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Why we get memory loss

Updated on August 6, 2013

Areas of the brain

Unknown areas of the brain that can affect memory
Unknown areas of the brain that can affect memory

Memory loss- I can't remember?

There are many reasons why we get memory loss and it is something that will probably affect us all at some stage in life.

It can be so frustrating when we do that we often think that there is something wrong with us. In the majority of cases memory loss is only a temporary phenomanan and the memory's often return at a later date or when the problem that is causing the loss of memory is addressed.

We are going to look at some of the many reasons that you may suffer from memory loss at sometime in our lives.

Old age



Bang to the Head



Old Age

Many people start to lose their memory as they get older. This is usually know as "Age Associated Memory Impairment".

There is still a lot of studies being carried out around the world as to exactly why someones brain might deterioate faster than somebody else's of the same age but it is widely accepted that diet and lifestlye play a major contribution to the brains health as we get older.

Scientists around the world believe that as we get older we can keep the brain "fit" by playing memory games, crosswords and puzzles. You can make decisions now for later in life if you plan for elderly age


We all know that If we are stressed out over something we have a tendency to forget things. This is because our focus is on the subject that is stressing us out and tend to forget the simple things that don't matter as much.

Stress can be a serious problem and usually will not go away till you address the problem that is causing the stress. So you are always better dealing with the problem that causes you the stress.


Memory loss and depression seem to go hand in hand with each other.

If you are depressed then you are preoccupied with the reason for the depression making it easy to forget things.The need to remember little things seems to be the last thing on your mind so forgetting them becomes really easy.

Small, trivial matters seem to be ignored more readily if you have depression because your really not that interested, and an attitude of "what's the point" can soon take over your thinking.

You should always try to seek help with depression from a GP or close friend and often talking about the reasons why you may have depression can be a very helpful start

Bang to the Head

Concussion or an impact to the head is one of the main reasons for sudden memory loss.

Memory loss due to a bang to the head can also be a delayed reaction. In other words the memory loss can happen hours or even days after the impact to the head has taken place.

Medical advise should always be sought after a bang to the head because the loss of memory is due to damage to the brain, this could be a swelling to the area around the brain or even internal bleeding caused by the impact to the skull. Symproms can be a short term or more serious long term depending on the serverity of the impact.


Legal or illegal drugs affect the mind and change the way we feel or react to situations. If you are taking different types of prescribed drugs then they could interact with each other causing memory loss or by taking more than the prescribed amount of a drug could have an effect on the way the medication works

One of the many side effects of taking drugs is memory loss, especially if they are strong and designed to affect the mind as in anti- depressants or treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer's..


Diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer's and Parkinsons are leading causes of memory loss. If you suffer from this terrible disease then memory loss will gradually affect you more and more as the disease progresses.

Alzheimer's affects the short term and long term memory by destroying the neurons in the brain. The process of memory loss is progressive in dementia sufferers. Treatment can be given to help slow the advancement of Alzheimer's is the symptoms are recongnised early.

There can be a number of other diseases that can affect the brains ability to remember such as Alcohol related diseases, Lewy Bodies and various cancers.


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