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Legends of The Tree of Life

Updated on June 5, 2013

Ancient Legends of The Sacred Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a Universal symbol found in many spiritual traditions around the world. It symbolizes life itself, with it's branches joining "Father Sky" in the heavens and it's roots with "Mother Earth".

Legends say that the Sacred Dove makes its home in the branches of the Tree of Life and appears with the fruit of the tree and the waters of life.

The tree has become a symbol of love, wisdom, rebirth, strength, forgiveness, friendship and prosperity.

Sources: The Druids of Turtle Island,

History and Myths Behind The Tree of Life - An Ancient Symbol

1. The Assyrians-

Babylonians in Assyria believed that a magical fruit grown on the tree of life should only be picked by the gods. Mortals caught stealing this fruit of the gods were doomed to suffer bad luck and misfortune.

~ George Sassoon and Rodney Dale, The Manna Machine

2. The Celts-

When Celtic tribes settled a new land, tradition dictated they leave a great tree (known in Ireland as the "crann bethadh") in the center to symbolize their bond with the land.

Tribal leaders were ordained at this sacred tree, because its roots and its branches were thought to connect the powers of heaven to underworld forces.

~ Mara Freeman 1998

3. Judeo-Christians-

In the book of genesis, the Tree of Life was planted by God in the Garden of Eden, it's fruit granted everlasting life.

God also planted the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" (Genesis 2:9). It was after eating the forbidden fruit from this tree that Adam and Eve were exiled from paradise to prevent them from eating from the Tree of Life.

~ Wikipedia

4. The Kabbalists-

In the Kabbala, a mystical form of Judaism, the Tree of Life, is described as a mystical symbol leading the way to God, It's branches are representative of creation's map..

~ Wikipedia

Image: The Visionary Art of Willow Arlenea - Goddesses

The Ancient Tree of Life

The Ancient Tree of Life
The Ancient Tree of Life

The Tree of Life and The Origin of The Christmas Tree

5000 Years of History

When the Christian Church in 340AD chose a date to celebrate Christ's birth, they chose the already commonly known pagan holiday that celebrated the winter solstice. Since these pagans already considered the "World Tree" or the "Tree of Life" a symbol of life, it was only natural to continue to use a tree to symbolize the birth and re-birth of Christ.

In the early seventeenth century, Germans began bringing these symbolic trees indoors at Christmastime and decorated them with candles.

The end result today is that we see Christmas trees all over the world used as a continuing symbol of life and growth. .


The Celtic Tree of Life

The Celtic Tree of Life
The Celtic Tree of Life

The Tree Of Life Pendant

Seeka Tree of Life Necklace N0583
Seeka Tree of Life Necklace N0583

- This beautiful and funky tree of life pin is hand painted in a rainbow of radiant colors - Each tree is hand decorated with chains and found objects in fun, swirling designs - Each piece is truly like a miniature artwork.


Learn More About The Tree of Life's Symbolic Meaning

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      @laura webuk: Nice work - it's a fascinating subject.

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      Nice lens, please check out my lens on the mythology of trees if you get a chance :)

      Thanks for sharing

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      I would of liked to know how it related to Thor, but yes it was interesting

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      Very nice page, have you heard of the Kalpa Vá¹ká¹£a?

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      Beautiful lens on symbolic meaning of the tree. Thanks!

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      Meaning of tree of life and knowledge. How I can use it in my jewelry making".

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      It's fascinating how trees are and were revered in so many cultures around the world, and how they are considered the givers of life. Beautiful lens!

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      Moran taing! The tree of life is a universal symbol of health and wisdom, and don't we all need as much of that as possible!

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      I really live this Lens. I am a big fan of trees myself and the Tree of Life is very sacred to me as a Pagan. Blessings to you for such an informative and interesting lens.

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      a lovely inspiring presentation of an important myth for us to ponder

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      We've got a Jesse Tree in our local church

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      I keep a tree of life as a screen saver, just to remind me to keep my roots in the earth whilst in cyberspace. Lovely lens.

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      Sojourn 7 years ago

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      Fascinating information about the the Tree of Life.

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      I love reading about the Tree of Life. When I was in high school, IT was my project for a special class -- I created a hand-stitched tree of life with an accompanying story.

    • profile image

      grannysage 7 years ago

      You might want to add the Norse mythology of Yggdrasil to your list. I think we all need to honor the tree of life, not only at the winter solstice but all year long.

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      The tree of life is an interesting story in the bible. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed the artwork.

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      Choosing Bedspreads

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      Very nice art :D Did you ever watch The Fountain? It would fit quite well on here - it's about a seed from the tree of life.

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      As always, you create beautiful lenses. Blessed today by this Squid Angel.

      I love the mental image of the tree of life branches reaching to "Father Heaven" and the roots holding on to "Mother Earth". Thanks for sharing.

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      Indeed very informative and interesting lens! It is good to know that some stories I've heard are interconnected. 5*

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      Very informative and attractive lens. Creationists need to learn the essential difference between symbology and reality with regard to what it says in Genesis about the Garden of Eden.

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      Informative and interesting. Thanks for this lens. I was unaware of the prevalance of the tree of life as a spiritual symbol.

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      KimGiancaterino 8 years ago

      This is a beautiful lens! I have a print of Gustav Klimt's "Kiss" in my home, but had not seen the tree of life version. I just love his artwork.

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      Beautiful site, I love the images as well.

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      anonymous 8 years ago

      I learnt about the tree of life from a really cool graphic novel called "promethea". I really dug it. It presents ideas that are very similair to the ideas I present on my website. God is Love

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      Although I know a little about the Tree of Life, I did not know about the connection to the Christmas Tree. I enjoyed the lens and the information. 5 Stars.

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      I have just started getting into some of the celtic artwork associated with the Tree of Life - some really beautiful artwork. Check out the list of amazon books on my lens-one called CELTIC FOLK SOUL is really cool, incredible artwork with explanations of the mythology behind it!

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      Thank you for the information about the significance of the tree of life. Angel Blessings to You

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