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Top 10 Dinosaur Toys

Updated on December 11, 2014

Dinosaurs Galore

Fact: Boys love dinosaurs!

Fact: There is a huge variety of dinosaur toys

Problem: What do you choose?

Answer: Read through this lens for my personal Top 10!!!

Dinosaur ride-ons, stamp sets, board games, 4D models, figures, giant plush to interactive games and playsets!

1. My Triceratops

2. Jumbo Dinosaurs

3. ZipBin Dinosaur Playset

4. My First Dinosaur Science Kit

5. Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set

6. Melissa & Doug T-Rex Dinosaur Plush

7. Scientific Interactive Amazing Dinosaurs

8. 4D Vision Tyrannosaurus Rex Anatomy Model

9. Tub fun - Dinosaurs

10. The Dinosaur Board Game

Kota is awesome! ~ Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur

Loaded with cutting-edge animatronics features, Kota is a lifelike pet from the past. Kota will quickly become your preschooler's best friend, and his realistic features will leave kids in awe! Measuring over 40" long, tots can sit on Kota for some rompin' stompin' dino adventures. A hidden handle and spring-loaded seat provide a fun and safe ride. Kota's tail, head, eyes, horns and mouth are animated, and he comes with a fun music mode so riders can trounce along to dino songs. When he's hungry, kids can feed him special leaves and he'll be happy.

Kota measures 21"L x 44"W x 28"H.

Requires six "D" batteries, not included.

Holds up to 60 lbs.

Check availability and pricing as Kota is now a collectible!

Jumbo Dinosaurs
Jumbo Dinosaurs

Jumbo Dinosaurs

Set of 12 realistic toy dinosaur figures. Dinos are made from slightly flexible plastic, are hollow inside.

Set includes: Ceratosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor, Apatosaurus, Euoplocephalus, Triceratops, Styracosaurus.

Up to 6 inches long!

Great dinosaur gift for less than $20

Lego dinosaur defence HQ 5887
Lego dinosaur defence HQ 5887

LEGO Dinosaur Defence HQ

There are a few different Dinosaur Lego themed sets available - this Defence Headquarters set is great though as it has many inclusions for great dinosaur play.

Includes 4 hero minifigures and 3 dinosaurs and features Dino Defense HQ, helicopter and car, opening gates, moving crane with net, communications centre, laboratory, helicopter landing pad, 3 flick missiles and a refilling station. When built the Dino Defence HQ measures 30" (76cm) wide and 22" (56cm) high. The 3 dinosaurs are: T-Rex stands over 6" (16cm) tall and 10" (27cm) long, Raptor stands over 3" (9cm) tall and 4" (12cm) long, Coelophysis stands over 1 ½" (5cm) tall and 3" (9cm) long.

Special gift for dinosaur and Lego fans - great quality - lasts a lifetime!

ZipBin Dinosaur Playset

Storage for your jumbo dinosaurs?

ZipBin is more than great-looking storage. It's a portable play world that unzips to reveal space to play, create and imagine. And it's easy to clean up... in a zip!

The Dinosaur storage bin's dramatic exterior theme identifies the contents and will look great in your child's room. When the bin is unzipped, it becomes a dinosaur island play mat, complete with a colorful island, a volcano, and oozing tar pit and a mysterious cave. When play is done, the play mat becomes the storage bin in a zip, capturing the toys inside.

ZipBin measures approximately 16" x 13" x 9".

Great gift at less than $20!

Scientific Explorer's My First Dinosaur Science Kit
Scientific Explorer's My First Dinosaur Science Kit

My First Dinosaur Science Kit


With My First Dino Kit, You're a real paleontologist!

* Use excavation tools to dig up a dinosaur skeleton

* Classify and display your findings.

* Build a glow in the dark model

* Grow and shrink some giant dinos

* Learn about the prehistoric past.

Did some dinosaurs have feathers?

Are crocodiles as ancient as the dinosaurs?

You'll find out.

Ages 4+ adult supervision required.

Great gift at less than $20!

Dinosaur Stamp Set - only $7.99!!!
Dinosaur Stamp Set - only $7.99!!!

Dinosaur Stamp Set

Stamp, color, and create your own dinosaur-dotted landscapes! When inspiration hits, this simple stamp and pencil set lets budding artists create countless colorful scenes. Some of the biggest names in Dino-dom are here: Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pteranodon, Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Velociraptor. Use the fiery volcano stamp to give them a landscape and then watch as these once-extinct dinosaurs multiply. The set includes five colored pencils for sketching, scribbling, or filling in the details, and two large pads of washable ink--a blessing for parents of the overzealous stamper. All of the included pieces stow neatly in the sturdy wooden storage bin with transparent lid, so artists always know what's available, and can tidy up after themselves when they're done. -

Imagine a landscape full of dinosaurs! Children love using the 8 detailed dino stamps and a two-color inkpad. It's fun creating countless scenes, and coloring in the pictures with the 5 colored pencils! This well-crafted set is conveniently contained in a sturdy wooden box for organizing and storage. It's a tremendous value that children will use over and over again! Washable, non-toxic kid-friendly ink.

Less than $10 makes a great stocking filler!

Melissa & Doug T-Rex Dinosaur Plush
Melissa & Doug T-Rex Dinosaur Plush

Cuddle a T-Rex?

Love to hug for only $39.99

Measuring more than two feet tall, this enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex is anything but threatening. He's soft, cuddly and made of premium-quality plush.

Delight your little dinosaur lover for years to come with this huge, loveable monster.

T-Rex measures 44" x 24" x 11".

Less than $30


Interactive Amazing Dinosaurs

With this Interactive Amazing Dinosaurs, kids travel back in time and learn fun facts about their favorite dinosaurs. Discover where dinosaurs lived, what they ate, how big they grew and more - all at the push of a button.

Includes dinosaur buttons, fact buttons and quiz button to test dino-knowledge with more than 1,000 different quiz questions.

Features 10 different dinosaurs from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Measures 12"H x 18"W x 1"D.

Includes 3 "AAA" batteries.

Educational dinosaur Christmas gift for less than $40

4D Vision Tyrannosaurus Rex Anatomy Model
4D Vision Tyrannosaurus Rex Anatomy Model

Tyrannosaurus Rex Anatomy Model

A 22 " long model contains 39 detachable organs and body parts and display stand. Also includes Illustrated assembly guide and description of the anatomy along with some fun Q and A to test your knowledge. Fine detailed sculpting with hand painted parts.

Recommended Ages 8+ .

Detachable organs and body parts allow for model building. Cutaway design allows viewer to see internal structures. Highly detailed finish and coloring deliver superb quality. Includes illustrated booklet with organ function and description of the animal, and a display platform for showing off your model. All Dinosaur models were overseen by Professor Dong Zhi Ming an International authority in Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleo-anthropology to confirm their accuracy.

* 39 pre-colored pieces Includes fact guide and step-by-step illustrated assembly instructions

* Features skeletal structure and internal organs

* Stands 22" high Assembly required

* Ages 8 +

Fantastic gift that is educational for your Dinosaur mad fan and costs less than $100!

Buy now for only $13.80 and save 8%
Buy now for only $13.80 and save 8%

Dinosaurs in your bathtub!!!

Magic Creations "Wet and Stick" foam allows children to create their own imaginary scenes right on the bathroom tiles.

Package dimensions 10 x 2.75 x 10 inches.

Includes 12 play pieces.

Easy-to-grab foam pieces that stick to any smooth surface when wet.

Includes a mesh storage bag.

Ages 3 years and up.

Dinosaur fun in the bath tub for less than $15!

Board Games: The Dinosaur Game
Board Games: The Dinosaur Game

The Dinosaur Game

Winner of 11 Awards for quality and value including Oppenheim Gold, Parent's Choice Gold, and Dr. Toy's 10 Best Games. Become a Dinosaur and struggle to survive! Overcome natural disasters, avoid famine and fend off attacks from your dinosaur opponents. This game has it all! For ages 5 and up with 2 play versions. Over 130 components including a DINO DIE! The unique concept of this Dinosaur Game sets it apart from other board games. It's NOT a trivia game! The Dinosaur Game requires no previous knowledge of dinosaurs. Instead, players learn as they play. Players choose one of 16 different dinosaurs and receive a description card that tells scientifically accurate information about your prehistoric self, such as whether you are a carnivore or herbivore, what habitat you live in and how you rate on various characteristics from intelligence to defenses. Your goal as a dinosaur is to SURVIVE by reaching the finish square first. To do this you must overcome obstacles such as Natural Disasters, Attacks from your dinosaur opponents and food shortages. The game uses an indirect learning style, which means that it is primarily fun and educational too. The game includes over 130 exciting playing pieces and now is packaged with a DINO DIE. Also, two versions of the game are included in the instructions allowing different play for readers and non-readers. For ages 5 and up.

For less than $30 the whole family can get in on the dinosaur fun!

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