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Useful items to take to college

Updated on March 1, 2015

Useful items to take to college/university

It was ten years ago this September that I started at Warwick university as a fresher and yet it seems like only yesterday. This time a decade ago, I was busy packing my things and working out what I was going to need and what I wasn't going to need. There will always be something you forget (I forgot to take a sauce pan), but you can find many useful lists on Squidoo and the rest of the internet of essentials to help avoid this. On this lens, I am going to list some of the less obvious items that I found really useful and was glad I took with me.

Photo of The University of Warwick's students union courtesy of Kyrosho - wikimedia commons

CD holder

I love my cd collection. I'm not one of those people with an entire wall covered in bookcases of cds, but I'm still fairly proud of what I have. When I started university, one of my main concerns was 'should I take all of my cds with me?' Nowadays the answer would be obvious, put all of the cds onto a computer/mp3 player/i-pod etc. and problem solved, but ten years ago I was only just on the verge of getting my first laptop and certainly didn't have an mp3 player, so instead, I bought a case like the ones below, transferred the cds to them and I had an easily transportable solution. If like me, you still prefer owning cds I would definitely recommend a cd wallet. Obviously they can also be used for DVDs and Blu-Rays.

Kitchen equipment

Starting college/university is often a person's first experience of having to cook for themselves and so it can be difficult to gauge what equipment you will need.

There are the obvious basics; a saucepan, a frying pan, plates, cutlery, mug (plus a spare for guests), bowls and cooking utensils such as a wooden spoon.

Some other items not to forget include a can opener (as a student you will probably be opening a lot of cans) and some sealable containers (keeps your food fresh and stops untidy housemates' remains dripping from their higher fridge shelf onto your food).

Kitchen equipment for students

Rubbermaid 24-Piece Food Storage Container Set with Lid, Red
Rubbermaid 24-Piece Food Storage Container Set with Lid, Red

Keep you food fresh and safe from drips from other shelves.


Toaster bags

I used to use these all the time when I was at university. My favourite is a cheese toastie, but you can do a lot of experimenting with all sorts of fillings. Tuna mayonnaise and grated cheese is a good one.

Toastabags Reusable Non-Stick  Sandwich/Snack "In Toaster" Grilling Bags, 2 Pack
Toastabags Reusable Non-Stick Sandwich/Snack "In Toaster" Grilling Bags, 2 Pack

These are genius! Simply make a sandwich that you would like to heat (a good old-fashioned cheddar cheese sandwich is a good place to start), stick it into the bag, place the whole thing in the toaster for a couple of minutes and voila! A toasted sandwich.


Student cookbooks on Amazon

As mentioned earlier, college/university is often a person's first attempt at cooking for themselves and a helping hand is always welcome. A good student recipe book will help with the basics and give good ideas to try out. As they're targeted at students, the recipes are usually fairly cheap when compared to other cookbooks as well.

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