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Where the Real Control Lies

Updated on June 19, 2015

real control

we never learn from the daily unlimited gadgets, vehicles, their structure and how they built, every thing is engineered, designed, and fashioned for a peculiar task, e.g our own body is a finest example of Gods engineering, our skeleton is best structured for movement and is perfect example of his engineering. so to create some thing we always need a design and structure, and if it provides our required results, then it is successful. today i observed the control of a bus in depth. the full buss/vehicle no matter how large it is, only controlled by only a pressure of a foot by driver, and the drivers leg muscles are controlled by his nerve cells, and his nerve cells are controlled by coordinated brain, but the ultimate question remains that who controls the brain, so most of us say and believe that it is controlled by God. but we don't know the real mechanism of this process. but in concluding from above we say that we control very large machinery from only our 1.5 kg brain, and which is ultimately controlled by our God.


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