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Walden Pond

Updated on November 27, 2013

Walden Pond is Still There - Thoreau Still Speaks to Us

Walden Pond and Thoreau's writings chronicling his time spent there have become a a classic rite of passage for millions of Americans and their compatriots around the world.

It may be over 150 years since Thoreau built his cabin on the shore of Walden Pond but the allure of silence and a self sufficient life style are as strong as ever. 

Longing for a time and place where simplicity is valued, where filling up your time with distractions unknown. Walden Pond represents the knowing of oneself as our very core, the self where the only distraction is us.

Walden Pond symbolizes not only the individual's desire for solitude but also a deeply held trait of what makes up the historic American character, protest. Sitting at the edge of Walden Pond one can't help but see the millions of Americans marching in protest against state and corporate tyranny from the beginning of the American experience right up till the current day. From the Tea Party in Boston harbor to the protest of workers in Wisconsin in 2011, Americans have embraced what is a truly one of our greatest rights, the right to protest for what we believe is right. In the spirit of Walden Pond we all should embrace and celebrate the American trait and right of protest.

Simplicity is Alive

Even in today's world with technology bombarding us even in our sleep there are many who strive to live a life based on simplicity and reflection. Those employing some of the methods and thoughts practiced by Thoreau at Walden Pond are not automatically Luddites as some have called them, but people who sincerely are trying to balance their humanity with today's advances in technology.

Thoreau's Reflections on Walden Pond - a reading while looking at Walden Pond

Visit Walden Pond - Concord & Lincoln Massachusetts

A marker915 Walden Street, Concord, MA -
915 Walden Street, Concord, MA
get directions

Thoreau's Cabin - the replica of Thoreau's cabin at Walden Pond

Thoreau's Contemporaries and Creativiity

American Bloomsbury: Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Henry David Thoreau: Their Lives, Their Loves, Their Work
American Bloomsbury: Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Henry David Thoreau: Their Lives, Their Loves, Their Work

This beguiling book is Cheever's exploration of the extraordinary cross-fertilization of creativity in Concord, Mass., during the mid-19th century, when Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne and the Alcotts lived as neighbors there. If it won't offer much new information for serious students of American literature, it does provide a lively and insightful introduction to the personalities and achievements of the men and women who were seminal figures in America's literary renaissance, and who, Cheever theorizes, influenced the social activism of succeeding generations.


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      I would love to learn more about Walden Pond, e.g. where is it? Some suggestions about how to get there and what to do there? This lens is already great but makes me curious for more!

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