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Turkish Love Phrases - Turkish Love Phrases Translated Into English

Updated on August 2, 2019

Turkish love phrases cannot normally to be found in your average visitors' phrasebook! So just how do you manage to express your feelings, to that someone special, in Turkish?

Below are some commonly used Turkish love phrases that you may find useful.

Turkish phrases are a great introduction to this wonderful language.

Turkish Dialects

As with any country, there are many different dialects to be found throughout Turkey. Most of the translations that you find will be written in what is termed 'Istanbul' Turkish. However, you will encounter regional variations, especially in rural areas.

The language uses vowel harmony and the structure can be confusing as it uses agglutination. In very simple terms, this means that words are lengthened by adding suffixes to the end of the word. In effect, a word can then become a sentence. This is why you will see some extremely long words that seem almost unpronounceable! As a very simple example of this, 'hepimiz' means 'all of us.'

This is done to a far lesser extent in the English language also when, for example, we add endings such as 's,' 'ing,' and 'less' to words.

Turkish Love Phrases

As a general note, in Turkish you will always use these words with possession. This means that instead of saying 'love' you would say 'my love' in Turkish. Whilst some of these words may seem strange, they can all be used to address the person you love.

My Love
Baby / My Baby
My Darling
My Handsome (to a man)
My Beautiful (to a woman)
My Honey
My Rose (to a woman)
My Angel (to a woman)
My One and Only / My Only One
My Life
My Life
My Sweety (to a woman)
My Flower (to a woman)

How To Say I Love You in Turkish

It is always difficult telling that special person in your life that you love them for the first time. However, it is especially difficult when that special someone speaks a different language to yourself and has limited knowledge of English.

"Seni seviyorum" is how you say "I love you" in Turkish. Telling someone that you don't love them is extremely similar though, so be careful. "I don't love you" is "seni sevmiyorum."

If you want to impress him or her then practice a few of these Turkish love phrases before hand!

Turkish Love Phrases

I love you
Seni seviyorum
I love you very much
Seni çok seviyorum
I love you with all my heart
Seni bütün kalbimle seviyorum.
I like you so much
Senden çok hoşlanıyorum
You're so beautiful
Çok güzelsin
Kiss me
Op beni
I fell in love with you
Sana asik oldum
Come to me my love
Sevgilim bana don
To love you makes me happy
Seni sevmek bana mutluluk veriyor

How to Say I Miss You In Turkish

I miss you so much
Seni çok özlüyorum
I missed you so much
Seni çok özledim
I want to see you
Seni görmek istiyorum
Let's meet somewhere
Bir yerlerde buluşalım

Turkish Love Questions

Will you go out with me?
Benimle çıkar mısın?
Will you marry me?
Benimle evlenir misin?
When will I see you next?
Seni bir daha ne zaman göreceğim?
Can you stay a little longer?
Biraz daha kalabilir misin?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 C L Grant

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      8 years ago

      Wow this was a very informative post! I got a lot out of it!


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