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What is Your Destiny? How Can You Find Happiness?

Updated on December 30, 2014

The Answers You Need

There is a destiny previously traced for you because you live in order to be transformed.

This is a scientific truth discovered by Carl Jung and clarified by me, who continued his research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation.

This is also a scientific truth confirmed by the biologist and behaviorist Konrad Lorenz, and by various biologists. Many behavioral programs predetermine the animal and the human behavior.

Nothing happens without preparation and organization in our nature. This a priori organization, in other words, this organization already existent in the functioning of the nature of our planet and on the functioning of our body, already proves that there is a destiny for the human life.

Whatever is organized has a purpose. Only what is the result of chance has no intentional actions and reactions. The perfect organization of the nature of our planet proves that there is a purpose for the preparation of our nature according to specific rules.

When you study the characteristics of your reality based on the characteristics you have inherited in your personality you can understand many things about our destiny. The same way, you can understand your destiny when you analyze our physical health.

The organization observed in the animal and vegetable life in our planet fits with the organization of our psychological system according to the eight psychological types discovered by Carl Jung.

Our destiny is basically predetermined by the characteristics we inherit into our brain and psyche.

You can discover your destiny and eliminate its negative side by following the wise guidance of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams. The unconscious mind helps you develop all your psychological functions and become more intelligent.

You'll stop being a slave of your psychological type. You'll have the chance to build a unique personality.

You will learn how to change your destiny and find happiness in life thanks to the unconscious sanctity. Sanctity and wisdom are synonyms.

This means that you'll learn how to be wise. A wise person doesn't make costly mistakes that cause suffering.

The wise unconscious mind will help you attain wisdom and find authentic happiness in life for having always a wise attitude. This means that your behavior will always be perfect, in all circumstances.

Your perfection will be based on goodness.

You'll find happiness in life because your existence will give happiness to the world. The unconscious mind will transform you into a superior human being.


How to Avoid a Tragic Destiny

Many Similar Life Biographies

I always observed the life biographies of those who lived around me.

My observations helped me understand that there was a certain repetition of facts and events in a person's life based on various reasons.

However, nothing was scientifically proven.

Fortunately, I learned how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and I entered into contact with the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. The unconscious wisdom puts an end to all doubts, giving us explanations for all unexplained phenomena.

Now I understand the scientific explanations existent behind all life stories.

I noticed that many people had a destiny similar to the destiny of their parents. I had a neighbor who got married to a man who was quite younger than her. She suffered very much because of this marriage. Later, I learned that her mother was also many years older than her father. She shouldn't repeat her parents' mistake.

Of course, this was a mistake in her case. Other couples can find happiness besides the difference of ages. This is not a rule. This was the specific case of this neighbor.

By translating the meaning of dreams and continuing Carl Jung's research, I understood that the example of our parents helps us avoid repeating their mistakes. This was the answer I had to find in order to avoid falling into a trap, even though I had made many mistakes.

I already was in a terrible situation when I learned how to accurately translate the meaning of dreams.

Everything could be even worse for me because I was neurotic. I needed urgent psychotherapy.

Without a treatment, I would surely make worse mistakes in life, and become schizophrenic like my father in the end.

I saw a repetition in my destiny when I had to abandon my country, the same way that my mother had to abandon her country.

She got married to a schizophrenic man who was 20 years older than her and who pretended to love her in the beginning. Then, she traveled with him from Greece to Brazil.

At that time everyone believed that it was very easy to make money in Brazil (1958). She suffered very much as a victim of my father's absurdity. I helped her have a divorce and find peace when I became 14-years-old.

My father didn't forgive me because I gave my support to my mother. He was a monster to everyone, but an excellent father for me. I was the only person he loved in his life.

My facial characteristics were exactly like his. Everyone could understand that I was his daughter. He believed that I should give him my support, but I condemned his absurdity and his selfishness. He didn't forgive me, and I left my country.

Even though I loved Brazil, in the end I had to abandon my country (like my mother had to abandon her country for different reasons) because of the dangers we had to face in the streets of Sao Paulo, where I was born and I where I lived until 1978 (when I was 17-years-old).

My parents had a store in Sao Paulo and a big sewing factory in Americana, a city near Sao Paulo. However, when they got divorced we lost everything because my father kept everything for himself and he didn't give anything to me and to my mother. He was a monster.

So, I had to begin a new life with my mother and learn how to live like everyone else, with many restrictions. When I was a child I was a real princess. My father would buy for me everything I could desire and a lot more. I used to give many of my new toys to the poor because I had too many toys and my parents kept buying me more toys, even though I rarely cared about asking them to buy a certain toy for me. I cared only about buying notebooks, pens, pencils, and art material.

I was a spoiled child, but I had to change and become a mature woman when my parents separated. I lost all my privileges.

I got married to a Greek man. My husband had a small factory (that produced objects of polystyrene for fragile objects and for decoration, in Athens) and I started working with him. Even though I never had the intention to work in a factory like my parents, and even though the merchandise of the factory that my husband and I had was different from the merchandise of my parents' business, the repetition of their destiny in my destiny was quite visible.

In the end, even though I was a writer and I never had the intention to work in my parents' business, I worked in a small factory with my husband in Greece. I lost the Portuguese language. My literary talent didn't work so well in the complicated Greek language that I didn't know like the Portuguese language. This was a big loss. Another big loss in my life. I also lost my adored Brazilian friends and everything that my adored country gave me. I missed Brazil very much, but at the same time I was afraid of the life in Sao Paulo. Too many crimes transformed my city into a living hell.

Greece was a peaceful country and it was in a very good financial situation in 1980, when I decided to live in Athens. I had many Greek relatives who insisted on trying to make my mother and I decide to live in Greece. I understood that my mother and I were not protected by anyone in the dangerous Sao Paulo, while in the peaceful Athens we had many relatives. So, it was better for me to live in Greece.

I lost my father's protection, and I lost his money. I also lost the beautiful Portuguese language, the best language of this world, and with it, my adored literary talent. I lost my friends and everything was very difficult in a foreign country. I knew Greek, but my knowledge was limited. I had to learn many things, and everyone treated me as if I was a foreigner. I didn't feel that I was in 'my place'. I felt like a foreigner, and this was true.

Only because my family was Greek, this didn't mean that I was not a foreigner in Greece.

I was 100% Brazilian. My mindset was Brazilian. I had a Brazilian personality. My knowledge was Latin American.

However, I had to get adapted to the European mindset and to all the traditions of Greece, a very old country.

When I got pregnant I went to an island on summer time, with one of my friends, who was many years older than me. She was basically a family friend. My husband would arrive there only on the weekend. I remember that at that time (1984) everyone was talking about a certain book entitled 'Birds Die Singing'. There was also a movie about the story of this book at that time. I read this romance when I was in Crete with this friend.

It was about a woman who had the same sad destiny that her mother did. The sad story I read in this book was a true story, which had really happened with a certain family. This story remained in my memory forever.

Christina Sponias


How to Be Extremely Successful in Life

I'm curing many people through dream therapy into practice since 1990, after continuing Carl Jung's research and discovering how to prevent or cure any mental illness by obeying the divine guidance in dreams. My work relates science to religion, giving you all the answers you need.

Nobody knows how to be successful in life before living. If everybody knew the basic aspects they must pay attention to, they would be able to avoid suffering.

I decided to write an ebook with basic life lessons to help everyone learn how to find happiness in life and achieve their goals based on the unconscious guidance to all dreamers.

My clear and simple lessons help you put the unconscious guidance into practice.

After reading this ebook you will know what to do in order to surely be successful in life, even if you are afraid that this is not possible for you.

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If you have no time to study and learn how to immediately translate the meaning of your dreams by yourself, I can translate your dreams for you. Later you'll study dream translation and learn it because it is not difficult after you learn my simplification.

Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday to find immediate help and support in the dream messages.

You'll easily understand what is happening to you and what you have to do thanks to the unconscious guidance in your own dreams.

Later you will study the meaning of dreams with enthusiasm. After my professional translations you will have proof that the meaning of your dreams is very important and really works like free psychotherapy.

Professional Dream Translation

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Your Parents
Your Parents

Why is Your Destiny Similar to Your Parents' Destiny?

I didn't want to have the same sad destiny of my mother. I got married with a man who seemed to be a good person exactly because I was afraid to marry a man who could be evil and absurd like my father, even though I didn't really love my husband. He tried to convince me to have a relationship with him and marry him. He was so insistent that in the end I accepted to. This was one of the worst mistakes I made in my life.

When I became 27-years-old (and my son was only 3-years-old), I met a man who was quite older than me. He could be my father, but he was very handsome.

I didn't believe in love at first sight, but this was what happened to me and to him, as he clearly showed me. However, I was married to another man, and he was married to another woman. He had children that were my age. He was my husband's best customer.

Fortunately, I was translating the meaning of my dreams at that challenging period of time.

The unconscious mind showed me that this old man was absurd like my father. If I would get involved with him, I would have the same tragic destiny of my mother. This man already was schizophrenic.

I had many warnings in dreams.

I could avoid a tragic destiny because I obeyed the unconscious guidance, even though I loved this man. I accepted to remain far from him and I never met him again.

My mother didn't love my father, but the differences that exist in the destiny of our parents with our destiny are not really important. What really matters is that we always suffer if we repeat your parents' mistakes.

On the other hand, even though I loved the old man I met when I was already married, I got married to a man that I didn't love, the same way that my mother got married to a man she didn't love. My husband was only 6 years older than me. However, I fell in love with his customer, who was a generation older than me.

The similarities in my destiny with my mother's destiny were quite visible.

I could give you numerous examples of this fact. Many people see the destiny of their parents happening in their lives.

You have to be intelligent and pay attention to the lessons learned with the repetition of the mistakes made by previous generations. When your parents suffer in life this means that you have to pay attention to their bad example, so that you may avoid repeating their mistakes.

This is an important lesson that will help you avoid a tragic destiny before making mistakes that will ruin your life. However, only this lesson is not enough. You still need the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

You must learn how to proceed when you'll have to face many unexpected dangers.

Without the unconscious guidance I wouldn't be able to avoid a tragic destiny because I was in love. I didn't want to pay attention to all the dangers that I could see.

The unconscious mind showed me more dangers, helping me avoid each one.

I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance because I was very afraid to suffer like my mother, and especially because I didn't want to become schizophrenic like my father.

You should pay attention to my example, and find salvation by obeying the divine unconscious mind like me. My example is only another one among numerous others.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at:

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Psychological Types and Their Neuroses

All psychological types that characterize the human behavior are absurd because they are one-sided. Each psychological type works based on only one completely developed psychological function, and on another one, which is half-developed. However, we have four psychological functions. We should use all our psychological functions in order to find balance.

Our psychological functions are based on:

1. Thoughts

2. Feelings

3. Sensations

4. Intuition

If you belong to a rational psychological type, you are unable to pay attention to our feelings.

If you belong to a psychological type based on sensations, you will constantly pursue material pleasure in life, without paying attention to our intuition.

Each psychological type makes many mistakes.

By analyzing many life biographies and by relating each one's life story with their psychological type, I could discover that everyone has a destiny that will help them develop the psychological functions that are in a dormant condition in their psyche.

This factor predetermines everyone's destiny.

For example, those who belong to a psychological type based on feelings have a destiny that will help them learn how to think logically instead of always acting based on their feelings. Therefore, they will face life situations that will demand from them seriousness and logical reactions before various dangers.

Those who belong to a psychological type based on intuition will have life experiences that will help them pay attention to their material and present reality. They must learn how to give importance to the way they feel instead of pursuing new opportunities based on what they can guess about their reality.

Each person has a destiny based on their necessities. Everyone must evolve by acquiring total consciousness through dream translation.

If you want to guarantee a positive destiny for you, you must completely develop all your psychological functions.

This is how you'll learn how to pay attention to all the components of your reality.

You'll stop being one-sided and become open-minded.

You should discover your psychological type by studying my lessons, since I continued Carl Jung's research, discovering a lot more about the absurdity that characterizes each psychological type.

You will be able to prevent neurosis, and find balance.

What is Neurosis?

Neurosis is the beginning of the destruction of your human conscience by the wild side of your conscience (anti-conscience).

This danger is always threatening your mental stability.

You have inherited absurdity into the biggest part of your brain.

You may be able to control your mind and behavior, but nobody knows for how long you will be able to do so.

Many unexpected situations, facts, and conditions may oblige you to face unexpected problems that you won't be able to solve.

Pay attention to my example. I was a spoiled child, when I suddenly lost everything. You never know what could happen to you.

This is why you have to completely eliminate your anti-conscience through dream translation before becoming neurotic.

If you already are neurotic, dream therapy will help you eliminate your neurosis and find sound mental health.

Neurosis Treatment


Your Attitude

Your attitude in life can be introverted or extroverted.

Introverted psychological types always relate everything to their personal opinion. They don't pay attention to the common sense.

Extroverted psychological types always follow the mindset of the world. They don't have a personal opinion about anything.

Both psychological types are incompatible. This means that if you belong to an introverted psychological type, you won't be happy with an extroverted psychological type. You'll always have different opinions and different preferences. Thus, if you want to avoid having a sad destiny, you must marry someone who has the same attitude you have in life.

However, if you'll keep being one-sided you won't find happiness in life. You must learn how to be as introverted as extroverted. Your opinion is as important as the common sense.


The Extroverted Psychological Types

Each psychological type is either extroverted or introverted. Each psychological type also has one psychological function well developed, and another psychological function half-developed.

Their second psychological function cannot be the opposite of the most developed one in their psyche.

There are four extroverted psychological types based on:

* Thoughts

* Feelings

* Sensations

* Intuition

The extroverted psychological types based on thoughts are absolutists. They blindly defend the global opinion.

The extroverted psychological types based on feelings are ridiculous slaves of their feelings. They are unable to think logically.

The extroverted psychological types based on sensations are immoral and false. They are extremely materialistic and selfish.

The extroverted psychological types based on intuition are always trying to guess what will happen in the future. They abandon old projects in order to pursue new ideas all the time.

The neuroses of each extroverted psychological type reflect the influence of their anti-conscience.

The psychological functions that are not working in their conscience start suddenly working there due to the invasion of the absurd content that belongs to their anti-conscience.

They start having strange fears and suspicions.

They believe that they have a physical disease that cannot be cured, or they become easy victims of other people's manipulation.

The Introverted Psychological Types

The introverted psychological types live in their own world, without paying attention to the characteristics of the outside world. They care too much about their own opinion. This is why they are the worst victims of craziness. There are introverted psychological types based on:

* Thoughts

* Feelings

* Sensations

* Intuition

Introverted psychological types based on thoughts are eternal admirers of their own ideas. They are anti-social and unable to make friends.

Introverted psychological types based on feelings are enigmatic. Everyone around them becomes a slave of their exaggerated protection.

Introverted psychological types based on sensations live in a world created by their imagination. They pay attention to their impressions, without really examining the outside world.

Introverted psychological types based on intuition are incomprehensible. They cannot get adjusted to the external conditions of their reality.

Introverted psychological types then to become mentally ill in their adult life because they are easily influenced by their anti-conscience, since they are always relating everything to their own opinion. They don't want to learn what is happening in the real world.

This is why introverted psychological types become victims of the craziness imposed by their anti-conscience faster than extroverted psychological types.

Extroverted psychological types tend to justify everything with material explanations. For example, they believe that someone is depressed only because of the weather conditions. They don't look for hidden mysteries like introverted psychological types do. This is why they don't become neurotic as fast as the introverted psychological types.

The neuroses of the introverted psychological types are characterized by abnormal behavior and violent reactions. They are easily controlled by the violent tendencies of their anti-conscience.

Why You Must Prevent Craziness -

When I published my ebook Craziness Prevention online in 2007, many people told me that nobody would care about preventing craziness. This happens because most people ignore the fact that they have inherited craziness into the biggest part of their brain.

I discovered this tragic truth after continuing Carl Jung's research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation.

I also related various scientific discoveries from many different fields to Jung's discoveries.

I learned how to completely eliminate the roots of craziness from the human brain after fighting schizophrenia without losing my mind. In order to do so, I had to precisely obey the unconscious guidance. My heroic battle protects you and your family from all mental illnesses even before you'll have psychological problems.

Your anti-conscience is schizophrenic. It is a cruel killer like a shark, with the difference that it can think and prepare many logical traps for your ignorant and one-sided conscience. It generates horrible mental illnesses within your human conscience if you'll pay attention to its absurd suggestions. They appeared camouflaged as 'smart' ideas. You must be very serious in order to identify the sneaky intervention of your wild conscience into your conscience.

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me will protect you from your terrible anti-conscience by showing you all the dangers that you cannot see. You will prevent craziness, despair, suffering, regret, and many other misfortunes. This is not a supposition. The unconscious protection and the miraculous effect of the unconscious guidance were already verified numerous times.

You can absolutely trust the unconscious guidance in your dreams because the unconscious mind is in fact God's mind. You are protected by the divine sanctity.

You'll learn how to become a wise human being by acquiring total consciousness through dream translation.

Even if you believe that you are a balanced person, this is only an impression.

Nobody is really balanced on Earth, since almost everyone is constantly (or permanently) controlled by their wild conscience. The only exceptions to this rule are the saints of the human history, and those who have acquired total consciousness through dream translation.

Everybody else needs urgent psychotherapy. This was a tragic discovery, but it represents the end of craziness, terror, and despair on Earth. Now that we know that we are basically absurd and that we receive free and safe psychotherapy from God in our own dreams we can finally find salvation. For so long we ignored the truth, believing that human beings were superior creatures.

You saw from the short descriptions I gave you about the extroverted and the introverted psychological types that all them make many mistakes. The human absurdity is a fact. (These psychological types were discovered by Carl Jung. I simply summarized his long descriptions, showing you the basic characteristics of each psychological type.)

You must escape the tragic destiny of the biggest part of our population, which lives tortured by horrible mental disorders. Dream therapy according to the scientific method is an alternative that will surely help you eliminate the absurdity you have inherited in your brain and find peace.

Your doctor is the divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams in order to protect you from your wild nature.

How to Find Happiness

When you'll analyze all the components of your personality and you'll follow the unconscious guidance, you will learn how to surely find happiness in life.

If you repeat your parents' mistakes or if you are a slave of your psychological type, you cannot have a happy life.

You'll obviously have a sad destiny.

You can choose a positive destiny for your life if you'll accept obeying the unconscious guidance.

You'll have to change your behavior. You'll have to stop laughing at your mistakes. You'll have to stop giving excuses for your faults.

You must have a serious attitude if you want to fight craziness and evolve.

Your destiny depends on your wisdom.

Our planet was specially created in order to help us evolve. We must eliminate our wild nature through consciousness and become sensitive human beings. There are many laws controlling the functioning of our world because there is always a purpose for our lives on Earth.

One of these laws is the law of reciprocity, which I could discover after continuing Carl Jung's research about the phenomenon of synchronicity (a strange and meaningful coincidence).

Whatever you do to others comes back to you. If you'll betray someone, someone will betray you too. This fact may happen many years later, but someday you will be betrayed too.

The long time that separates the punishment for your actions doesn't let you understand that you are suffering because you provoked suffering to someone else in the past. However, this period of time is necessary because you have to regret having done what you did. You are punished in order to be transformed.

God doesn't want to merely punish you like violent human beings do. God wants to see you regretting having done what you did when you will become someone else's victim, the same way that someone else was the victim of your wickedness in the past.

Therefore, be very careful and never do to others what you don't want to see anyone doing against you. Everything you do to others comes back to you in a way or another.

You may delay to be punished for your sins. However, you live in order to be transformed. Someday you will have to face the consequences of your mistakes.

You live in order to transform the satanic monster you come from into a wise, peaceful, calm, intelligent, and sensitive human being. Your destiny will be good if you'll be honest and if you'll obey the saintly unconscious guidance in your dreams and in your religion.

Since God exists and He sends us protective messages in dreams like a psychotherapist, this means that your religion is as important as the scientific knowledge I'm giving you about your mental health.

The divine unconscious mind is more than just a natural doctor.

Have you ever thought about your spiritual life?

Do you believe that you are merely made by flesh and bones?

Do you believe that you will become an inexistent nothing after death?

Do you believe that there is real meaning in the human life?

You are ignorant and indifferent. However, since God exists and everything you have learned in the religious lessons you had when you were a child are true, this means that you have a spirit.

This means that the importance of your destiny surpasses the limited period of time during which you'll be alive on Earth, like an animal. Your destiny continues after your death. You won't become an inexistent nothing when you'll die.

The same way that there was a long preparation for your life before you were born, there is also a continuation when you'll abandon your body, after your death.

Your life on Earth is very important and you must pay attention to what you do. You don't live in order to have a good time whenever you can. You live in order to completely eliminate the evilness and the absurdity you have inherited into the biggest part of your brain.

Your destiny on Earth is not everything you should care about. You should care about guaranteeing peace and happiness to your spirit by transforming your personality during your life. You have to learn how to be good and how to show compassion to everyone. Goodness and humbleness will give you eternal peace of mind and happiness. You will always be wise, and always feel glad with yourself.

This is how your long and unknown destiny will surely be good. If you will be perfect, your road will be perfect too.

Dream Power Collection



The Planet Earth

Coincidences and Combinations

The sea in dreams represents craziness. If we will relate this information to the fact that the oceans prevail on Earth, we will understand that our planet reflects our mental stability. The analogy is the same: we have inherited craziness into the biggest part of our brain the same way that Earth has many oceans, which occupy the biggest part of our planet.

There are many similar analogies that clearly reveal that there is a combination of factors everywhere, and nothing happens by chance.

The mindset of the absurd modern civilization is materialistic and atheistic. However, Carl Jung's discoveries about the meaning of dreams, and my discoveries about the content of the human brain are gradually eliminating the false concepts that prevail in our historical time.

The impression that your life doesn't have a specific purpose and that you are free to do whatever you may desire is a result of the global ignorance.

Your life on Earth is an arduous battle.

Don't waste your time making costly mistakes. You have to pass through an important process of transformation.

Your life on Earth is very important for your destiny in general terms.

You should follow the unconscious guidance and learn how to guarantee a good destiny for you not only on Earth, but also when you'll abandon this planet.

The information I'm giving you is not based on my suppositions but on divine revelations contained in dreams.

Christina Sponias


Do you believe in a destiny previously traced for you?

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