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How to find the best German Tutor

Updated on March 27, 2012

A good language teacher...

What is the most important attribute a language teacher should have?

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Learn with a Tutor most Efficiently

Not everyone claiming to be a tutor has the skills required to make learning individually a worthwile encounter.

Being a tutor myself I am quite picky if it comes to language teachers. I consider myself very interested in delivering a very good job and demand the same from the ones trying to support my foreign language efforts. I' ve had over 20 language classes due to my studies and personal interests. In the last 20 years I have come upon only three excellent teachers. What made these three different from all the others? I liked that they were more than competent in what they were doing and that their teaching came from the heart. They could explain the grammar in simple words or with excellent examples and always took their students seriously. They also had a good slice of solid but slightly ironic humour and were able to laugh about themselves. What do you think does a good language teacher have to be like? Let the other readers know and let's see where we agree or differ.

Where to find a Tutor

The best is to check your local city-magazines and newspapers or simply put an ad up and see if there's a German teacher hidden in your town willing to share his secrets. After some searching I've managed to find a few links that make a good starting point for your search.

Possible ressources:
Artlader has also written a nice hub about finding a tutor. Check his article here. If you are looking for even more options, try the links below:

  • Although there is no one offering to teach German at the moment, there seem to be plenty of English-German tandem partners available on craigslist. It's worth a try.
  • Go on Zitty's -one of Berlins most popular city magazines- homepageand there in thenavigation box on the right search for Unterricht-Sprachunterricht and then browse the ads.
  • Another popular Berlin magazine is the Tip-Stadtmagazin
  • Quite a lot of offers one can find on toytown. Just go to the search box and look for "German tutor". Toytown is focussing on Expats in Germany.

I've found plenty of other sides for different countries. If you can recommend any of these, let other readers know in the comments. Otherwise, just click yourself through.


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      dandre 3 years ago

      Thank great tips