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Titles for Great Library and Classroom Bulletin Boards and Displays

Updated on April 28, 2013


Here's a collection of great titles to create bulletin boards for your school or public library, or your classroom. Below each title are related suggestions for images, books, etc.).

Why create bulletin boards and displays in libraries and classrooms? For libraries, it's important to create a stimulating and inviting space for patrons, and draw attention to available media and people resources, showing that libraries are not merely a luxury, but a true necessity. Classroom bulletin boards and displays are important for teaching, creating a stimulating environment for students and staff, encouraging great student work, and raising self esteem by displaying student-created items.

The titles listed have been gleaned from many sources, including my own bulletin boards and displays, colleagues, and Internet sources. Over time, more titles will be added, so keep checking back!


  • _______ Really Likes This Book!

    [photos of staff members beside books, or a photo of the staff member reading the book]

    1-Up! Books Approved by PAC-MAN

    [PacMan / ghosts]

    2-4-6-8 What Do We Appreciate? Great Books!


    3,2,1 ... Lift Off

    [moon / stars / rockets]

    A B C - Put Them All Together and Read


    A B Sea

    [undersea creatures]

    Abracadabra - READ

    [magic items]

    Ahoy Pirates / Ahoy Mateys


    Aim High...

    [moon / stars /space shuttles / rockets]

    All Creatures Great and Small


    All You Can Read Buffet

    [menus with recommended reads / food, / dishes / cutlery / cooking utensils]

    And That's Final!

    [Choose books from the library collection and create signs with the last sentence of each book, and other signs with the title and author of the book. Jumble the signs before displaying, and challenge students to guess which book has which final sentence.]

    Are You Cool? Who Decides?

    [self-esteem / anti-bullying / media awareness]

    Are You Game?

    [games / puzzles]

    As Time Goes By

    [historical fiction and nonfiction / heraldry / genealogy]

    Award Winners

    [medals / ribbons / trophies / Caldecott, Newbery books, etc.]


  • Backstage Pass

    [music / musicians / musical instruments]

    Be a FRIEND of the Library

    Follow school rules

    Remember: no food or drink

    Indoor, quiet voices

    Enjoy our library and respect it

    Need help? Just ask!

    Don't forget to check your books out.

    Be a Reading Magician

    [rabbits / top hats / magic supplies]

    Be a Smartie and Read!

    [Create a giant box of Smarties candies or use a multitude of small ones (pick up a bag of minis at Halloween).]

    Be Sure to Read Knightly

    [knights / armour / horses /castles / medieval items]

    Be Yourself. An Original is Always Worth More Thank a Copy!

    [self-esteem / mirrors]

    Beauty Blooms from Within

    [flowers / mirrors]

    Bee a Reader


    Before They Were Movies

    ["Never judge a book by its movie" - J.W. Eagen]

    [books made into movies / movie items]

    Best in the West

    [cowboys / cowgirls / bandanas / lassos / horses / horseshoes / saddles / hats]

    [authors from western region of the country / maps]

    Bet You Can't Read Just One! Read a "Series" Book

    [Lays potato chips]

    Big Beautiful Books

    [oversized books]

    Big Mac

    [books with authors whose names start with MAC, such as Roger Lea MacBride, D.J. MacHale, Roy MacGregor, and titles with MAC, such as Macbeth / Big Mac containers from McDonalds]

    Big, Bad, Blue

    [books with blue covers]

    Birds of a Feather Read Together

    [birds / feathers]

    Bite Into A Good Book

    [apples / worms]

    bks r lke rly lng txt msgs (Books are Like Really Long Text Messages)

    [cell phones]

Click photo to see more of this display.
Click photo to see more of this display.

Black & White and Re(a)d All Over*****

[books with black, white and red covers]

Click on the photo to go to Flickr and see the rest of this display.

  • Blast Off With New Books

    [space theme]

    Blast Off with Science Books

    [space theme / astronomy]

    Blockbuster Books

    [books made into movies / movie items / theatre items]

    Board? Read!

    [checker board]

Book Potatoes

[potatoes / burlap sacks]

Click on the photo to view larger size at Flickr.

  • Book Quest

    [knights / horses /castles / medieval items]

    Book Safari

    [animals / jungle / safari]

    Book Talk

    [book reviews / "Unshelved" comic strips -]

    Bookworm Review

    [Head and tail of bookworm / student book reviews on circular papers to make up body of bookworm]

    Books - The Other Channel

    [recommended reads framed with paper televisions and remote controls]

    Books About Before

    [historical items]

    Books and Music

    [musical instruments / sheet music]

    Books are Best Friends

    [friendship / hugging / holding hands]

    Books are Magic

    [magic items / genies / fairies / wizards]

    Books as Movies

    [movie items]

    Books for a Blissful Bedtime

    [beds / blankets / teddy bears / moon / nightlights]

    Books Into Movies - From Books to the Big Screen

    [movie items]

    Books Into Movies - Read Hollywood

    [popcorn / film reels /filmstrips / TV]

    Books Make Us Hoppy

    [frogs / lilly pads]

    Books That Will Make You Bounce with Laughter

    [Tigger (of Winnie the Pooh fame)]

    Books with Bite

    [vampires / social issues]

    Born to Be Wild


    Bounce into Spring (Summer, Fall, or Winter)

    [Tigger (of Winnie the Pooh fame)]

    Bright Bestsellers

    [candles / flashlights / spotlights / sun / lamps]

    Bright Eyes, Bright Minds, Bright Future

    [candles / flashlights / spotlights / sun / lamps]

    Build It!

    [construction equipment / bricks]

    Building Readers

    [construction equipment / bricks]


  • Call of the Sea

    [undersea creatures]

    Call of the Wild

    [camping / nature / animals]

    Can You Dig This?

    [archaeology / paleontology]

    Capture the Memories

    [yearbooks / candid photos / digital photography / cameras / video equipment]

    Catch a Dragon by the Tale


    Catch of the Day

    [undersea creatures / ponds / fishing equipment / boats]

    Catch the Wave of Technology

    [computers / cell phones / tablets / software]

    Caution! Readers at work

    [construction workers / tools]

    A Celebration of Cultures

    [multicultural icons]

    Chalk One Up for School

    [chalk / chalkboard / hopscotch / sidewalk]

    Cherish Similarities - Celebrate Differences

    [multicultural costumes / faces / people / maps / cultural icons]


Chick Lit

[pink items]

Click the photo to see the rest of this display in Flickr.


Chicken Soup for the Soul

[“Chicken Soup for the Soul” books / soup cans / chickens]

Click on the photo to see it larger in Flickr.

  • Choose a Book for Fun

    [happy faces]

    Choose Friends By Their Character and Socks By Their Colour


    Climb to Success

    [stairs / ladders]

    Clued into Reading: Get Caught in a Great Book!

    [spyglass / detective]

    Colour Your World

    [art books / art supplies]

    Colour Your World with Books

    [crayons / art supplies / rainbows]

    Comic Craze

    [comics / graphic novels]

    Cooking Crazy

    [cooking utensils]

    Cooking Up a Storm

    [cookbooks / cooking utensils]

    Cool Enough to Care

    [list of values / diversity / empathy / honesty / inclusion / accountability / trust / leadership / community / humanity / sympathy / integrity / respect / appreciation / loyalty / forgiveness]

    Courage is Born in Difficult Moments

    [books about real-life heroes and famous people who have overcome obsticles]

    Cow-abunga! School is Cool


    Crazy for Comics

    [comics / graphic novels]

    Create a Movie in Your Mind - Read a Book

    [movie items]

    Creative Writing

    [writing instruments / computer / typewriter / dictionaries / reference books]

    Creature Features

    [animals / monsters]

    Crime Scene - Forensice Sciences

    [caution tape / magnifying glass / camera / file folders / medical items]

    Crown Choices

    [ kings / queens / princes and princesses / crowns / castles / thrones / medieval and current royal items]


  • Dear Diary

    [pens / diaries]

    Decode the Dewey-Decimal System

    [spyglasses / detectives]

    Delicious – Books You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

    [food / cooking utensils]

    Dewey Decimal Delights – Try Some of Our Great Nonfiction


    Dictionary is the Only Place Where Success Comes Before Work, The

    [dictionaries / study guides / career guides / university brochures]

    Digging Up Facts


    [Egypt and other ancient civilizations / archaeology]

    [books or websites on research skills / shovels / buckets]



    Directions to Success

    [signposts with directional signs / career choices / life skills / character education]

    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

    [biographies of famous crimes and criminals / fiction with a crime theme]

    Discover New Worlds – Read!

    [jungle / animals / maps / globe / travel guides / passports]

    Discover the Flavours of Reading

    [ice cream]

    Dive Into ____ Grade

    [water / diving / pools / dolphins]

    Dive Into A Good Book

    [water / diving / pools / dolphins]

    Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy!

    [Students write down something that makes them happy on a Post-it-Note and add it to the bulletin board.]

    Do You Have a Heart for Art?

    [art books / art supplies]


Dog Gone Good Reads


Click on the photo to see it larger in Flickr.

  • Don't Become Extinct ... Read!


    Don't Get Tangled in the Web! Use the Internet Responsibly

    [spiders / webs / Internet usage rules/suggestions/safety information]

    Don't Judge Someone Until You've Walked a Mile in Their Shoes


    Don't Put all Your Eggs in One Basket - Diversify Your Reading

    [eggs / baskets]

    Don't Vegetate - Bring Your Brain to the Library

    [vegetables / heads / brains]

    Don't Put School On the Back Burner

    [chefs / bakers]

    Don't Worry ... Be Happy

    [happy faces]

    Dragon Tales

    [dragons / fantasy]

    Drawn to These Books

    [art supplies / comic strips]

    Driven to Read

    [cars / traffic signs / roadway / maps / driver's license]



[futuristic landscapes]

Click on the photo to see larger photo in Flickr.



Earthlings ... Take Me to Your Readers

[aliens / spaceships / planets / stars]

Click on the photo to see this and related photos in Flickr.

  • Education May Prevent Extinction

    [dinosaurs / career planning / university brochures]


    [fairies / wings / princesses]

    Every Suitcase Tells a Story

    [suitcases / maps / globes / passports]

    [Display idea for books on travel, voyages, refugees, etc.]

    Exercise Your Right to Read

    [exercise equipment / athletes]

    Experience the Power of Books

    [batteries, / light bulbs / windmills]


Explore the Final Frontier - Your Library

[aliens / spaceships / planets / stars]

Click on the photo to see more related photos on Flickr.

  • Explore with Books

    [adventure / jungle, / mountains / safari / animals]

    Extraordinary Lives: Biography and Autobiography

    [famous people]


  • Facebooks

    [books with faces on the cover]

    Fact, Fiction, or Just Freaky?

    [checkmarks / question marks / exclamation marks]

    Family Stories

    [family life / genealogy]

    Famous People In ...

    [biographies and autobiographies]

    [sample headers: Business, History, Human Rights, Movies, Music, Politics, Science, Sports, Television]

    Fast Food Facts

    [nutrition guides from fast food restaurants / fast food containers / fast food logos]

    Feed Your Brain - Read!

    [brains / heads / food]

    Feed Your Need to Read

    [picnic basket / dishes / utensils]

    Feeling Trapped By Something?

    [books on issues and self-esteem / chains / cages]

    Fetch a Great Book from the Library

    [dogs / bones]

    Final Frontier - Science Fiction

    [outer space / planets / rocket ships / stars]

    Find a Treasure in a Good Book

    [pirates / parrots / treasure chest / gold coins / jewelry / pirate map]

    Fishing Around for Something to Read? Try One of These Books!

    [fish / undersea / aquariums / fishing rods]


Fishing for Fiction – Hook a Book

[fish / fishing rod / water / fish hook]

Click on the photo to see a larger version (and related photos) in Flickr.

  • Fishing for Ideas

    [fish / fishing rod / water]

    Flip Over School

    [dolphin / water / waves]

    Flour Power

    [cookbooks / cooking and baking utensils]

    Fly Away To Fantasy Land... Read!

    [magic carpet]

    Focus on Folk and Fairy Tales

    [folk and fairy tale characters]



    Food Fun

    [food / dishes / cooking utensils]

    For a Cool Treat...School Can't Be Beat!

    [ice cream / popsicles]

    Friends Don’t Let Friends Read Junk

    [photos of students and staff reading]

    From Homework to Hollywood: Great Movies Start with Outstanding Stories

    [movie and theatre props]

    Fuel Your Mind – Read!

    [gas pump / gas gage / head]


  • Get a Charge Out Of School...


    Get Back in the Swim of Things

    [swimming / pools / fish]

    Get Caught in a Good Book

    [spiders / webs]

    Get Caught Reading

    [candid photos of students reading]

    Get Dressed

    [clothing / shoes / fashion magazines / jewelry / sewing items / books on fashion / books on sewing]

    Get Graphic

    [graphic novels]

    Get in the Game at School


    Get In the Run for School...

    [track and field]

    Get Into the Act with These Great Books

    [circus / clowns / jugglers]

    [movies / theatre]

    Get Into the Swim at School

    [swimming / pools / fish]

    Get Over It - No Body [Nobody] is Perfect

    [self-esteem / conduct of life]


    [happy faces]

    Girls Just Want to Have Funds

    [money / career choices for girls]

    Give School a Good Workout!


    Go Bananas!

    [monkeys / palm trees / bananas]

    Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams

    [signpost / maps / career education / school planning / famous inventors / biographies and autobiography]

    Go for the Goal

    [sports equipment / athletes]

    Go the distance with books

    [track and field]

    Gone But Not Forgotten

    [classic books / classic author biographies / Remembrance Day items / military / real-life heroes]

    Gonna Have a Ball!

    [balls / volleyball / baseball / basketball / football / soccer]

    A Good Education Will Take You Far

    [signposts / directional signs / roadways / cars / university brochures / career planning]

    Good Times POP-UP When You Read!

    [popcorn / Pop-Tarts / toast / toasters]

    Got Game? Get Your Head in the Game with Sports Books

    [sports equipment / athletes]

    Grab some!


    Grade A Students

    [chickens / eggs / student photos]

    Graphic Novels - Art Worth Reading

    [graphic novels / pens / paper / art supplies]

    Great Learners Go Above and Beyond

    [airplanes / kites / clouds / birds / rocket ships]

    Great Readers Flock to the Library

    [owls / birds]

    Greatest Hits!

    [baseball equipment]

    Guitar Heroes

    [biographies and autobiographies of famous guitar players and makers]

    Guy Greats

    [photos of guys / "guy stuff"]

    Guy Reads

    ["guy stuff"]


  • Hang Around the Library and See What’s New

    [clothesline / clothespins / book covers (or photos of covers) hanging on clothesline]

    Hang Ten: Surf the Dewey’s for the Information You Need

    [surfboard / waves / ocean / surfer]

    Happy Birthday to Ewe

    [sheep / birthday items]

    Hats Off to Libraries


    Hats off to Reading


    Have Books – Will Travel

    [travel guides / books on countries]

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

    [medieval castle theme / royal court / court of law]

    Help Yourself

    [self-help books]

    Hit the Nail on the Head – Be Well Read

    [construction materials and tools]

    Hog Wild for Reading

    [pigs / Harley Davidson motorcycles]

    Homework: Don't Leave Home Without It!

    [backpacks / textbooks / homework]


Hot Topics

[flames / chili peppers]

Click on the photo to see a larger version, and related photos on Flickr.

  • Hotter Than Potter

    [fire / books students will like if they enjoyed the Harry Potter series]

    Hour Library is Great!


    Humour Me

    [happy faces]


  • I Commit to Get Fit

    [fitness equipment / types of exercise]

    I Read Canadian [American, British, etc.]

    [flags / maps]

    If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, What Would These Say?

    [Have students write captions for photos on Post-it-Notes to display.]

    [As a contest, have judges choose winners and award prizes for different categories such as best, funniest, most creative, etc.]

    Ignite Your Imagination - Read!


    I'm Buggy About Books


    I'm Buggy for School


    In the MOO'd to Read

    [cows / farm]

    In the Spotlight

    [theatre spotlifhts / stage curtains]

    Internet Websites: Treasure or Trash?

    [critical research skills / treasure chest / trash can]


    [aliens / science fiction]

    Is Reading Your Cup of Tea?

    [tea / teacups / teapot]

    It's ____________ Day / Week / Month / Year

    [Announce the special days of the year, such as National Dog Week, Grandparent's Day, Random Act of Kindness Day, etc. Create a constantly revolving display of these sometimes-unknown days, weeks, and months.]

    It's a Winner

    [Caldecott, Newberry, and other awarded books / medals / trophies / ribbons]

    It's All About Me!

    [self-esteem / coping / mirrors]

    It's All Relative

    [genealogy / family relations]

    It's Canadian [American, British, etc.]

    [country authors / flags)

    It's History

    [history books / historical fiction]

    It's True

    [true-to-life fiction / biography / autobiography]

    It's No Secret, These Books Are Too Good To Miss

    [secret files / people whispering / people with finger over lips]


  • Jester's Choices

    [medieval court jesters]

    Jewels of the Sea

    [fish / coral reefs]

    The Joke is Never on You with a Good Book

    [jesters / clowns]

    Journey to the End of the Book

    [travel items]


    [airplanes / hot air balloons / cars / trains / roadways / pathways]

    Joust Read

    [knights / horses / lances]

    Jungle Books

    [jungle / safari / animals]

    Just the Way You Are

    [mirrors / weigh scales]


  • Keep Up with World Changes – Read

    [globes / maps / newspapers]

    Keys to Success

    [keys with “critical thinking skills” - knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, creativity, risk-taking, and perseverance / quotes on success]

    Kids Who Read Succeed!

    [photos of students reading]

    Kind Words are the Music of the World

    [music / musical instruments / people / conduct of life]

    Kingdom of Reading

    [medieval items / dragons / royal items / knights]

    Knightly Reading

    [knights / horses / lances / castles / medieval items]


  • Lasso a Book for Your Trail

    [cowboy items / western items / lassos / horses]

    Lasso a Good Book

    [cowboy items / western items / lassos / horses]

    Leaf Your Worries Behind - Read a Book

    [plants / trees / leaves]

    Learn the Buzz on Bugs

    [bees / insects / insect lifecycle / insect anatomy]

    Let the Games Begin

    [sports / athletes]

    Let the Reading Force Be With You

    [Star Wars books / Star Wars items]

    Let Your Dreams Fly High

    [birds / airplanes / kites / balloons]

    Let's Play

    [sports items / atheletes]

    Libraries Will Get You Through Times of No Money Better Than No Money Will Get You Through Times of No Libraries

    [newspaper or magazine articles, photos, etc. showing the importance of libraries]

    Library - The Oiginal Search Engine

    [reference books / encyclopedia / dictionaries / nonfiction / library book catalogue]

    The Library is a Sea of Knowledge

    [tropical fish / sharks / whales / seaweed / coral / fish nets]

    Library Magic

    [magicians / magic items]

    Life is Simple: Eat, Sleep, Read!

    [books / beds / food]

    Life's a Trip (or Journey) - Where Are You Going?

    [cars / roadways / license plates / career planning / conduct of life manuals (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, etc.)]

    Lights, Camera, Read! Liked the Movie? Try the Book!

    [movie items]

    A Little History, a Little Mystery

    [historical detective books / spy glasses / detectives]

    Living Dangerously

    [caution tape / adventure / difficult jobs / spies]



[happy faces / comics / cartoon strips / library or classroom-related humour]

Click on the photo to see a larger version and related photos on Flickr.

  • Look What Just Popped In

    [popcorn / Pop-Tarts / new library books]

    Look What's Cooking At School

    [cooking utensils and appliances]

    Look Who's Been Caught Reading

    [Take photos of staff members reading books with only the bottom or top half of their faces showing behind an open book.]

    [Use photos of celebrity instead of staff photos. Use computer software to place an open book over part of their faces, or make paper books/use real book covers and dust jackets to place over their faces for a three-dimensional appearance.]

    Looking to Stand Out in the Job Market?

    [career education / resume writing]

    Love your Library


    Lovin' From the Oven

    [cookbooks / cooking utensils / oven]


  • Mad About Science

    [science items]

    Make the Grade: Check it Out

    [school supplies / report cards]

    Make Vrrrooom for These Great Books

    [motorcycles / cars]

    Math: Who Needs It?

    [math symbols / mirrors / imageds of people using math in everyday life / careers using math]

    May We Suggest ...

    [food servers / recommeded books]

    Mechanical Marvels

    [machines / inventions]

    Meet Someone New - Read a Biography

    [biographies / autobiographies]

    Mess with Words

    [magnetic poetry / poetry / abecedarians]

    Monkey Theme

    Use the following catchphrases and keywords to create monkey-themed displays and bulletin boards.

    Aren't These Books De-Vine?

    Bananas About These Books

    Bunches of Great Books

    Chunky Monkey

    Come Join the Adventure

    Go Bananas Over These Great Books

    Hang Around the Library and Read

    Hanging Around

    It's a Jungle in Here

    Monkey Mischief

    Monkey See, Monkey Do

    Rainforest Reads

    Read a Tail (Tale) at Your Library

    Shh, Quiet Please! No Monkey Business in the Library

    Swing By the Desk to Sign Out Your Books

    These Books are Swinging

    Top Banana

    We're a Fun Bunch

    Welcome to the Jungle

    Wild Reads

    Moovelous New Books


    Mount Readmore



  • Nail Down the Facts

    [nails / hammers / wood]

    Name Your Game

    [sports items]

    Need Help? Owl Be Glad to Show You How!


    Never Judge a Book by Its Movie (J.W. Eagen)

    [movie items]

    New Take on Old Books, A

    [classic titles with updated covers / graphic novel version of classic books / new novels based on classics]

    No Bones About It

    [dinosaurs / archaeology / anatomy]

    No Clowning Around – These are Funny Books


    No Limits – Read a Book Today and See Where It Takes You Tomorrow

    [career education / airplanes / hot air balloons / birds / kites / cars / roadways]


  • Ocean of Words Leads to a World of Learning, A

    [ships / water]

    Oh, Beehive! [Oh, Behave!]

    [bees / behives]

    Oink Ink


    Once Upon a Story

    [historical items / medieval items / dragons / fairies / castles /ancient civilizations /scrolls / antique books]

    One Good Book Deserves Another

    [books and their sequels]

    One World, Many Stories

    [Earth / globe / multicultural icons]

    Our School of Learners


    Our Work Is Out Of This World

    [space rockets / planets / moon / stars]

    Overall, These Are Great Books

    [overall pants (real or images of)]

    Outside of a Dog, a Book is Man's Best Friend. Inside of a Dog, It's Too Dark to Read (Groucho Marx)


    Owl Be Back for These Books



  • Pastabilities

    [pasta / dishes]

    Paws for Reading

    [dogs / cats]

    Paws to Read

    [dogs / cats]


Pawsitively Purr-fect Books


Click on the photo to see a larger version in Flickr.

  • Perseverance Pays Off in So Many Ways

    [career education / homework help / study guides / dollar signs / money bags]

    Pets are Good for the Soul

    [pets / “Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul”]

    Pick Nic (Picnic)

    [Display books with authors whose names start with “Nic” (e.g. John Nicholas, Cynthia Pratt Nicholson, Helmut Nickel, Nick Sheff, etc.), and/or books with titles that contain “Nic” (e.g. Nicaragua in Pictures, Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, Nicola and the Viscount, Nicholas and Alexandra).]

    Pig Out on Books


    Pig Out on Reading


    Play It! Read It! Know It!

    [sports equipment]

    Poetry Planet


    Point Me in the Right Direction

    [signposts / directional signs / career guidance / life skills / character education]

    Pop Open a Good Book


    Put a Poem in Your Pocket

    [poetry / pocket]

    Put Some Kick Into Your Day – Read!

    [soccer / Karate / football / swimming]

    Put Your Thinking Cap On

    [hats / study skills / homework help]


  • Quack Quack Welcome Back

    [ducks / rubber duckies]

    Quest for Knowledge

    [knights / medieval items]


  • Reach for the Stars

    [stars / outer space / rocket ships]

    Reach for the Stars - Read!

    [stars / rocket ships / hands reaching]

    Read - It's What Smart People Do

    [famous people]

    Read a Book - Build Knowledge

    [cityscape / construction materials]

    Read a Great Tale


    Read a Rainbow

    [red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet book covers]

    Read Around the World

    [Earth / globe / multicultural icons]

    READ in Many Languages

    [word "read" in various languages]

    Read in the Wildest Places

    [animals / jungle / forest]

    Read Return Repeat

    [recycle symbol]

    Read the Book, Then Pop In the Video


    Read the Reel Story

    [movie items / film reels]

    Read with Greed - You'll Want to Devour These Books!

    [dishes / cutlery]

    Readathesaurus If You're Looking for the Right Word

    [thesaurus / dinosaurs]

    Reader's Review

    [Post colour photos of book covers on the display area. Make a form to hang underneath with a line for student name and a spot to stick a coloured dot or star. Have students who have read the book write their name and stick a dot/star beside it rating the book. Examples: gold star for "Must Read", green star for "Pretty Good", and blue star for "I've Read Better"]

    Readership - It Can Take You Anywhere You Want to Go

    [ships / ocean / harbour / airplanes / trains / cars / hot air balloons]

    Reading Helps You Reach for the Stars

    [stars / rocket ships]

    Reading is a Pastime That Pays

    [dollar signs / money bags / career education / inventions / inventors]

    Reading a Book is Like a Fortune Cookie - Crack It Open to Get the Message

    [fortune cookies]

    Reading by the Numbers

    [nonfiction books / Dewey Decimal Classification list]

    Reading Can Introduce You to Some Real Characters

    [literary characters]

    Reading is an Uplifting Experience

    [weightlifters / weights]

    Reading is Art-Rageous

    [art supplies / copies of famous artworks]

    Reading is Magic for the Mind

    [magic items]

    Reading is Out of This World

    [aliens / rocket ships / stars / planets]

    Reading Makes My Tail Wag


    Reading Pays

    [money tree / different types of currency / career options]

    Reading Rainforest

    [animals / birds / rainforest]

    Reading Roadtrip

    [cars / roadways / traffic signs / highway signs / maps]

    Reading Rocket

    [rocket ship / list of top books]

    Reading Rocks at Your Library

    [rocks / mountains]

    [rock musicians / rock music / musical instruments]

    Reading Roundup - Lasso a Great Book

    [cowboy items / western items / lassos]

    Reading Rules

    [kings / queens / royalty / crowns / scepters / scrolls / castle]

    Reading Safari

    [animals / safari / jungle]

    Reading Tools

    [hammer "Use Your Head - Read!" / measuring tape "Read and Measure Up" / wrench "Get a Grip - Read!" / saw "Sink Your Teeth Into a Good Book"]

    Reading Unlocks the World

    [Earth / globe / locks / keys]


    [outerspace / rockets / planets / stars]

    Read-It! Read-It!

    [frogs / lilly pads]

    Red Alert

    [books with red covers]

    Red Hot Author

    [chili peppers]

    Reel Good Reads

    [movie items]

    Remains To Be Seen

    [dinosaurs / ancient civilizations]

    Riding High on Books

    [hot air balloons / airplanes]

    Rip Roaring Good Reads


    Rope Up a Good Book

    [lassos / cowboy and western items]

    Round Up a Great Book

    [lassos / cowboy and western items]

    Rounding Up Great Books

    [cowboy items / western items / lassos]

    Royal Proclamations

    [kings / queens / royalty / crowns / scepters / scrolls / castle]

    Royal Reads

    [kings / queens / royalty / crowns / scepters / scrolls / castle]


  • Saddle Up with a Western

    [saddles / cowboy items / wester items / horses]

    Safari So Good!

    [jungle animals / jeep / pith helmet]

    Say You Made It

    [craft supplies]

    School Is "TOAD-ally" Awesome!


    SCIENCE -Something Cool In Every Classroom Experience

    [science supplies]

    Science Fiction - Take Me To Your Reader

    [aliens / space ships]

    Sea Yourself Learning More

    [undersea life / diving gear / submarines]

    Seasonal Stories

    [seasonal items]

    Seeing is Believing - Optical Illusions

    [optical illusions]

    Seen the Movie? Now Read the Book!

    [movie items]


    [cereal boxes]

    Serving Up Some Great Reading!

    [dishes / serving utensils]

    Set Your Sights High

    [stars / planets / scholastic achievement / sports achievement / career choices]

    Sew Many Crafts

    [sewing items / sewing machines / craft items]

    Share the Adventure -- Read

    [rocket ships / planets / stars]

    Sharpen Your Skills

    [pencils, notebooks, homework assistance / study skills]

    Shelf Potatoes

    [Mr. Potato Head / burlap sacks / potatoes]

    Shining Examples


    Shoot for the Moon - Even If You Miss, You'll Land Among the Stars

    [moon / rocket ships / stars]

    Short Stories are Fast Food for Your Brain

    [food containers / drink containers]

    Show Me the Way

    [signposts with directional signs / career choices / life skills / character education]

    Signs of the Time

    [signposts with directional signs / career choices / life skills / character education]

    Smooth Sailing

    [water / sailboats / ships]

    So Far Away From Here

    [maps / travel items / travel guides / planets / rocket ships / fantasy worlds]

    So Many Books ... So Little Time


    Some Like it Hot


    Soup-er Books

    [soup cans]

    Soup-er Heroes

    [soup cans / superheroes / real-life heroes]

    Soup-er Men/Women

    [soup cans / real-life heroes / biography / autobiography]


    [magic items / magicians / wizards / witches]

    Sports Spotlight

    [sports equipment / athletes]

    Spy Fi

    [spy glasses / detectives]

    Squeeze These Fast Reads Into Your Day

    [short stories / short books / lemons]

    Star Qualities

    [movie items / stars]


    [coffee cups]

    Stay on Target

    [bows / arrows / targets]

    Stay on the Ball - Read!

    [sports equipment / athletes]

    Steal Time for Reading

    [thieves / handcuffs / jailhouses / racoons]

    Stop! Look! Read!

    [railroad crossing /stop sign / traffic light]

    Stressed for Success?

    [homework assistance / study skills]

    Survival Stories

    [survival kits / compasses / shelters / sleeping bags / wilderness]

    Sweet Reads

    [candy / pastries / chocolate]

    Swing Into Your Library

    [jungle / monkeys / palm trees / swingset]


  • Tackle a Good Book


    Taco'bout Great Books!


    Take a Byte Out of a Good Book

    [Pac-Man / ghosts]

    Take Flight ... Read

    [birds / airplanes / hot air balloons]

    Take Note

    [musical instruments / sheet music]

    Take Time Out to Read


    Take Time to Read


    Take Time to Reflect on What You Read


    Tasteful Books

    [cooking utensils / cookbooks]


Team Up with a Sports Book

[sports items / athletes / comic and cartoon characters]

Click on the photo to a larger version and more related photos on Flickr.

  • Team Work Makes the Dream Work

    [sports items / athletes]

    Tempting Reads

    [cooking utensils / cookbooks / food / candy]

    There IS Intelligent Life on Earth! (And They're Right Here at _______ (school/library name)

    [candid student photos / Earth]

    The Thesaurus - Where Words of a Feather Flock Together

    [bird, such as a parrot, with a word on the body, surrounded by feathers, or with tail feathers listing synonyms]

    [duck with a word on the body, and baby ducks following with synonyms on their bodies]

    These Books are "TOAD-ally" Awesome!


    These Books are a Real Hit

    [jukeboxes / records / top hits charts]

    These Books are Hot

    [chili peppers / flames]

    These Books are Sweet!

    [candy / chocolate]

    These Books are the Cat's Meow


    These Books Have Arrived Joust in Time

    [knights / lances / horses / castles / medieval items]

    These Books Make Us Feel Mmm Mmm Good!

    [Campbell's soup cans / alphabet soup / spoons / bowls]

    These Books Will Crack You Up


    Things That Go

    [airplanes / cars / trains / boats / rocket ships / bicycles]

    Thirsty for a Good Book?

    [water / drinks / water faucet]

    This is Me When I Read

    [happy faces]

    This is Your Brain ... This is Your Brain When You Read

    [small brain / large brain]


Thought Provoking Fiction

[thought bubbles]

Click on the photo to see a larger version on Flickr.

  • Till the End of Time, Read!


    Time to Read

    [timepieces / White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland]

    Time Travel

    [time machines / timepieces]

    Tools for Success

    [construction tools with "critical thinking skills" - knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, creativity, risk-taking, and perseverance / quotes on success]

    TOON In to a Great Book

    [popular cartoon characters]

    [Examples: Sponge Bob recommends a book about the sea, underwater creatures, etc. Bugs Bunny reccomends books on gardening or rabbits, Sylvester the cat recomends books on birds or cats, Garfield reccomends a cookbook, or even his own comic strips. Superman recommends graphic novels or other books about fictional superheroes, or biographies of about famous people who are real-life heroes.]

    Track Down a Good Book

    [detectives / trains / track athletes]

    Trashy Books

    [books on recycling / books on "yucky" topics / bugs / garbage cans ]

    Travel - The Best Trips Start Here

    [travel guides / passports / airplanes / maps / globe]

    Tune Into Reading


    Tune Into Station R-E-A-D


    Tuned Into Reading


    TV Tie-Ins

    [televisions / books related to television]


  • Unearthing Mysteries

    [dinosaurs / ancient civilizations]

    Up, Up and Away

    [balloons / hot air balloons / kites / birds / airplanes]


  • ... no titles yet ...


  • Wake Up and Read

    [roosters / sun]

    Want a Bright Idea? Read a De-LIGHT-ful Book Today!

    [sun / light bulbs / Christmas lights]

    Warm Fuzzy Favourites

    [stuffed toys]

    The Way We Were

    [retro items / past popular culture / fashion fads of the past]

    We "Knead" Good Readers

    [bread / dough / bakers]

    We Have a Bunch of Great (or Grape) Kids!

    [grapes / grape vines]


We Have a Galaxy of Great Books

[rocket ships / stars / aliens / planets]

Click on the photo to see a larger version and related photos on Flickr.

  • b>We Have Udderly Fantastic Books


    We Like to Move It, Move It!

    [dance items / sports equipment / exercise equipment]

    We're Big on These Books

    [dinosaurs / whales / elephants]

    We're Coconuts Over Books

    [coconuts / monkeys / palm trees]

    We're Hog Wild About Learning


    We're Nuts About Books

    [squirrels / nuts / coconuts]

    We're On Your Reading Team

    [athletes / sports equipment]

    We're Riding the Learning Express


    We're Swimming in Good Books

    [fish / ocean / ponds / pools / swimmers]

    We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands

    [hands / globes]

    We've Licked ____ Grade (or concept)

    [candy / lollipops / popsicles / dogs with slobbery toungues]

    Welcome to a World of Books

    [globes / maps / Earth]

    Welcome to Our Hive - The Best Place to Bee

    [bees / behives]

    Welcome to Our Pad

    [frogs / lilly pads]

    Welcome to School - Turn on Your Brain

    [brains / light bulbs]

    Whale of a Tale


    What a Wonderful World

    [travel guides / maps / globes / multicultural icons]

    What Do You See in Your Future?

    [crystal ball]

    What Lurks Beneath the Deep

    [undersea creatures / Loch Ness monster / Ogopogo / mermaids and mermen]

    What's Bugging You?

    [coping skills / world issues / insects]

    What's Bugging You? Diseases, Germs and Epidemics

    [bugs / medical equipment]

    What's in a Name?


    What's My Story? Real People - True Stories

    [biography / autobiography]

    What's the Scoop in the Library?

    [ice cream]

    When I Grow Up

    [career education / growing plants / garden]

    Where the Wild Things Are

    [animals / zoos]

    Who's Who In ________

    [autobiographies / biographies]

    [Examples: "Who's Who in Sports", "Who's Who in Entertainment", etc.]


Whooo's Reading a Good Book?***********


Click on the photo to see a larger version on Flickr.

  • Wild About Books

    [animals / jungle / safari]

    Wishing for a Good Book?

    [wishing well]

    Women Make History

    [women / biography / autobiography]


WooHoo! Look What’s New!

[new books / confetti / party streamers]

Click on the photo to see larger version and related photos on Flickr.

  • World Fiction

    [Earth / globes / maps / passports / multicultural icons]

    Wrap Yourself Around a Good Book

    [octopus / mummmies / gifts]

    Writing Tools

    [pencils / paper / computer / dictionary / thesaurus / creative writing guides]


  • ... no titles yet ...


  • Yo Ho Ho!

    [pirate items]

    You “Auto” Check Out These Books

    [cars / roadways / traffic lights]

    You Are the Author of Your Own Life Story

    [mirrors / autobiography]

    You are YOUnique

    [self-esteem / mirrors]

    You Art to Read These Books

    [art supplies / famous art works]

    You Art to Read These Books

    [art supplies]

    You Can’t A-Ford Not to Check Out These Great Books

    [cars / roadways / traffic lights]

    You Otter Love Computers

    [otters / computers]

    You’ll Flip Over These Books

    [dolphins / waves / water]

    You’re Going to Lava These Books


    You’ve Got a Friend in Me

    [friends / hugging people / people holding hands]


Your Brain is the World’s Fastest Computer – Make Sure Yours is Plugged In***

[electrical socket / electrical plug / lightbulbs]

Click on the photo to see larger version on Flickr.

  • Yuck!

    [insects / books on body functions / books on “yucky” jobs ]


  • ... no titles yet ...

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