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Top 12 Science Based Fitness and Diet Facts

Updated on April 25, 2011
It's time to start thinking about your diet and fitness.
It's time to start thinking about your diet and fitness. | Source
  1. The growth hormone hGH has for a while been considered a possible potent antidote to aging. The growth hormone replacement therapies substantially increase lean body mass and decrease fat mass in both sexes. Of course this kind of therapy is not widely available and even if it were, it is associated with quite a few adverse effects like heightened glucose intolerance, joint pain, swelling and carpal tunnel syndrome, especially in men. The good news is that fitness exercise, rest, and proper diet and nutrition stimulate hGH secretion. Most of the hormone is released by our body while we are sleeping, during stages three and four of our sleep which are the stages that exercise improves. Intense exercise actually acutely increases growth hormone (it gets released above the anaerobic threshold).
  2. Morning exercisers that worked out at least 3.5 to 4 hours per week have easier time falling asleep. Those who exercise aerobically in the evening have more trouble falling asleep than those who exercise in the morning.
  3. According to scientific fitness research, resistance training develops greater muscle mass and improves insulin sensitivity and could be helpful in controlling type II diabetes more effectively than just the aerobic exercise.
  4. Eating citrus fruits reduces the risk of larynx, stomach, and mouth cancers by up to 50%. This is due to their antioxidant properties which have strengthening effect on the immune system, inhibiting on tumor growth and normalizing effect on the tumor cells.
  5. Cheap pedometers (measuring the number of steps we take) may be fun but they are not particularly accurate (read extremely inaccurate). Of course being that placebo effect works well with exercise as long as you believe that it works, you will feel the benefits.
  6. We tend to over-focus on our intake of saturated and trans fats. If you happen to love French fries, ice cream or in my case cheese and spinach stuffed pizzas (just thinking about it makes me want it), you need a way to balance things out. Luckily, there is more than one way “to skin the cat”. According to medical science, sonsuming the articles listed below will keep your heart happy:
  7. Whole grain: brown rice, breads, pasta, cereals (whole grain), buckwheat, millet, bulgur, oatmeal are all super great for health.
  8. Nuts help in lowering down LDL cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease risk. Don't overdo it because of high caloric index (200g/week of walnuts (highest in omega 3s), almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts and pecans should do it).
  9. Omega 3s supplements, soy products, flax seed, fish, and krills that are very rich in Omega 3s help in lowering down triglycerides, work as anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, enhancers of concentration and cognitive function and mood stabilizers. Start eating fresh water fish at least two times a week but stay away from sea water fish and krills in times of Tsunami’s and nuclear radiation like happened in Japan and if you hear any other problems that comprise the quality of sea water fishes. Also as a general scientific rule, stay away from bottom feeders and large fish as they are high in mercury, supplement with 1-3g or omega3s.
  10. Plant Sterols and Stanols help in blocking the absorption of cholesterol. Hard to get through regular diet although they are found in fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, legumes, and veggie oils. Also, they tends to be added to butter substitutes or you can take it in capsule form (need about 2-3g for maximum effect).
  11. Chocolate (me and my family’s favorite) are rich in flavonoid antioxidants that dilate blood vessels and prevent clotting. Of course there is a catch. The goodness hides in nonfat cocoa solids meaning natural cocoa powder is the best, followed by unsweetened baking chocolate, dark chocolate and then milk chocolate and chocolate syrup.
  12. Soy and Garlic - the jury is still out on their ability to lower cholesterol. Garlic certainly can’t hurt (except for the killer breath it gives you) but soy can mess with thyroid function so you should not overdo it.


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    • BlissfulWriter profile image


      7 years ago

      I believe in omega-3. I take omega-3 supplements even though I eat fish.

    • abdihendra profile image


      7 years ago from Makassar

      I really liked your article. According to you, I have a 162cm height, 55kg weight, whether it proportional?

    • Ancillotti profile image


      7 years ago from Brasil, Vitoria - ES

      Great Hub! I liked read about this.


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