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Roman Origins in Assyria

Updated on February 9, 2018

Start of The Roman Empire

For most it is enough to study Roman History and never question who the Romans actually were. If they were not indigenous to Italy then what was their original homeland and why do we never hear about it? The map shows the extent of the territory that became their empire and the coastal regions demonstrate that they were a sea-faring raiding group of nothing short of pirates, invaders and murderers.

The map takes in all of ancient Assyria and that is where their origin lies. They overthrew the government of all countries, including Egypt and, of course, they took their religion and their gods with them.

They originated in Babylon and the Mother God was their sun-star which they observed at the peak of mountains and on their ziggurats. Her name was 'Mari' or 'Mary' in modern English. It means 'mother's powerful eye' and it was this that fascinated her followers. My interest in their origin began with the message CONSTANTINE IS 666 that stood up in the air before my face and then my commission to search for the origin of the cross. That took me to their roots and to the perpetually moving circles of light central to which is the right angled cross on which men died to resurrect with and mate with the sun.

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Statue of Constantine at York Minster
Statue of Constantine at York Minster

Truth About the Romans

Being spiritual and with a link to the Spirit of the Universe following my reincarnation and memory of my between life experience there were many commissions given to me. These include orders to remove the wall of churches, to bring back the young, take God off the cross, and restore the treasure that was stolen to the Children of Israel.

To complete these commands there was a huge learning curve and that started with the commissions. It happened immediately after being told to take God off the cross. So what did Constantine have to do with it? That sent me on a search that stretched right back to the beginning of language and religion.

Guided by the Spirit the words in the bible suddenly split open into individual parts which shows that each have meaning. Before long I was able to take any word and see the origin of it. It made things a lot simple to understand and made clear how the confused world operates and why there are so many false gods.

Religion hid the truth about the Romans to protect Christianity. The Spirit revealed everything.

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Sumerian Ziggurat
Sumerian Ziggurat

Tracing Roman Roots

My research gathered pace when I came across the Amors. They were also called Amorites and also Moors. They built the city of Babylon and their god of worship was the sun. They called it 'Mother's powerful eye' and the religion associated with it was Zoro Aster or 'morning star'.

One of the gods from this religion was 'Tammuz' which reversed if 'Summit' for the peak of the hill. It was here that ziggurats were built and on their peak was the sun star that shone through the hoop at the top. The vision given to me showed a large group of people gathered on the peak and staring towards a holed stone held aloft by a prop at dawn. As the sun rose its rays passed through the hole and dispersed into the beautiful rainbow colored rings of magic. Central to it was the right-angled cross.

Later I took a piece of cardboard and reproduced the image but only in the early morning light was the right-angled cross visible. Later in the day it was the six armed cross. 'Ziggurat' is a modern version of what was more likely 'Z-i-g-or-i-t' with the translation of 'light's eye god-sun's eye with cross'. This was the most sacred sign of all and symbols from it, such as the cross, the swastika, and so forth remain today as religious icons. One can see from the image where the idea for pyramids came from.

The term 'A-m-or' means 'powerful mother sun'. The next capital city the Amors built after Babylon was Mari, the ruins of which are found 11 miles north west of Abu Kamal in Syria. They raided neigboring countries like Egypt taking whatever they wanting, killing thousands and enslaving women and children.

Their last Capital is 'Roma', the reverse of which is 'Amor'. Their raiding sprees continued as they went out into the countries surrounding Italy and conquered them. They were skilled seamen and no area around the Mediterranean escaped their invasion. Everywhere they went they took their sun god with them and Mary was elevated to the heights as the religion of her worship took roots.

From Deceit Came the Religion of Constantine

Constantine was as violent, deceitful, power hungry and murderous as any of his predecessors. He believed he was the son of Apollo, another version of the sun god. His religion was Islamic, the same as that of Babylon. He murdered and connived his way to sole rule and then had a problem. How to control everyone in it was something he had apparently contemplated for a long time because his solution did not come about overnight but required a great deal of thought..

After his defeat of Licinius, the last of his brother-in-laws murdered along with his entire family and army, his only rival was his eldest son Crispus whom he had elevated to a Caesar for that purpose. He quickly disposed of him through a charge f treason and his army carried out the deed. This followed the murder of the boys mother in a hot bath.

A few months later he called together the Council of Nicaea, which comprised sun worshiping priests and bishops from around the empire. He used it to formulate the Roman Catholic Church and the prophet, Jesus Christ, whom he invented. He put the Mother God, Mary, in it as its Mother of God and then built the Vatican over the temple to Jupiter (i-Pita in Italian). His mother, Helena, then supposedly discovered the sites of Christ's birth, death and burial so he built churches over these places to cement the religion in history.

The cover up by his cohorts and the church itself included wiping out as much of the documentation concerning this deed as possible and even covering over the Roman roots in Babylon and the Islamic religion. To add more credibility the later cohorts in the conspiracy added to greatly to the deceit. Jerome was commissioned by Damasus, the then Bishop of Rome, to produce a text and to enhance the church with laws and things.

In his letters and diaries Jerome notes how he took writings from around the empire and decided on what would make good stories for the New Testament. He also took the laws, festivals, costumes, order of mass, and calendar from the Imperial Roman Religion for it. The Book of Matthew is taken from the story of Krishna and contains the laws that were unknown before his time.

Revelation 13:13-18 notes that Constantine invented Jesus Christ and forced everyone to worship it or be killed. He also took control of commerce and no one can buy or sell without his name being shown. Revelation 17 described the image of Mary as Babylon the Great and states that the woman is a city that sits on 7 hills. Rome sits on seven hills as did Mari.

Ezekiel 22:26,27 exposes the conspiracy that robbed the children of Israel and sent them into a prison of lies. The priests and prophets are liars, according to this prophecy. They exist on the basis that there is a heaven and hell and other things that simply do not exist.

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The Roman Roots are in Assyria

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