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Vietnamese Translation

Updated on February 13, 2016

Vietnamse translation phrases you can use

Since I have been working as a professional Vietnamese translator and Vietnamese interpreter for more than 15 years, I would like to create this hub so that you can all use these Vietnamese translations in simple text messages or emails to your Vietnamese friends and correspondences in Vietnam.... You see I am fluent in both English and Vietnamese, but I cant type corectly today. Anyway, I am not here to teach you to type, but I am here to teach you Vietnamese. I will include in this list both version of Vietnamese writing: the correct version with all the accent marks and the non-accent marks. I recommend you to use the version with all the accent marks and only use the non-accent marks version sparingly or when the accent marks cannot display properly. There is a good reason for that: without proper accent marks, a beautiful word will become a profane word. I will list the English version, then the correct accent marks (this will be labeled as a)) version and the non-accent marks (this will be labeled as b)) version (so all you have to do is cut & paste into whatever and whatever) along with some explanations. Since all of these Vietnamese writings will be in unicode, you can also cut and paste the accent marks version into your email and it will still be displayed correctly (just not in a cell phone text message). So, here are some simple phrases along with their Vietnamese translations that you can use in your daily communication (I will update this list in an ongoing basis if you put your request in the comment area):

Warning note: These translations are for general uses and can be used without offending the other party. But there is a big difference in the translation depending on who's talking (male or female, old or young, role in the family, etc.)! The most difficult words to translate into Vietnamese, believe it or not! ....... They're: YOU and I!

  1. I like you! a) Tôi thích bạn b) Toi thich ban
  2. I miss you! a) Tôi nhớ bạn b) Toi nho ban
  3. I want to dance with you! a) Tôi muốn nhảy với bạn! b) Toi muon nhay voi ban!
  4. How are you doing? a) Bạn khỏe không? b) Ban khoe khong?
  5. Are you OK? a) Bạn có sao không? b) Ban co sao khong?
  6. You are so beautiful! a) Bạn đẹp lắm! b) Ban dep lam!
  7. You are so handsome! a) Bạn đẹp trai quá! b) Ban dep trai qua!
  8. Where are you going? a) Bạn đi đâu đó? b) Ban di dau do?
  9. Since today is Vietnamese New Year, I am adding this translation for you: Happy New Year! a) Chúc mừng năm mới! b) Chuc mung nam moi!
  10. How old are you? (yes, it's OK to ask a Vietnamese person that!) a) Bạn bao nhiêu tuổi? b) Ban bao nhieu tuoi?
  11. please vote for: a) Xin vui lòng bầu cho: b) Xin vui long bau cho: ***NOTES: There are different versions of this translation depending on contexts. This is for voting a candidate, but in case casting a ballot (physical action), it will be different: a) Xin vui lòng bỏ phiếu cho: b) Xin vui long bo phieu cho

This looks like Mr. Mark Knowles' twin brother trying to speak Viet...heheehehe


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    • profile image

      Johnd45 2 years ago

      Its really a great and useful piece of information. Im glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing. gkakaeadddgf

    • profile image

      Hong Anh 5 years ago

      Em English va Vietnamese ...

    • profile image

      Rajesh kadiyan 6 years ago

      I like vietnam. Becoz my true n good friends tramy nguyen n hoang yen lives in vietnam. Once i will come in vietnam n i will enjoy with my friends. I will enjoy vietnam food, place, beach n language. :-) vietnam is really very-2 beautiful n nice country. People also very true good n kind heart. :-) i love vietnam.

    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      Woa!! Cam on rat nhieu!!! Thank you so much for this! Keep up the good work I'm so happy to find this!!!!:):)

    • profile image

      jimy 6 years ago

      ...hello...can you please help me interpret these two phrases : Em khong muon anh kho vi em dau and Anh da tinh qua roi da ...thank you very much...this is important to me so thank you really!!! jimy

    • profile image

      Johnb18719 7 years ago

      Can you tel me the English to Vietnamese translation for im lost without you

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      Hey im trying to get a correct translation of "im lost without you" can you help

    • ConstantineNguyen profile image

      ConstantineNguyen 7 years ago from California, United States

      Chao chi....haha nice hub.Keep up with your work !!!

    • vietnamese profile image

      vietnamese 7 years ago from USA

      What is the English symbol for brother?

    • profile image

      NIcK Napier 8 years ago

      What's the vietnamese symBol for brother

    • vietnamese profile image

      vietnamese 8 years ago from USA


      The demand for Vietnamese language teacher is very high right now. Last time, I was contacted for a teaching job to the military, but I turned it down because it was not as good of an offer even though to many people that was very lucrative.

    • profile image

      Buzz 8 years ago

      I studied Vietnames at the defense language institute before going over there in 1968. On the bases, so many people spoke english back it was hard to improve and in the field often the situation wasn't friendly. But it is a beautiful country and the people were friendly and very nice as long as they weren't shooting. (That was a joke) I think to learn the language you would need to be fully immersed for several months with no using english.

    • profile image

      Charles Wiggins 9 years ago

      Thank you so much for this website. I have traveled to Vietnam twice and have many new friends there. I am completely baffled by the language but love the people. I hope I can learn more and some day will be able to communicate with Vietnamese in their own language.

    • profile image

      Esente 9 years ago

      I was born and had lived in Vietnam for 19 years. Now living in US starts to impact my Vietnamese. I spell words wrong. I mix English words into my sentence. I do keep tracks of the changes in the country through the 9x generation, though. but I think the longer I stay in US, the faster I'll loose that ability.

    • vietnamese profile image

      vietnamese 9 years ago from USA

      Yes, you're right about that... But I happened to know all of those changes, including: BX, OX, hem, seo? (Do you know what those mean?

    • profile image

      vi3t_girl91 9 years ago

      I learnt vietnamese when I was 8, and I am still learning how to read and write and speak Vietnamese properly. I think today, as we speak, the language has changed. Theres slang eg short form and abreviation.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

      These languages are so complex to me... I fear I'll never get a grasp on them!

    • vietnamese profile image

      vietnamese 9 years ago from USA

      That's right vi3t_girl91, I thinks sometimes they call those diatrical marks, or something like that, not sure on top of my head.

    • profile image

      vi3t_girl91 9 years ago

      Hi there. I am a fluent english and vietnamese speaker. Born in Australia and raised by vietnamese parents. Proud to be a viet. This is a really nice hub. In vietnamese there's symbols and also different dialects, there's so many meanings!

    • profile image

      Hoang Long 9 years ago

      stupid videos, these people can't speak viet to begin with.

    • waiting4u profile image

      waiting4u 9 years ago

      Interesting hub!

    • vietnamese profile image

      vietnamese 9 years ago from USA

      Yes, I know teeray! I am working on that right now and hopefully I can have enough time to finish before summer is over. I just didn't like any resource on the net.

    • teeray profile image

      teeray 9 years ago from Canada

      Very nice hub! I agree with other comments - the pronunciation seems very difficult. I hope to see more explanations in the future and will check back on your hubs to see how you are progressing.

    • quensday profile image

      quensday 9 years ago from New York

      Thanks a lot! I can astound people with these useful phrases :D

    • profile image

      david hill 10 years ago

      Look like a tough language from the videos

    • profile image

      john shoemaker 10 years ago

      how do you say get lost in vietnamese?

    • profile image

      boy_co_don1132 10 years ago

      my name is tony, 23 years i live iv vietnamese

    • profile image

      heo 10 years ago

      i love this , thank

    • profile image

      English Tutor 10 years ago

      I have some Vietnamese students and this is going to be very helpful

    • Mark Knowles profile image

      Mark Knowles 10 years ago

      I love this - BUT - could you explain the pronunciation? These characters are hard to understand. Thanks.

    • Tottie profile image

      Tottie 10 years ago from Australia , or China, or South Korea.

      Sounds like a wonderful and interesting hub, which I will come back to - for the moment I'm trying to make sense out of some Chinese words, as I head there in a couple of weeks time.

    • vietnamese profile image

      vietnamese 10 years ago from USA

      Thanks to both dinamars and Lissie! If there is anything I can do, please let me know!

    • Lissie profile image

      Elisabeth Sowerbutts 10 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice hub - I l love the country and the food but the language is hard for an Engish speaker with the tones - appreciate the script being latin thoug - at least I could read the menus a bit!

    • vietnamese profile image

      vietnamese 10 years ago from USA

      Where is Perugia?

    • dinamars profile image

      dinamars 10 years ago from France

      hi! thanks for your posting. I remember having a loyal Vietnamese friend while we were doing our Italian course in Perugia. She said vietnamese is a quite difficult language even harder than Italian... so I might have a look on this.

    • vietnamese profile image

      vietnamese 10 years ago from USA

      I hope you like this hub!


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