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Biomass Boilers

Updated on June 27, 2020
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I always thought about what could have been a good way to reduce carbon emissions. And searching online I found a perfect one.

What is a biomass boiler? How does it works?

A biomass boiler works by consuming natural matter and yielding subsequent warmth for use in warming frameworks. Wood pellets, chips, logs, or other organic materials are taken care of – consequently, semi-naturally, or by hand into a burning chamber where they are lit. The hot gas and air delivered by this procedure travel through a vent, and are then gone through a warmth exchanger, which moves the warmth to the water utilized in the property's focal warming framework. The framework doesn't warm only the sink. If in a good position it can warm pools and heaters. The heater requires a nice measure of room.

Benefits on the planet

Biomass is considered a renewable source of energy because it can be obtained relatively quickly by replacing or growing new plants or trees. A similar measure of carbon dioxide that is discharged by the copying procedure is later re-consumed by developing plants. It supplies us with vitality, however it likewise assists with the removal of wood and other materials' waste. Biomass boilers are amazingly productive. On account of present-day innovation and new plans, you can anticipate that your new biomass heater should work at 90% effectiveness. This leaves ordinary boilers and electric warming frameworks in the residue. As of now, we have a gaseous petrol warming framework. At the point when flammable gas consumes, carbon dioxide, monoxide, and other carbon mixes are transmitted in the air adding to the greenhouse effect.


Wood pellets, chips, logs are the most used burning materials. Wood Pellet fuels are biofuels made with organic material or biomass. Pellets can be obtained from industrial waste, food waste, agricultural residues, energy crops, and timber. They are most often made from wood. Wood chips instead are pieces of wood formed by cutting bigger pieces of wood such as trees. Lastly, logs are the piece of tree, usually long like a trunk, in fact, it can take up a truck. Wood pellets and chips would probably be the best ones and the simplest to put into the biomass boiler. In either of the case, you will need a holder where the truck can leave both of the material or where you can put them in. Behind you can find the costs of the different materials. The table below comes from an American website, depending on where you live your price may change and also your resources. The table below also compares the money you would spend on electricity, heating oil, and natural gas between the healthier for the planet from which wood chips and wood pellets.


A biomass boiler costs around 15.000 to 19.000 dollars depending on which boiler you want to buy. A bigger boiler needs bigger spaces and is more useful in bigger areas, like a school or a monument. While the smaller ones are useless in bigger spaces because it would just mean more money and less production. Use the smaller boiler in your house for example.

Personal feedback

I didn't try this machine personally but I feel like more people are going to use more we are going to delete footprint from our planet. I think that one of the best points of this special machine is that; by producing double the carbon dioxide that the machine needs, it also delete it before it comes out. The carbon dioxide gets trap into the machine, so it doesn't pollute the planet. For sure this one is not the purpose of the machine but it's great. Other benefits are that if you are in a big building you will need to buy a big one that heats and cool everything. It is way even better to buy a big one because if you buy a smaller one you will need to spend more for less production. I encourage you to speak with a specialist in biomass before trying it and buying it.

Where to buy it...?

There is so much place where you can buy it. It can be both online or in specific stores. You just need to type something like a biomass boiler store and you will find it.


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