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Updated on October 7, 2011

Having just become a grandad for the first time, it has come home to me what sort of world will he live in. It has brought to forefront of my mind about ways we waste energy and resources so the following article will list what I rant about after a few glasses or so of vin rouge.

  1. TURN THE BLOODY LIGHTS OFF!!!! I find myself driving around the country in the hours when Cinders should be tucked up in bed. I am the only car on the motorway, the council have kindly illuminated the way for me with street lighting, why? It is 2 in the morning. For gods sake turn the bloody lights off. I will be quite safe and see where I am going because of unique invention that I have attached to my car called HEADLIGHTS! they enable me to see in the dark. It’s the different 2 in the morning I am not driving I am tucked up in bed with my own Cinders, I have turned off the bedroom light and come to that matter all the lights in the house, so why? do I still need a bright orange glow outside the bedroom window because the street lighting has been left on? It is for the people who work shifts or mothers doing their shopping at the 24 hour supermarket I hear you cry! Look out the window at 2 in the morning, squint your eyes because of the glare of the light, there’s nobody out there. Sorry I think I am quite sane in requesting that the lights be turned off between 12am and 6am, with all the electricity saved around the world how much carbon would saved from going into the atmosphere? And come to think about it turn off the lights in offices at night with no one in them, illuminated advertising with no one to see them at 2 in the morning. I hear the message from the government about turning off and or using low energy lighting, I think doing as one preaches comes to mind. A point that must be considered. During WW 2 the lights were extinguished because the German bombers could locate and destroy their targets, If in turning off the street lights we won the war on global warming would any one mind!!!!!
  2. It is time for a gadget. How hot is your house? In the evenings does your daughter complain that it is too cold in her bedroom, so she turns up the heating thermostat to max 30 degrees probably. She arrives home first turns it up to max again, under the illusion that it will get warmer quicker. It is only a switch, the temperature will get to 22 degrees in the same time as would if it was set at 22 degrees. My point, buy a thermostat that you can lock or more importantly perhaps manufactures should only make thermostats that go up to 25 degrees not 30 plus as is the norm. For people old enough to remember the fuel shortages in the 70’s many governments restricted the max speed limit to save petrol perhaps to save gas a similar thing must happen. Now this seems to me and probably a lot of you that this going a bit to far to say that you can not choose to be warm enough in your home but with the temperature over 25 degrees then you’re wasting money. If this and turning off the lights saved the planet would anyone mind?
  3. Companies and business waste money and energy far more than the householder in my opinion. As a house holder we are forced to recycle our waste, I have never seen much recycling done the places that I have worked. It should be clearly seen and acted upon by our governments to force companies to save energy and recycle. Back to speed restrictions how many times have you been overtaken by white van man and that’s when you are already over the speed limit, shhh we wont tell anyone. Speed limiters should be put on company vans not only hgv’s this again would save the company money and the world a little more fuel. So if this and not being cut up by a white van trying to beat you to the road works and limiting your room temperature and saving you money as well and turning of the street lights after midnight saved the planet, would you really mind? Refering to the last paragraph on restricting the speed limit. Not on motorways, because if you have the pleasure of using British motorways then you’ll know that because of congestion the speed limit is rarely achieved. No on our minor roads reduce it to 45 mph from 60. this I can hear cry’s of it would not be enforceable, but it would only take a few to abide by it then others would have to slow down because they would be behind them. Reduce the limit on all Europe’s roads and it might save fuel and save the planet. Would you really mind travelling at bit slower to save the planet?
  4. This one I know will not go down well. Eat less meat. What did you say don’t eat meat! Cows are one of the biggest producers of green house gasses, now I know we all like our bit of beef but the truth is out there, out there in the atmosphere. Back in the olden days in less affluent times beef was a Sunday roast not in the week or at MacDonald’s. If we grew food for us to eat not animal feed, could we solve the problem of food shortages in the future? (another hub for later I think).Now before you all think I am some eco worrier I eat beef, I drive my car to fast, my house is probably too hot but I think changes are needed by me and you to change the world.

With a few exceptions would any of the things in the above change your life?

Would it make it unbearable?

Would you really miss not looking at the night earth on Google earth with all its lights?

This war is not a thorn in the side of decent people going about their business!

It cannot be lost.

70 years ago a war led to hardship and changes, it was won by many sacrifices.

There was a cry from many streets by wardens ‘turn those bloody lights out’ we need the similar shout.






Thank you. Anyone who has read my first hub and rant, now I am going to have my glass of wine.


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    • Dingpo profile image

      Dingpo 6 years ago

      Great Hub socket to them with both barrels

    • joejagodensky profile image

      joejagodensky 6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Very good hub. You talk about wanting to write better in a more recent hub. You can begin by editing your work after you've finished. Tightening up paragraphs, simplifying your thoughts and getting rid of repeated thoughts can help. Many time, less is more. Thanks.

    • trimar7 profile image

      trimar7 6 years ago from New York

      Great hub on ways to conserve energy. Congrats on becoming a grandfather - what a joy!

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 8 years ago from California

      Yes, let's turn the lights off and view the stars. Are they still out there? Later!