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Reviewed: 7 Secrets Vector Marketing Scam Didn't Tell You

Updated on July 12, 2009

Vector Marketing Scam or Not?

You probably just heard about Vector Marketing and you're wanting to know if it's a scam or not. Well, let me share with you my experience with this company and maybe afterward you can make an informed decision about weather or not you want to make the trip to that interview.

My interview with Vector Marketing

So what's this all about?

I was first introduced to Vector Marketing a while back when I was job hunting online. I was in desperate need for a job and needed to quickly a way to make some income so I could keep up with my bills. I found Vector on (I'm sure you probably found them on a similar site).

The advertisement read something like this...

"Make Extra Cash For Summer!" Student workers wanted! (sound familiar?)

The ad sounded great, so I filled out an online application. It didn't ask for much information just mostly contact information. The next day a representative from Vector phoned me and scheduled an interview. They have a local branch office in my town and I was to report for the interview at 7pm.

When I got there, there were many other students and young people their filling out paper applications. After about a 1 1/2 hr wait the owner of the local vector branch showed up and conducted pre-interviews fairly quickly. I was one of the ones who passed on to the group interview phase along with several others.

For 90mins we all sat there in a group interview learning about Vector Marketing and what it was they do as well as what we would be doing if we were to be accepted into the company.

What did I learn about Vector Marketing?

So was Vector Marketing Really A Scam?

So, after 90 agonizing restless minutes with the head of the local Vector Marketing branch, I learned that there were some VERY interesting facts about this company that weren't shared with me before the interview.

Vector Marketing Secret #1 - When I first seen their advertisement on I thought what any other person would think, that they were a regular company looking to hire regular employees. However, Vector Marketing is a marketing company for CUTCO knives/kitchen ware. To put it simply, they market and sell culinary untentials.

What does that mean?

Vector Marketing Secret #2 - As I mentioned my first impression of vector online was that they are looking to hire regular employees. In fact, since they are a marketing company for CUTCO, they're looking to bring on independent reps to market and sell their products for them.

Now, you may or may not be familiar with the above terminology, but just in case your not "independent reps" (or representatives) are usually persons who join a company as an independent distributor, purchase an portion of the companies inventory and distribute and market the companies product by means of talking to people you know locally i.e. (friends and/or family)

Vector Marketing Secret #3 - One of the questions that probably went through your mind is "I wonder how much the pay is"? That's a good question. Vector has what they call a guaranteed base pay and incentive payment plan.

That means that you don't get paid by the hour, nor do you get paid off of commissions, nor do you get paid by salary; you get paid on a per appointment basis. So let's look at it like this, Vector Marketing pays $13/per appointment that you set up + incentives if you make a sale.

Now let me stop right here for a second. To understand the way Vector pays their representatives you need to understand the way vector's business model is set up.

Vector Marketing Secret #4 - Remember before I said that in order to make money with their company you have to first be accepted. Vector Marketing is what you would call a network marketing company. In order to join or be accepted to any network marketing company you have to first purchase some product from the company or get an auto ship.

For example: If you were to pass the interview and be asked to come abroad with Vector, you'd have to first go through 3 days of unpaid training (remember this is information that was revealed to me in that 90 min interview). On the third day of the interview you would be required to pay $144 deposit on a demonstration kit.

The demonstration kit for Vector is a sample kit of their product or knives (which is what you would be selling). The kit includes physical samples of their knives/kitchen ware. After your unpaid training and your payment of $144 for the kit you would then be required to "go out into the field".

That means you need to go around in your local area and find people who are interested in buying kitchen knives from you.

Now pay close attention because this is where I laughed.

Remember your not getting paid per hour, salary or commission, so every hour that you spend out "in the field" looking for people who what to buy from you, you're getting paid $0.

Now let's say you're working full-time with vector (8 hours/day) and for that day you only found two people who were nice enough to take time out of their busy schedule to sit down and watch you demonstration.

Those two people that watched your demonstration are considered "appointments" (now remember you get paid $13/appointment according to vectors guaranteed base pay payment plan). For 8 hours of work, you made 2 appointments, that's $13 x 2 which equals up to be $26. So, that means you've made $26 for the day.

I know, that's chunk change right?

I know by now you're probably thinking, "Vector Marketing isn't a real job at all", you're right it's not. Had I known this before hand I probably wouldn't have wasted 3 hours of my time going down to interview with them. But, how could I have known that? I couldn't have because of...

Before I go any further, check out what others have said about their Vector Marketing Experience...

"Is Vector-Marketing Real Or What?"

Ethics Won't Cut It; Vector Marketing (Full Version)

Did those experiences sound familiar?

Vector Marketing Secret #5 - False Advertisement. Vector Marketing has several misleading advertisement running on several job searching sites that all read similar to the one I saw above. They all seem to target young college students. Now I'm not exactly sure why vector is targeting college students but it may have to do with college students need for extra cash.

Whatever the reason is I feel that it's still wrong and very misleading. Vector portrays themselves as a regular company looking to hire regular, pay/hr employees when in fact their looking to recruit people into their company to distribute their product.

Vector Marketing Secret #6 - So far you've been just about fully informed about what Vector Marketing is, what they do, and how they do it. What you may not have realized is the hidden potential that lies with this company.

But wait, you're still wanting to know if Vector Marketing is indeed a scam or not right?

The answer to that question is an assuring and confident, NO. Vector Marketing is not a scam at all, in fact it's a pretty profitable company and does well, however in my eyes, and many others, the way that they run their business is VERY, very unethical. It's not fair to mislead any potential employee/business partner just to get them to join a company. It's best to be straight forward and upfront and make the person fully aware of what the job entails.

There are still some things left untold that I feel I should let you know, otherwise I would be doing an extreme disservice to you.

Now, you may not be familiar with network marketing companies or maybe you are, in any case that is what Vector Marketing is, a network marketing company (as I mentioned before). What does that mean exactly? That means that if you decide to join their company you have the potential to build your very own independent home based business.

Their company allows you to set your own hours, set the days that you work, select the people you talk/set appointments with, and pretty much run your own little company with in their company; and if you were to become proficient enough in your marketing, sales and communication skills and build it up to where you could make several appointments a day and become a sales rock star and begin racking in some incentives per/mth, you'd be making a pretty decent living.

The down side to that is that most network marketing companies (like Vector Marketing) require you to make a list of every single person you know, friends, family, even your mailman or third grade teacher if you remember who they were. The reason you have to make that list is so you can sell the product to them.

If you're friends or family are any thing like mine are, they're not interested in purchasing a set of kitchen knives, no matter how fancy they are. I mean really the economic times are already hard enough and in their eyes it would be a waist of money. But hey, maybe you're the type of person would doesn't mind pestering friends and family to buy stuff from you.

So, if you're willing to pound the pavement and put the petal to the metal with Vector then you could possibly be making a full-time if not more than a full-time income from the comfort of your home with some hard work, determination and effort.

But there's just one last thing Vector Marketing Isn't telling you...

Vector Marketing Secret #7 - Now, this may just be the most well guarded secret of all, you may just be mad that you weren't told about this before, or you could probably careless about knowing this, but regardless you need to know that there is a MUCH better and WAY easier way to build a profitable home business.

And I found this out months after my grueling 90 minute interview with Vector. I was thrilled to find this out and I feel that it's only right to share it with you too.

Read on.

- Toni Roberts

Meet Toni Roberts

Toni Roberts is the Creator & Founder of She's a successful Internet Entrepreneur, coach & mentor. She specializes in internet marketing and home business development. She enjoys helping others to build personal financial independence by teaching and sharing her expertise in internet marketing. She's currently taking on students who wish to learn how to better market online, build a home business and/or sponsor more people into their current business. If you'd like to speak with Toni or learn more about how she might be able to help you, visit

Who is Toni Roberts? - Check out my personal story

Everyone has their rags to riches story. Well, here's a little of mine :) Enjoy

So leave your comments and thoughts - What was your Vector Marketing experience?

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    • profile image

      SCAMALAM 5 months ago

      You earn more money working part time at McDonald's than working for Vector Shit-Marketing. My boyfriend told off a group of "Vector representatives" at a booth they had set up right smack in the middle of our college campus. He explained how BS their business model is that they packed up their table and left. The "representatives" couldn't even defend their company, much less even speak. They were stuttering the whole time trying to conjure up a viable defense for their shit excuse of a company. It should be illegal for them to come into a college campus with their garbage and lie to college students about how much money they can make with their sniveling schemes.

    • profile image

      mark 11 months ago

      look at all of these pro vector comments from anonymous smh

    • profile image

      Nike-ShalaDuh 4 years ago

      Hi I am a cutco representative, and if you are interested in cutco you can email me at and I will happily help further your interest in cutco.

    • profile image

      Nike-ShalaDuh 4 years ago

      Hi I am a cutco representative, and if you are interested in cutco you can email me at and I will happily help further your interest in cutco.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      None of these things are secret. Your lack of initiative is no excuse to deride a decorated company that allows anyone to try their hand based on character and attitude, not a piece of paper. Seriously, how idiotic must you be not to research a company before an interview with said company. Your ignorance is appalling. Stop. Do not pass GO. Go directly to the REAL WORLD.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I just joined two weeks ago, and I made 150$ My first two days, it's a great company if you give it a chance, and not bash it before you even make the first promotion. ($1,000) in sales, which I was making 10% commission, so I got that in 2 days, and I'm a super senior in high school, I don't drive, and yet I still made that. This is the perfect job, you choose your own hours, you can do it alongside schooling, or other jobs. Don't get so butthurt because you were expecting success. As my Executive Director says "Success doesn't flock to those who want/need it. It goes to those who work for it."

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      My husband just got a job at Vector, and ever since then I have been getting mixed messages about the company itself. We really need the money because I'm having trouble supporting the two of us, but at the same time I'm wondering if we're being scam and is this even worth it? They told him that he will get a list of customers and won't have to buy the sample kit. I hope this is all true.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      From what I can see, and what my friends have experienced getting involved in this program, its not worth it. You are abusing personal relationships to try to get money. No denying that, you have to sell to people you know and even then those purchases will be pity buys (who wants to buy knives anyway? Don't most people already have them?). Yeah you could make a few dollars but is it worth it by scrapping away your reputation? No. Go out and get a real job or start your own business. I'll guarantee you people will respect you more, even if you trip a few times on the way.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Lies: not all of vector requires you to buy the sample kit.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      This job isn't for people who aren't self motivated. I was promoted to an assistant manager in 2 months and I will be running my own office in may. In simple terms: This jobs sucks if you suck.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      @anonymous: It kinda sounds awkward going to peolple houses to sell knives

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      It is funny how you misspell simple words like opportunity and ignore all rules of punctuation and capitalization. Not to mention confusing homonyms like threw and through (or thru if you prefer).

      And Toni did not "Have it all wrong".... she said the exact same thing you did, but you tried to make it confusing....

      Yes, you can make money with companies like Vector or Prestige Marketing. It just takes a lot more work than they tell you. Not to mention, you have to buy your presentation kit, which you cannot return. And in order to make the money they say you can you have to be in the top 5% of the sales force. It is like any other commission based job. But you provide your own leads. That list Vector asked you to make? Congratulations! You just gave Vector a list to sell to other companies! They make money just by having you get "trained".

      But, to my real reason for posting...

      Funny how a page bashing Vector is nothing but an advertisement for another Network Marketing Company

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      [in reply to Rachelle] See Rachelle knows the true vector opportunity...this toni person has it all wrong....its not $13/apt that you set up its base pay/ apt OR commission incentive which is what you get when you make a sale!!!! or if ur base is lower then the commission..get it you either get 13/apt OR commission...personally ive sold $100,000 in those Cutco knife thingys that NO ONE BUYS!!!!(YA MMMK) in the last 17months on the job...YA FSM opportunity!!!! you guys can bash vector all you want but its just so funny that you bash it cuz you don't understand the complain that you actually have to get off your *ss and WORK!!! it's a job not a hobby there is skill involved... I am a full time college student and an all american scholarship winner threw Vector finished #25 in the US of cutco reps....of the 30,000 students that we work with not to shabby...kudos to you rachelle! :)

      Marissa Welch

      Proud FSM (future student millionaire)

      Lansing Riots

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      this is the part where ur wrong: the fact that u work for vector marketing but not as a noob one-on-one home seller..but more like working going around the web changing ur name from Rachelle to Mike to Jessica...etc saying that u love Vector and u make a lot of money...did u just get pwned by me? YES U JUST DID SO FCK OFF RETARD...GG TNX BYE >=]

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I work for Vector and love it! I have made so many friends through it and love going to people's houses, hanging out and showing them a few knives. I've made as much as $350 in one appointment. Now tell me what's wrong with that?