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Weather Toys Kids Love

Updated on March 13, 2015

Science Minded Kids Love Weather Toys!

Science crazy kids are crazy for weather toys!! Storms can be intriguing and kids can learn so much from them. Lightening, thunder, wind, barometric pressure, and wind chill are a few of the concepts that kids grasp easily.

Foster their love of learning with a weather station or a tornado maker. When they can easily measure wind speeds and direction by themselves, their love of science will only grow stronger!

Flash Cards!

A very inexpensive gift is one you can create yourself! Flash cards!! You can easily make some fun flash cards that your son or daughter can use to learn new and fun facts about the weather. I will scatter information through this page to give you some ideas to start with!

Find a Tornado Lab or a Pet Tornado

Kids can create their very own tornado with a Discovery Kids Tornado Lab. With 5-speed controls they can make tornadoes, whirlpools, and bubble storms with real sound effects, all safely contained in the lab. We had one of these and the kids loved watching their very own tornado swirling around.

A pet tornado is much cheaper to keep around than a hamster or guinea pig. You don't have to feed it and it won't run away. You can find these at toy stores and novelty shops. They come in a container that looks like a tube.


Tornado Maker
Tornado Maker | Source

Take a Weather Trip

If your son or daughter is a teenager or even a preteen and they love weather then a trip might be the perfect thing for them! If they're approaching college age, then make a point to take them to a school that's known for meteorology. They will love it that you are taking their passion seriously!

Another cool trip would be to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. They have a whole section devoted entirely to weather. Of course there's tons more to do there but my family spent the most time in this area so I know it's really great. They have machines that create tornadoes and lightning. It was fascinating!

The Capsela No 90 Weather Station - Curiousity Magnet!

Educational Insights Weather Station, Capsela No.90
Educational Insights Weather Station, Capsela No.90

If your kids are curious about how weather conditions occur and change, this is the weather station for them! They can build six different weather sets with 40 interlocking parts including a rain gauge, thermometer, and wind speed and direction indicators. The Capsela modular science system improves their problem-solving skills and builds scientific knowledge. Kids can create awesome motorized projects on their own. Children observe how energy changes with the help of visible gears and wheels.


Books About Weather

Find a great book that teaches kids all about our weather! You can find lots of books about weather on Amazon or eBay. I had some fun ones listed here but per website regulations, I had to remove them. One of my favorites is a book by Dr. Seuss. I love Dr. Seuss books.

In this book, The Cat and his friends go up in a hot air balloon and travel into different weather events including rain, tornadoes, snow, thunder and even hurricanes. The Cat teaches everyone all about wind vanes, cloud formations, fog, thermometers and the best ways to stay safe in lightning.

Activity books are a great way for kids to learn too. They'll have so much fun playing the games that they won't even realize that they're learning. You can make your own puzzles, buy an activity book, or print them up from the thousands of online resources available. Spending an hour or two planning will make for a great day of pure weather fun.

Flash Card 1

What is a blizzard?

A blizzard is a weather event where there are strong winds greater than 35 mph along with falling or blowing snow. Visibility is less than 1/4 of a mile.

Looking for a Fun Family Time Game? - Weather Bingo!

We all need to spend more time with family and playing games is a great way for everyone to have fun. Take some time to talk about the different weather words as you play the game. You can make it learning time as well as family fun time. Plus everyone loves yelling "BINGO!"

You can make your own game or you can buy one. This website creates the cards for you with pictures and everything. It's called Tools for Educators but it's great for families too! First you pick the words and pictures to use. You can pick from words like hail, sunny, perfect, cloudy, foggy, hot, thunder, stormy, snowy and many more. Then you click make it and you've 16 cards to choose from.

Their Very Own Weather Lab

SmartLab Toys You-Track-It Weather Lab
SmartLab Toys You-Track-It Weather Lab

Give your child their own weather lab. It's fun for them to watch science and learn at the same time. They will get hands on experience with five weather related challenges that are sure to get the action started. It also comes with a handy booklet that features extreme weather facts and information on going green. You get a weather board so you can track your weather and there is also web enhanced features that include downloadable charts that your child can use.


Flash Card 2

How does dew form?

Dew forms when the surface cools down to a temperature lower than air that is surrounding it.

Interesting fact: Dew forms faster on the top of a car than before grass or other objects.

Weather Watchers - Fun or Afraid?

Does Your Child Enjoy Storm Watching?

See results

Flash Card 3

What is a squall line?

A squall line is a large system of thunderstorms that have formed into a long line. This often occurs ahead of a cold front. The line itself will be narrow but it is usually followed by heavy rain and high winds.

Maybe Your Child Will Become the Next Storm Chaser

A chlid's passion for weather will only grow stronger

Do you enjoy tracking storms? This is a pretty intense show that is all about storm chasing and the equipment that they use. They have special equipment and should only be attempted by professionals. These guys are meteorologist that have lots of training. Most will tell you that this is what they love to do and they've had this passion for weather their whole lives. So let your child learn as much as they want if they're interested. You don't know where they might end up! Maybe they'll have their own storm chasing show when they grow up.

Flash Card 4

Name that weather!

Cut out or take your own weather photos then glue them onto the flash card and have your child guess what the weather event is. You can use ones like rain, snow, wind, sunny, cold, hot, humid or any other ones that you can come up with. I've included a picture so you can see what I mean.

Snow! | Source

Do you have a storm chaser on your hands?

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    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 

      4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Nope. But you featured interesting items here.The Capsela No. 90 Weather Station looks really cool!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great stuff! I love storms.

    • TonyR2012 profile image


      5 years ago

      I have loved watching storms since I was a little kid. Still to this day I enjoy the smells and feelings in the air of a storm blowing in. Great lens with some wonderful ideas to teach your kids about the weather!


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