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Tips when buying second-hand car

Updated on May 2, 2016

Experience buy old cars you need to know - tipsitthienpham

Buy used cars is the affordable solution for those with tight financial conditions. However because of the second-hand goods is also pretty much hidden pitfalls, requiring buyers to more awake. The sharing of the experience of buying old cars here will help you somewhat more secure.
The experience of buying old cars you need to know

Before deciding to buy a car, you have to prepare enough finance to buy the car, including the registration fee to the name, insurance and the cost of routine maintenance, the cost of raising the car. ... After you have adequately prepared financially, the next job you need to do is to find out information about the lineup you want to buy and the information market and the experience of buying used cars from the top of the Forum and friends around. This job is very important and it can help you grasp the pros-cons of the lineup to buy and not be "hớ".
Find out information about the lineup you want to buy
Once the car fit, the next task is to go direct and general test vehicle. Check the Interior and exterior, the ability to operate machinery, fuel consumption, and. of the car. If not conversant about the car, you should ask to bring a car to the maintenance centre to check the exact details. Or the best used car buying is in the Center there warranties as genuine Ford, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz ... etc.
If the individual's car purchase, you should ask to genuine maintenance center to examine the entire car for "eat". The line of luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW, Audi has a history of your car, you can ask the owner of the car for you to check this information. The parts of the car need to examine include: car body, engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, lighting, exhaust fans, and air conditioners, cooling, ducting, exhaust, control panels, tires ... Also you need to check the clock, press the buttons in the control panel. Make sure that everything still works.
Take the car to the maintenance centre for the most accurate test
After the General test of the car, you should test drive the car to feel the actual stability of machines, absorbers, transmission system has the softness and velvety or not ... The purpose is to evaluate again about the car you want to buy.

Test drive is one of those old cars buying experience important to feel more accurately
Finally, make skillful "negotiating" to reduce the cost of buying the car. You should take advantage of the weaknesses of the car and the possibility of negotiations to negotiate the final price with the owner of the car or the business of buying and selling. With the sharing of the experience of buying old cars on here, hope you will get the exact and logical choice...


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