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Why Jose Rizal joined the FreeMasons? - Facts

Updated on September 16, 2011

Rizal and the Masonry

It has been debated in many schools in the Philippines for many years about the involvement of Jose Rizal to Masonry and his retraction issues with the Catholic Religion. Jose Rizal was considered as the most intellectual activist of his time, he had mastered several languages and different fields of sciences. He was a sort of reformist who believes that wisdom is the key to achieve freedom for the country. He had discouraged revolution and promote education instead. As a true evidence to his devotion to wisdom he joined the organization that promotes wisdom -- The Masonry.

The Facts and Issues

When his novel Noli Me Tangere, came off the press in Europe, Rizal sent copies to, among others, the Governor-General of the Philippines and the Archbishop of Manila. One proof that Jose Rizal was a Mason, was the Governor General namely Emilio Terrero y Perinat. The Governor-General was known as a 33° Mason and it was known to many that he protected Jose Rizal and discouraged him to return to the country.

On August 5, 1887, Jose Rizal returned to his motherland. When Rizal was in the country serious issues about his book emerged and they condemned the book and the hero. His colleague the Governor-General was making ways to make balance with the church and to save his brother from pressures from the church and the state, but their actions of condemning the book and the author, made Rizal famous and so with the hatred of the Filipinos to the Spaniards. Thus making Rizal a threat to the state. But the question is was Jose Rizal Involve in Mason? First we must know what is Mason? When it is originate and founded and who was the founder?

Mason is an organization, a fraternal organization that most highly respected. They teach to promote each other welfare and rejoice in each other's prosperity, giving a pure genuine hearts and feeling, friendliness to one another. They teach also about a better chance of living happily. If there are certain disasters, the fraternity is confidently giving their full support financially. Their Lodge will help the best as they could and if it is not enough their Grand Lodge will help to distress their brother. For an instance there is a widows needing assistance, all she need is called the secretary of the Lodge and automatically the brotherhood will do all to give the assistance. So the organization affords to give security of the mates departed brothers.

Mason (Masonry) Originates from our free historic time, from ancient times such as King Solomon, for constructing the temple to gather people. The history involves before and after the formation of the England's Grand Lodge in 1717. Their history is extremely well-documented and traceable through the hundreds of Grand Lodges created worldwide.

Jose Rizal's involvement started early 1890 and became a master Mason on November 15, 1890 in Logia Solidaridad 53 in Madrid. Jose Rizal's affiliation under the jurisdiction of Grand Orient of France was on October 14, 1891 and become an honorary Master of Nilad Lodge n0. 144 in 1892. His God given talent and geniality to every people surround him are absolutely amazing and powerful. He does everything to give welfare and peace to everyone that's what the true mason member should be….

"From the writings of Filipino historian, " Jose Rizal was not just a Mason, but the only one who was identified as a figure of the revolutionary movement to be called as an international Mason. It was based on his indulgence with various Masonic lodges in most European countries he visited."

Jose Rizal died a Freemason. According to them Rizal did not retracted his beliefs so he still has the the enmity of the Catholic Church who gave him too much pressure for his predicament. A conversation was recorded in Dapitan with Fr. Pastells and Fr. Sanchez. The Priests offered Rizal longer life and safety if he disregard his Masonic beliefs. But Rizal did not retract his Masonic stand and preferred death.

"Rizal supports spirituality but not religion. He wrote that religion divides people, spirituality unites them. He lived by Masonic teachings and this was what got him to be the Church's enemy no. 1. Rizal was buried without proper blessing from the Church, we has even buried without a marker. Rizal's mother had fought hard to the state and the church that his son can be buried in a decent cemetery with the Church blessings.

Key Masonic teachings our national hero lived by

1) freedom to search knowledge and share it in anyway you want

2) separation of Church and State

3) no to oppression of the individual's drive to excellence

4) freedom and tolerance of one's race and religion (no to religious and racial discrimination)

5) no to being hoodwinked to the truth by the religious/friars (science can offer a lot of explanations to the so called "miracles" propagated by the friars)

6) Religion, specifically in his time, suppresses the individual from discovering the world out there. He wrote with passion that he despises the friars because they use religion to show that it is the only way to truth and salvation. " - source:

The Philippine Masons strongly agreed that Rizal died as a Mason and had never retracted his masonic beliefs and commitment. After Rizal's execution he was buried in unholy ground somewhere in Paco, after 5 years from the date of his execution his burial was excavated under the orders of the American Government in the Philippines. According to the witnesses Rizal's body was not placed in a coffin, and for the Americans it was a sign that Rizal was not approved by the Friars to buried with the decorum of the catholic religion. A lot of researchers thought that our hero married his lover, Josephine Bracken with the blessing of Roman Catholic Priest before he was executed.

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