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The Truth Within The Creed

Updated on May 11, 2016


The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Salem witch trails.
The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Salem witch trails. | Source

The truth within the creed

Most people use their beliefs in order to understand the world. Many people use belief to define their own judgment of how laws or the world should be. In the play The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, the belief of the bible and their evil among us is taken to a whole new level. This is especially true of the new witch hunter in the town of Salem, Reverend Hale. His obsession with scripture and finding the devil leads him to be blinded. Until his mysterious findings throughout Salem causes him to question the right and wrong in his belief. Reverend Hale’s motivation is to find witchcraft in Salem and his actions cause him to find lies in the trails, so he changes some of his beliefs.

In act one, Reverend Hale’s motivation is clear. Hale is summoned by Reverend Parrish to show there are no witches in Salem but Hale thinks there are witches in Salem. Reverend Hale does not think about others he only thinks of how to he can save the world from evil. Reverend Hale states, “We shall need hard study if it comes to tracking down the Old Boy”(37). In Salem’s crisis, Reverend Hale only listens to these who say witch or witchcraft and bring his books to find the Devil shows how much he is willing to go to prove his belief and to get witches out of Salem.

Due to Reverend Hale needing to get all witches out of Salem, he is blinded throughout the play. The most important decision for this character is when he decided to leave the court and believing John Proctor. Even when the others don’t believe John, Reverend Hale will not back down to help John. After John proctor tells the truth and Mary Warren tells the truth, Reverend Hale States, “I denounce these proceedings, I quit this court”(120). This shows that Hale is willing to open up and change to know the truth and show the truth to the court. His decision leads to others believing him but not the court, in which leads more to their death.

Reverend Hale reveals himself to be blinded by witches from the beginning. He is all set from getting real witchcraft out of Salem. When he comes into Salem he answers John Proctor about the weight of his books, he states, “They must be; they are weighted with authority”(36). As a sightless man, Hale is putting all his faith into these big witchcraft books to hunt them down, he even believes these books to be holy. Even near the end of the play John confesses to him about Abigail in which questioning the trials, he then quits the court. He tries to talk Dan-forth into letting Proctor confess and be free. Reverend states, “Women, plead with him!..Women! It is pride, it is vanity.. Be his helper! what profit him to bleed? shall the dust praise him? shall the worms declare his truth? Go to him take his shame away!”(145). Hale continues to try and prove John’s innocence but Elizabeth needs to help come to his senses. Reverend Hale shows a lot of change throughout the play. He starts out blind but now sees life for more than valuable praise and how to judge honestly for fraudulence in people.

In life today, blinded by the gospel people forget the real truth. Sometimes people forget what the words of the lord really say and others just interpret it wrong. Sometimes fantasies are not reality, this is true for Reverend Hale. Reverend Hale falls victim to injustice in the court and the lies of people in society. His obsession with witches in the village ruined many lives in the town and the truth in humanity when blinded by false words? Reverend Hale change in the play was a rare kind of change but was very important for the ending of the witch trials.A life lived sightless is not a life worth living. The truth is in the dirt on the ground, this seems to indicate a person who isn’t in touch with what is really happening around them are caught up in there own world, but the truth will catch up to them.


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