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A message from the Tzïmol

Updated on September 27, 2015

Time is binary

Dear earthlings, at a safe distance from across the galaxies, we have been observing your evolution since its beginnings and given the momentum it has gathered, we feel compelled to intervene and explain a few basic facts before you go too far the wrong way.

Being extraterrestrials, visiting you has proven to be a delicate enterprise and our attempts so far, have only resulted in confusion, panic, and hostile behavior. Since we wouldn't want you to harm yourselves and eager to avoid any misunderstanding, we have chosen to communicate through writing.

Although you seem to possess all the necessary ingredients for intelligent life, we are completely puzzled by your perception of time, so let's start with that. Indeed, it is hard for us to comprehend your fixation with the passage of time and, sorry to be blunt, but your concept of time as a past, present and future trilogy is erroneous.

First of all, there is no passage of time. We pass, not time.

Now, how you figured that time is three-ways is definitely baffling. it seems to us that there is enough evidence of time being a binary mode. Look around you and you'll notice that is it day or night and that there is matter or space. In fact, your very existence confirms it as you are either male or female and alive or dead. You have even invented technology based on this dual principle, electricity with its plus and minus or the 0/1 system you use in your computers and digital communications. So, why would time be any different?

Like everything else in our Universe, time simply exists. It is actually your focus that activates its binary function. What you call past and future are only projections that are based on your cerebral activity, like memory and imagination. Furthermore, this cerebral activity is something that you accomplish in the moment, in what you call the present. Whether it is the past or the future, it is just a fiction that you create. You are, in fact, fully responsible for the contrast it produces, you generate it, not time.

So you see, past and future are never present, they are simply not now. They are the same, an indication of where you are. You cannot act in what you call the future any more than you can in your past. Decision or action are always taken now. We would like to stress that this is quite an important concept, because once you have realized this, you also understand that you really always are in the now and that is is the only phase that matters.

When you spend your energy on blaming events in the past or projecting an unfavorable future, you are actually wasting a great opportunity to enjoy the moment. So, to put things in the proper perspective, not now is just for storage, now is when you can act.

To be, or not to be? We expect that you can finally answer this question and sincerely hope that this explanation helps you to achieve a more joyful experience.

Tzïmol philosophy

For more advanced knowledge about the Universe, consult the Acoustic Funambulist series.
For more advanced knowledge about the Universe, consult the Acoustic Funambulist series. | Source


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