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Universal Law of Attraction: Secrets and Steps

Updated on July 21, 2010
Achieve your greatest dreams and desires using the power of the universal law of attraction.
Achieve your greatest dreams and desires using the power of the universal law of attraction.

Unleash the Power of the Universal Forces

Did you know that some of your real life experiences are influenced by your very own thoughts, actions, and beliefs? There are many manifestations thought to be brought about by the universal law of attraction, providing you with either good or untoward circumstances.

These experiences can either be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature; and they can greatly influence the way you interact with other people as well. It is therefore crucial to know how to use the law of attraction effectively.

Brief Definition of the Universal Law of Attraction

Generally, most writers and authors define the universal law of attraction as "like attracts like". The events, people, and things that enter our lives daily are greatly driven by our own language, thoughts, and emotions.

These internal energies attract energies of the same kind, which means that if you dwell on positive thoughts and feelings, your experiences can be positive too, and vice versa. An energy force automatically and mutually acts between people, things and events, drawing them closer together and avoiding any risk of separation.

Your predominant thoughts can relate your own experiences. The harmonious vibrations of attraction will be based on the main thoughts that you always think, feel, and act on.

Physical and mental manifestations of the predominant thoughts will then be present through individual daily experiences. So to speak, it is up to you to determine how you go through things, people and events in your life.

The universal law of attraction has both scientific and non-scientific principles rooted in areas of religion, physics, and morality. It significantly describes how human beings interact with the universe.

The past, present and future can be determined as to how you understand your own surroundings. Therefore, you can believe that you are capable of reaching your dreams and have a deeper sense of gratitude, enthusiasm and pride in your self.

One of the main goals of the universal law of attraction is to allow individuals to develop a sense of desire and passion unique to their very own potential and knowledge. You should have at least one great desire and ask the universe for it.

Your thoughts, actions and feelings will then be directed towards your desire with the main aim of achieving or experiencing it in the future. Your inner self should be ready to receive the desire when the time comes.

Universal Law of Attraction Steps

First, realize your desire and set goals. Since every day is a whole new experience, you may want to adjust and clarify your passions as you go along. Once you know what you want, ask or order the universe by committing yourself to the tasks required and giving importance to your desire. You have to learn how to take risks if you want to be completely satisfied with your desire. Tell yourself that it is a beautiful world full of possibilities and opportunities. It is only up to you to take the prize with the right approach and perspective.

Imagination is the core of the universal law of attraction. It is essential to simulate and think about the future, so you will have an idea how to achieve your desires. Think about your current situation and compare it with your ideal future. Make every detail vivid so you can picture out exactly how you want things and events to be when you get there.

Gratitude is very important when asking for your desire, since you have to be happy and contented with what you have now, in order to move toward the future without any feelings of guilt, blame, or hesitation. You have to accept the great value of your desire to help you focus on it more and drive away any inhibitions and resistance.

The final and most important step in using the universal law of attraction is action. Since you have committed yourself mentally and emotionally to your desire, it is time to make it happen by acting on your plans. Relate with your surroundings and other people. Internalize the emotions needed to reach your goal and constantly upgrade yourself towards your ideal future.

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    • profile image

      eProBlogger 3 years ago

      Wow! I like the way you write about law of attraction.

      I found another post that I enjoyed reading.

    • chamilj profile image

      chamilj 6 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Really useful hub. This is very true. Universal Law works.

    • profile image

      happywhoIam 6 years ago

      I am a christian and I believe in god. I am seeing someone new after getting out of my pathetic depression after my girl friend broke up with me a month ago. I am seeing somene new and I like her. Looks are not too important but it is a plus. When I see some pretty girl walking down the street I can kind of tell what kind of person she is, if she is is model pretty than it is possible she is a self centered pain in the butt but if she is average every day "Oh wow she is pretty" than I can sense she may be a nice individual who cares about herself and others. I pray to god everyday that this new girl I am seeing will be my gf

    • profile image

      anastacio halaman jr. 6 years ago

      thank you for the video. you know what since college years, i am trying to master the law attraction. and guess what? i am now a manager of a particular bank here in Davao, Philippines.

    • profile image

      anastacio halaman jr. 6 years ago

      thank you for the video. you know what since college years, i am trying to master the law attraction. and guess what? i am now a manager of a particular bank here in Davao, Philippines.

    • ravenblueu profile image

      ravenblueu 6 years ago from Somewhere Tropical

      I love law of attraction and studying to apply it in my life your hub is very helpful!

    • profile image

      rodney 6 years ago

      The Law of attraction is totally the best thing ever, I call it GOD's gift to man

    • profile image

      EYOB Y.T. 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      The law of attraction has changed my life. I don't know where I would be right now if I didn't read books like "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Secret". I enjoyed your hub and I liked the money magnet video.

    • Bredavies profile image

      Bredavies 7 years ago

      I love the law of attraction books. I found your hub helpful for explaining and I linked it to one of my articles. Thank you

    • yogeshsingh profile image

      yogeshsingh 7 years ago from Delhi

      @ Seour Socheata

      apply law of compensation and law of receiving along with law of attraction. In other words, give your best in your current Job with a positive mental attitude.

      " Universe always fills void"

      Try to create a void by giving more output from your side than salary you are receiving. So, if you provide more service with a positive mental attitude than the salary you are receiving then you would create a void and universe will fill that void. Universe will fill the things that you are attracting. So, always make a clear picture in your mind about what you want. Add emotions( positive) in that picture too. So, if you want to become a higher grade officer then imagine yourself at that post and try to feel good about that and always thank GOD even in your thinking.


      Have a great time

    • profile image

      Soeur Socheata 7 years ago

      Dear Sir; My name is Soeur Socheata. I'm government officer. I really want to be promoted with higher grade within the higher ranking within the ministry. I hope that you can help me to get it with 1,000,000 US$, because I believe that my position and money can support all my three poor daughters peacefully and full harmonization.

      Thank for your comments.

      Best regard

      From: Socheata

    • profile image

      jonimarian 7 years ago

      hello my name is marian l em from slovakia iam haw sich sister pleas help my

    • profile image

      Bob Lim Joo Yam 7 years ago

      This is something which is lacking in me. After hearing your speech, I now want to change my addition and my thinking so that I move on to have a better life. I am going to write it down so that I will see myself becoming a better person who beielev in giving out to charity without string attached and have financial freedom instead of living in financial difficulty. You are great.

    • profile image

      brotheryochanan 7 years ago

      So we are to ask a 'universe' which has no conscience or thought of its own and is a dead matter floating around on prinicples of physics to fulfill all our needs. I thik i will stay where i am. This is creation worship and not worship of the creator.