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Why Life-skills Based Education Matters

Updated on May 2, 2019
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A quick guide about the importance of teaching your child life-skills based education.

Whether we like it or not, technological advances can be transformative. Just look at the work demands these days. Hence, it’s understandable for education to shift towards the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

If it’s technical skills that would secure your kid’s future success, then it’s only right to focus on getting him those skills, isn’t it? However, there’s another thing that must be included and prioritised in a child’s learning experience: life skills-based education. Read on to learn more and find out why it matters.

What is life skills-based education?

UNICEF explains life skills-based education as that which addresses specific content or undertaking to achieve specific goals. Educators follow a participatory teaching method to help students develop not only knowledge but also psychosocial skills.

These psychosocial skills are important to act accordingly when dealing with the stress and frustration in our everyday lives. They are grouped into three categories: cognitive skills for understanding and using information, personal skills for developing a sense of self, and interpersonal skills for interacting well with others.

Why is life skills-based education important?

According to the World Health Organization, life skills are essential for the promotion of healthy child and adolescent development. They also impact socialisation, as well as preparation for different social scenarios.

Life skills-based education is supposed to complement technical learnings. Having life skills ensures a person would be able to do the right thing when no adults are around to help or intervene. He’d learn about taking responsibility for his words and actions.

None of us can predict how the various aspects of life will be years from now. What’s in demand today may be pushed to the background down the line. What we can be sure of is that life skills will help today’s youngsters deal successfully with the challenges ahead of them.

Critical thinking skills can also be developed. Complex problems are resolved with the most effective solutions. The person will also learn to confidently express ideas and opinions without disrespecting or getting offended by others’ own.

Through life skills-based education, one would learn how to navigate certain environments and socialise with others. For example, in school, the child would be able to deal better with bullies or piles of homework. When he grows older and starts working, he’d be highly adaptable to changes in roles or the workplace itself. Working with a team will also be easier. Whilst managing himself, he may also have the potential to lead and influence others.


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