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Two Dollar Bills

Updated on April 14, 2013

United States Two dollar Bll

The U.S 2 dollar bill is a current denomination of US currency. President Thomas Jefferson (The Third U.S. Presidend) is featured on the obverse of the note. The other side features a reproduction painting of The Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull.

In 1966 the bill was discontinued , but 10 years later as part of the United States Bicentennial celebrations the bill was reintroduced . Today, it is rarely seen in circulation, However under 1% of all notes currently produced are $2 bills. This comparative scarcity in circulation, coupled with a lack of public awareness that the bill is still in circulation, has also inspired urban legends and, on a few occasions, created problems for people trying to use the bill to make purchases.

Throughout the $2 bill's pre-1929 life as a large-sized note, it was issued as a United States Note, National Bank Note, Silver Certificate, and Treasury or "Coin" Note. When U.S. currency was changed to its current size, the $2 bill was issued only as a United States Note. After United States Notes were discontinued, the $2 bill later began to be issued as a Federal Reserve Note.

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