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Universe and Astonishing Spark Of Life to Humanity On Earth__ Science Wisdom

Updated on August 24, 2013

Early Earth__A Violent Place With No Life

Our planet earth coalesced from space debry and dust some 4.5 billion years ago. This we know from years of painstaking scientific evidence pieced together from earliest known geological rocks examined with physical science precision that is within the realm of modern science.

In that early earth, there was no life . The surface of earth was a hostile environment constantly bombarded with astroids from space. Magnetic shield created by the liquid magma in earth√Ęs crust develped later.

Today this liquid magma gives earth its powerful magnetic poles, and helps protect earth from frequent asteroid strikes that can be seen for example on the moon.

Moon has no such magnetic pole shield as earth and in the early earth it was much closer in orbit to earth than now.

When and How Life Appeared on Earth ?

Also required for organic life to emerge, presence of water is found on earth's early rock sediments in the early time.

Presence of water meet a key requirement for emergence of life on any planet as on earth. Second, the element Carbon, a key ingredient for organic chemistry was also plentiful in that pre-life hostile planet earth.

Then, nearly 1.5 billion years passed, before single cell life appeared on earth. The evidence of such single cell life can be seen embedded as fossils from rocks of that period accurately measured by physical science tools that we now have available in the last 100 years or so. After appears, the single cell life proliferated, and multi-cell life also began to appear in the ocean.

The stage was set then set for more complex form of lifes on earth emerging first in Ocean that covers 2/3 of earth's surface by the natural process of evolution and natural selection which are known since the birth of modern life science in early 19th century.

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Science Still Cannot Explain __Spark of Life

But in the world of science, what is still not understood and still there is no scientific theory as to how spark of life was created that can be tested.

It is still a scientific mystery in the world of science today as to what chemistry can spark life, the single cell life that emerged on earth some 3 billion years ago as evidenced by fossils embedded in rocks of that period.

Human ancestors, the great apes appeared on earth only about 60 million years ago, and "Homo" branch, tool creating intelligent life some 2.5 million years ago.

Our homo sapien specie of which all diverse physical traits that appears among living humans living in variety of geography and climate appeared only 200,000 years ago.

This we know from years of dedicated scientists searching for such fossils and tools where early humans are known to have lived, from Africa and migrated elsewhere on other continents,

So, based on scientific evidence available through rock sediments and fossils and early tools, we know that there is an enormous time gap between appearance of life on earth to emergence of intelligenct life, humanity, a very recent event.

Emergence of Intelligent Life__A Significant Role of Serendipity

Dinosaurs to Mammals

Further it is known that there are a number of astonishing serendipity events that propelled the emergency of humanity.

For example, we know that age of dinosaurs lasted for approximately 100 million years some 230 million years ago. In that age, common ancenstor of mammals were few and lived an insignificant life of hiding while dinosaurs prolifierated and grew very large and diverse .

Then suddenly likely due to one or more very large asteroid strike that changed earth's environment and living conditions, dinosaurs dissappered from earth setting the stage for mammals and intelligent life, humanity to appear and dominate earth as we now do, similar to what the dinosaurs dominated earth for 100 million years.

Exploring Our Milky Way Galaxie for Twin Earth

Signatures of Life to Intelligent Life Possible ?

So, given that now we know that emergence of life requires certain physical elements such that existed in early earth, but it takes enormous more time and serendipity events to emerge as in the case of humanity.

Science still does not know however how chemistry of life is sparked however despite our knowledge of how inorganic chemistry such as amino acids and building blocks of the double helix can be created. But no clue as to how and what sparks organic life .

Even less clue is available now as to how precious intelligent life such as humanity can appear among the billions of billions of stars we are now able to see in the vastness of our own milky way where our sun is simply an ordinary rotating star among billions and billions.

But scientific curiosity is not dead and search for knowledge is far from over now that scientific knowledge and scientific and engineering tools are evolving at a relatively fast pace.

But there are risks of self destruction by that precious intelligent life form__humanity by war as has been the characterist of written short history of humanity of 5 thousand years.

Or a similar asteroid strike from space that was not detected or deflected in time, or the risk of overwhelming the capacity of small and fragile planet earth to sustain life due to human induced environmental changes .

All three of these risks are present in the near term in the next centuries. But if wisdom and the new realization of the precisouness of intelligent life form can be realized among all the diverse and varied cultures of humanity that exist today, perhaps there will be time to strengthen scientific knowledge to know more about extra terrestrial life and even extra terrestrial intelligent life if such exists somewhere in another "twin earth" in our own milky way galaxie of billions and billions of stars.

Unless we self destruct humanity through overwhelming the earth's capacity to support life.

Search for Extra Terrestrial Planet__Twin Earth ?

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