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Using A Cricut In The Classroom

Updated on March 9, 2013

A Cricut is a die cutting machine made by Provo Craft. It makes cutting a decorating very easy. Many people use this machine for scrapbooking, card making, and other crafting projects, but there are many other uses. Using a Cricut in the classroom can help make the room look inviting, help create dynamic bulletin boards, or help create lessons and activities. A Cricut machine is an investment and requires die cartridges that are sold individually. While this can get expensive, you can really save money over time by creating your own cut outs.

Letter Tree
Letter Tree

Classroom Decor

How I Cut My Way To An Amazing Classrom

My classroom is full of decorations cut from my Cricut. This year my classroom theme is the jungle. I used the Animal Kingdom cartridge to cut out a variety of animals and place them around my classrom. I also constructed an alphabet tree. I was able to easily cut out alphabet letters and attach them to my tree. Decorating a classroom is fun, and the Cricut makes it really easy. Traditional die cutter that are found in schools take a lot of time to use and can be physically exhausting. With just a few clicks I was able to decorate my whole classroom with the Cricut!

Dazzling Bulletin Boards

Schools are covered in bulleting boards that are expected to be appealing to look at and updated regularly. I use my Cricut every month to update my bulletin board. Every time we have an even in our grade level or go on a field trip, I am able to find the perfect images on my Cricut Cartridges to create my bulletin board. Most recently I've use the Simply Scarecrow, My Community, and Locker Talk cartridges. I can easily spice up a picture collage or student work with images cut from my Cricut machine.

Student Activities

Teachers can make awesome classroom activities using the Cricut. There are endless possibilities. You can make file folder games, matching games, rhyming games, math games, and more. Teachers have great imaginations and can come up with countless reasons to use the cricut. It makes work look fun and that helps students get excited about learning.

Cricut Supplies on Amazon - It's a good place to start

Unbelievable Prices On Ebay

This is where I buy most of my Cricut supplies. I have not found them less expensive anywhere.

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