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Who Are The Baby Boomers

Updated on March 22, 2015

Baby Boomers Are Those Born After World War II

It is just a fact of life that we get older.

We are born, we live and then we pass on so that new generations can make their mark on the world. Nature and the environment keeps populations in check through various means but occasionally human nature creeps in and the world experiences a population boom.

These population explosions happen. The most recent big population expansion occurred after World War II.

Perhaps it was the fact that a major world war had just ended and soldiers returning home to their loved ones wanted to celebrate life in the face of all the death they had seen. That post war baby explosion is known by the term "baby boomers."

These boomers have had a great impact on society and will continue to do so until they pass on to make way for other generations. If you are not familiar with baby boomers, this lens is for you.

Baby Boomers
Baby Boomers

Who Are The Baby Boomers?

Baby boomers are a group of people that were born during certain years.

People most commonly refer to the spike in baby births in the years directly after World War II.

If you were born during the years 1946 to 1964 then you are considered a member of the baby boom generation. There are lots of theories as to why so many children were born during these years.

It may be that the returning soldiers from the war were grateful to be reunited with their spouses and as a tribute to life, made life. It may be that the economy was improving so more couples felt that they could afford to raise a child.

There are many theories.

Each is right in its own way. It was not just the United States that had this boom in babies.

Canada, Australia and New Zealand had a phenomenal increase in births as well.

Boomer Bust?: Economic and Political Issues of the Graying Society (2 Volumes)
Boomer Bust?: Economic and Political Issues of the Graying Society (2 Volumes)

There are just on 80 million baby boomers about to retire in the United States alone. Will this cause a huge shift in society and huge increases in the cost of living.

This is a two volume set that covers all aspects of the baby boomer impact on society.

Population Growth
Population Growth

What is the estimated population of the baby boomers?

You might want to take a deep breath.

There were an estimated seventy-six million American children born during the years from 1946 to 1964.

With that many children born, there arose new issues that had to be faced.

America was not alone in its surging population. Other countries such as Canada and New Zealand were also facing a surge in the amount of children born. Seventy-six million new Americans is a phenomenal amount.

Granted, they were spaced out over the course of nearly twenty years but it still had deep economic impacts along with social impacts.

How do the baby boomers affect the economy
How do the baby boomers affect the economy

How do the baby boomers affect the economy?

The very first impact was on the healthcare system.

Hospitals were having more business and needed to expand. After that comes the years in which the baby boomers were growing up.

Schools had to expand their classrooms.

Parents had to increase their income and provide more room for the growing family.

The world and the parenting values were changing. Children were expected to strive for higher education. It was a prosperous time when families were enjoying more luxuries. New products were developed specifically for these children.

The economy had to change as these children grew up into adults. More people were entering the workforce and taking the places of people that were retiring.

What are the implications to you? - As the baby boomer generation retires the world as you know it is going to change.

These two books give you a complete insight into what effects and consequences there will be for the following generations.

Boomer or Bust: Your Financial Guide to Retirement, Health Care, Medicare, and Long-Term Care
Boomer or Bust: Your Financial Guide to Retirement, Health Care, Medicare, and Long-Term Care

This book will give you the information you need to survive the many cahnges that will occur in our society once the baby boomers start to retire and place a heavy strain on not only the medical system but the financial markets as well.


Do the baby boomers have their own cultural identity?

Without a doubt the baby boomers have their own cultural identity.

These are the people who protested the Vietnam War, ushered in new laws and amendments that changed how the world worked.

They saw the rise of Elvis, the Beatles and Woodstock.

The baby boom generation gave the world Rock and Roll. This generation saw a president assassinated, the Watergate scandal, and the civil rights movement.

Their cultural identity has shaped how future generations were allowed to express themselves and they still continue to shape the world even today.

More Resources To Help You Understand The Impact Baby Boomers Will have In Your Generation

Baby Boomers Bucket List: The Ultimate "Things To Do Before You Die" Guide
Baby Boomers Bucket List: The Ultimate "Things To Do Before You Die" Guide

A Really easy to follow book on the things you should do before you die. This is a great book just like the movie Bucket List.


Why is the baby boomer generation split into two groups?

The baby boomer generation is generally split into two groups based on the years that they were born.

The first group is identified as being born between the years 19446 to 1954.

The second group is from 1955 to 1964. There is some debate as to whether or not the second group is actually part of the baby boomers. Many experts have labeled them as the Generation Jones or as being part of the Generation X group.

Generation Ageless: How Baby Boomers Are Changing the Way We Live Today . . . And They're Just Getting Started
Generation Ageless: How Baby Boomers Are Changing the Way We Live Today . . . And They're Just Getting Started

The impact that the baby boomers have had and will have on every other generation.

Key Events For Baby Boomers
Key Events For Baby Boomers

What are some of the key events in the lives of the baby boomers?

The baby boomers have seen more events happen that have significant historic importance than any group has so far to date.

They have witnessed a man launched into space and even walking on the moon.

They have seen the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

They have seen huge advances in technology such as microwaves, colored televisions and the internet.

This group of individuals has been responsible for major social reform such as the woman's movement and civil rights.

They saw the rise and fall of one of the greatest men alive, Martin Luther King Jr. and have been a part of it all.

Bridging the Generation Gap
Bridging the Generation Gap

A fantastic book for managers that have the task of working with the different generations and how to effectively manage the workplace.


What is Generation X in relation to the baby boomers?

Generation X is considered to be the children of the baby boomers.

Some experts believe that some members of the baby boom generation are in fact part of Generation X.

Generation X members are considered to have been born between the years of 1965 to 1981. Depending on who you ask, the years may vary.

Why are younger generations always compared to the baby boomers?

It has always been natural to compare the current or future generation with previous generations. In the comparison between the baby boomers and Generation X or Generation Y, there has been a huge amount of expectation.

The baby boom generation saw a huge amount of change. They affected people on a global scale. Significant human rights were awarded to people that had previously been subjugated.

They have made huge advances in education, healthcare and technology.

If you measure Generation X against these huge discoveries, it is little wonder why Gen X'ers have often been labeled as "slackers."

Prime Time: How Baby Boomers Will Revolutionize Retirement And Transform America
Prime Time: How Baby Boomers Will Revolutionize Retirement And Transform America

This book places a completely different aspect on the baby boomers and how for anyone with the knowledge can find and take advantage of huge opportunities.

Financial Strain
Financial Strain

What happens as the baby boomers age?

The question of aging baby boomers has weighed heavily on the minds of everyone.

Many predictions have been made and some are going to inevitably come true.

As the baby boomer gets older, he or she will have rising healthcare needs. He or she will retire and leave gaps in the workplace that may or may not be able to be filled.

The economy will slow down. These things are inevitable. It will have to be the younger generations that take care of the economy, the work force and the aging seniors.

Will healthcare systems and Medicare systems in the United States be able to handle the strain of the baby boomer generation?

As more and more baby boomers become older, there is a tax on the healthcare system and the Medicare system. Yes, many have retirement plans in place but with today's economy nothing is for sure.

Many younger generations worry that by the time Social Security takes care of the boomers, there will be nothing left for them to retire on. It is a social dilemma that will take reform and will affect everyone.

Baby Boomer Bust?: How the Generation of Promise Became the Generation of Panic
Baby Boomer Bust?: How the Generation of Promise Became the Generation of Panic

Understand how the GFC greatly impacted on the baby boomer generation that was once referred to as the generation of promise but now it is becoming more like the generation of panic.


Is this a good thing or bad, baby boomers are now living much longer than any other generation before. What will be the implications to you and the health and financial markets around the world.

Are You A Baby Boomer? - What are you thoughts about where we are heading?

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    • webcat profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Australia

      @jim bruce guita: Hi Jim

      I am with you I was born in 65 but i believe regardless of what we are all going through now our kids, mine are 13 and 11 right now are going to see some really tough times.

    • jim bruce guita profile image

      jim bruce guita 

      5 years ago

      I was born in 1950, so I'm in! (Wearing a little at the edges now) - thanks for the lens. My opinion is we are in for a rough time in old age, but nothing compared to what our kids will go through.


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