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What It Means To Be Unique

Updated on May 16, 2013

My Definition of Unique

To me, unique is standing out of the crowd, doing something completely different, or doing great things in life. Everyone is unique based on birth, characteristics, look, mentality, strength, and other factors that shape who we are today. Everyone is unique in their own way, and I want to share what it means to me to be unique.

Being Unique Online

Attack a topic or make money through a method that no one else has even tried or thought of. Being online at a young age is rare as well, and some YouTubers who make over $150,000 a month are definitely unique and hard to find. Talk about what interests you and stay with your topic as many times as you can to find yourself unique online.

We Are All Unique

Zebras are mammals that always have a different pattern of stripes, and no two patterns are the same. That is what makes us unique as well, and we all have different emotions, strengths, and weaknesses that make us all who we are.

What Does It Mean To Be Unique? - I Want To Hear Your Opinions

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      inspirationz 6 years ago

      .. this is quite a deep subject! I think we're all inherently unique because of our unique souls; no two are the same, and we're all at different stages of development and have different "missions" in life. But at the same time we are all one coz we all come from the same source.