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Top 5 DJ Schools

Updated on March 18, 2012

Christine Rage's List of Top 5 DJ Schools

As DJing becomes an ever popular expressionistic art form, more and more options for choosing instruction to learn to DJ are avialable. There are many schools out there to choose from and it can be hard to know which one is the best. I have researched amongst my peers and the industry to find out which are the best DJ schools out there. The following is a breakdown of the top 5 that I have chosen with a basic breakdown of what you can expect from these schools.

The Top 5 DJ Schools Worldwide

If you have an interest in DJing, you may want to consider one of the following top five DJ schools. Although this job seems fun, there are many intricacies to it. While some like to sit around and pick songs from albums to play to an audience, those who've never done this professionally may find some parts of it rather intimidating. For example, operating mixers with numerous sliders, dials, and switches may seem difficult until you learn what these functions are for. DJ schools take the fear out of learning this trade. For more information, read on.

#1 - Dubspot: Based in Manhattan, New York, Dubspot is one of the top DJ schools that offer a wide variety of courses enabling everyone interested in music to find their own fit. This institution was founded by Dan Giove, one who had a mission to improve the DJ market and to provide extra DJ instruction for producers who sometimes find trouble. He then started his own school to refine and enhance the methods of this profession.

Programs at Dubspot are tailored to meet the needs of students of all different musical backgrounds and experience levels from beginner to advanced DJs. Here, students can enroll in weekend workshops to learn about Ableton, Reason, Logic, etc. Their summer youth programs provide DJ instruction for children teaching them to mix and scratch. With their corporate team building event service, inexperienced individuals can group together and practice being the DJ of the day.

Dubspot provides personalized DJ instruction to offer ideal blends of practical experience and individualized supervision for students of every level. Classes are limited to six students to ensure each receives the personal attention he needs. Instructors are well versed in musical and educational talent in all areas as:

  • Product specialists
  • Professional DJing
  • Professional guest speakers (on occasion)
  • Software experts
  • Studio engineers

Along with expert DJ instruction, students have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment as used in actual radio stations. Each class contains 20-30 minutes of lectures and at least 10 minutes for students to experiment with what they just learned.

#2 - Full Sail University (FSU): Located in Winter Park, Florida, FSU has helped students attain careers in music, acting, gaming, and graphics designing industries for more than 30 years. FSU offers associates, bachelors, or masters degrees on campus or online. Their mission is to give students the highest quality of education possible. Their instructors are dedicated individuals that keep current with the ever changing industry of music. Full Sail staff members establish an ultimate level of education by combining:

  • Academic achievement
  • Art
  • Business
  • Creativity
  • Life skills
  • Technical prowess

Whether you're training on their campus in a classroom or world production studio or taking an online course through Full Sail University, you'll receive guidance from staff using immense teaching strategies.

Students receive real-world education through DJ instruction that incorporates project based assignments with industry standard workflows enabling each to gain real work experience before they graduate. They will improve their interpersonal and professional skills through Full Sail's Global Professionalism Standard program. After graduation, a student still receives assistance from the school to ensure success in starting and maintaining their careers.

#3 - Scratch DJ Academy: Founded by Rob Principe and the late Jam Master Jay, Scratch DJ Academy opened its doors in 2002. At that time Scratch established its first location in East Village in Manhattan, New York. Its main goal was to lower the requirements of entering the DJ profession. In just their first semester, Scratch gained worldwide recognition of being one of the nation's best DJ schools. Today, they have schools in all 50 states and 35 countries.

By lowering the bar required to enter of the dynamic world of the DJ and producer professions, Scratch offers:

  • Top-notch instructors
  • Proven curriculum
  • State of the art equipment
  • Scholarship opportunities

Regardless of skill levels, interests, or commitments, DJs and producers alike can benefit from over 15 courses, private lessons, and workshops. By providing a rich social community, Scratch aims to improve this art form through its academies and online networks.

Students can learn effectively through DJ instruction and by working with others of various backgrounds through specialized workshops, community events, and by offering practice space. Scratch also has online networks for additional DJ tips, socio-cultural subjects, the latest trends, new music, and a forum for music lovers.

#4 - Point Blank Music College: In east London, one of the top DJ schools provides a unique assortment of short-term and long-term music and production courses. Point Blank's curriculum offers classes in the following:

  • Music production
  • Sound engineering
  • DJ instruction
  • Singing and songwriting
  • Radio production
  • Music business

Point Blank has been voted the Best Music and DJ Production six times at the annual T-Scan Awards. Hence, you can be assured of receiving a quality education in singing or DJ instruction from successful artists, producers, singers, and industry insiders. This college is well noted for their:

  • One-on-one teaching done by music industry professionals
  • Actual connections to the music field
  • State of the art equipment
  • Small classes
  • Reliability, experience, and credibility (over 15 years)
  • Proven results for students

Those who live in London and have a passion for DJing or singing will surely benefit from attending Point Blank Music College.

#5 - F.A.M.E. Disc Jockey School: This school specializes in yet a different kind of DJ instruction: mobile DJing. FAME trains new disc jockeys as well as those experienced at being DJs in workshops and schools all over the US. Instead of months or years of schooling, FAME aims to get new DJs up in running in a matter of weeks. They offer courses on weekends and week nights. Students can become DJs without giving up their full time day jobs.

As for beatmatching and scratching, FAME does not teach them since mobile DJs are not too likely to use these skills. They are the most difficult phases of DJing and are only used in night clubs.

This school also offers alternatives not found in traditional DJ schools. If you are not able to come to one of their schools, an instructor can teach in your area. This is great since students prefer to learn in their own surroundings. If you have an instructor come to your site, you must reimburse them for travel expenses and have the following equipment:

  • Blackboard or dry erase board
  • A classroom type facility containing tables and chairs
  • A small PA system with microphone

Every instructor at FAME has at least five years experience in DJing and has done this at a minimum of 500 parties. Some are even former graduates of this course. They offer personalized training, but once you graduate, it doesn't stop there. Those who've completed the course can still seek out additional information by contacting one of FAME's instructors.

In Summary

What school you choose depends upon your needs in becoming a DJ and where you live. If you are willing to relocate, you may attend most any school. On the other hand, if you wish to learn at home, you will want to opt for a school that offers online training as Dubspot or Full Sail University.

Those who one day desire to work for a radio station may want to attain a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Any of the five DJ schools except FAME offer this. If you wish to get up and running in a matter of weeks, FAME would be your best bet. Unlike the other schools, you have more options if you own DJing equipment.

Prospect DJ students may fear that learning DJing can be difficult. Though beatmatching is one of the most difficult skills to master, instructors at the above schools understand this and therefore offer one-on-one training. They also have small classes. Each has extensive training and state-of-the-art equipment to gain a feel of what it is like to DJ in the real world.

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