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Updated on March 15, 2012
Seven colors of rainbow
Seven colors of rainbow
Actual Rainbow
Actual Rainbow
Wavelength in nm
380 - 480
420 - 450
450 - 495
495 - 570
570 - 590
590 - 620
620 - 750

VIBGYOR simply denotes the seven colors of the rainbow namely...

  • Violet
  • Indigo
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red

A rainbow is seen due to the refraction of light through raindrops.We can also create these spectrum of colors by spraying some water facing opposite to the Sun.

These seven colors are arranged in the increasing order of their wavelength starting from 380nm to 750nm (nm stands for NanoMeter)

Newton's color disc
Newton's color disc

Making of Newton's color disc

Red color of Sun during sunset
Red color of Sun during sunset

To be scientifically precise,the VIBGYOR represents visible spectrum of light.A human eye can view only the light having wavelengths in between 380nm and 750nm.So the sunlight is composed of these seven colors starting from violet to red out of which violet is having shorter wavelength and red is having longer wavelength.The human eye has maximum sensitivity and gives an optimum response to light, at the wavelength of 555nm, which falls in the green region of the visible light spectrum. That is why most of the peoples likes green light.

If we plot these seven colors on a disc and then rotating the disc will show white color indicating that the white sunlight is the combination of seven colors we have plotted.This is called Newton's color disc.

Out of these seven colors of the sunlight, orange and red is having the maximum wavelength. At the time of sunrise and sunset, the distance from Sun to Earth will be maximum.So only light with larger wavelength can travel from Sun to the Earth.That is why we are seeing the color of the Sun as red and orange during sunrise and sunset.

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      Prof.Rao 4 years ago

      Good info. Thanks

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      It's my first hub...Hw is it???Suggestions to improve...

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      I've always heard it as ROYGBIV. I suppose it doesn't really matter which direction you go!