powerful people won't like you rocking the boat or challenging the status quo and they will hire a professional assassin to kill you and a get a zombie (brainwashed) patsy to take the blame for killing you.

However, sometimes even villains like Bin Laden get blown away because they get the wrong people mad. In his case it was the USA represented by the former president (Bush) who passed the job of getting Bin Laden on to his successor the next president (Obama).

So perhaps if you want to make things better, you should give up on that dream. We saw what happened to another person who had a dream (MLK).

There has to be a better way

War was the #1 song September 20th, 1970. The song is still revelant today as it was then.

Editor's Note --

The song not the group.

By the time science tells us that GMO's are a bad idea, millions of people will have suffered. We are smart enough to come up with better ideas. If we rely on big companies to feed us we can not expect them to act in our best interest.

Editor's Note -- Especially not Monsanto which has said that protecting the public is the government's responsibility and their responsibility is to make money. Then they use that money to lobby Congress and courts to end protective regulation.

There has to be a better way

These are not the best books to read up on the subject of a better way but they are a start. Yes, I know this is not the most glowing endorsement but since I am not getting paid, I can be honest.

There Has to Be A Better Way - The Right Systems For Success
There Has to Be A Better Way - The Right Systems For Success

Editor's Note -- This book was written for business but it's lessons could apply elsewhere.


There has to be a better way. - What is it?

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