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Traditional Hungarian Horsemen

Updated on February 2, 2015

Magyars - once upon a time a riding nation

have you noticed how successful Hungarians are at the penthatlon at the Olympic games ? It is partly due to the fact that we consider ourselves a "riding nation: . Most of us can not ride nowadays but we have had great riders trhough decades .Our great great grandparents arrived to the area of Hungary on horseback .The famous Hungarian horseback achery frightened the whole Europe in the 9th century , But when Hungary turned into a more peaceful country even then horses were very important in the daily life .Have you ever heard of the csikos - the Hungarian cowboys ? The betyar - the Hungarian outlaw riders - the hussar ? the famous Hungarian military riders / I am going to tell you about them ...

The betyars and the legends

outlaw riders with social sensibility

Mostly they were riding horses while robbing the wealthy .They used to roam on the Hungarian Great Plain and mostly they were rural men .Though they were also some famous betyars in the northern part of the country as well .They were criminal still so popular .What made them to be seen as heroes ? They were the symbol of freedom in the eye of many - they refused to serve in the Austrian army ... they had their own moral code - they were honest in their own way ... and they were excellent riders .

Famous Hungarian Betyars

the Csikos and their traditions

The csikos were the Hungarian horse-herdsman .They were taking care of the horses of somebody else .Living all the year round outside on the Hungarian prairie -Great Plain . They were peasants -excellent riders and tough men .They used to control large herds by the sound of their whips .Their traditional wear was the blue/white costume .They were enjoying more freedom than other peasants - living outside on the plain where the owner did not turn up for months .

Csikos ,Hortobagy ,horses - nostalgic slideshow on the Hungarian way of life on the Puszta

Traditional Csikos dance at a talent show by Majer Tamás

Csikos - the Hungarian cowboys

Csikos - the Hungarian cowboys
Csikos - the Hungarian cowboys

The Hussars and their great fame

light cavalry

Hussars were warriors /fighters who were riding horses - light cavalry .They specialized in surprise attacks . In the 18 th century the Hungarian hussars were recognised fighters all over Europe .They were wearing richly decorated Hungarian uniform .They got military education in the Habsburg army but because of bad treatment they happened to desert the Habsburg army and fight for others . Later during the centuries many countries established Hussar regiments whose members were not all Hungarians but all preserving the traditional Hungarian uniform .

HUNGARIAN HEROISM : Hussaria Breakout (1848)

The scene of this film is about the Hungarian fight for freedom in the 19th century against the Austrian oppression .Fighting for the Hungarian freedom with the Polish - Hungarian Hussars break out and fight against the Austrian army .They were called to surrender- as they had no hope - but they did not answer for this call . Many of them died but they were ready to do so for their much beloved country .Eternal respect for them !

Richly decorated Hussar Uniform

Richly decorated Hussar Uniform
Richly decorated Hussar Uniform

Hussars ,Csikos , Betyar - did you learn something new ?

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