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william cheong is scam or not - my scammer review experience

Updated on April 1, 2017

william cheong scam scammer

william cheong scam scammer
william cheong scam scammer | Source

william cheong experience

i meet william cheong in suntech cybercity. i see his advert in the facebook to say learn about make money onlines. i go to suntech office which says synerflex consulting but he say company name is symmetry marketing academy?? anyways i listen him talk and he sell facebook class. william promise will teach us the facebook online marketings and make money together also. so i sign ups and class is so so only. his partner andrew cheah also there but they teaching not so good info. i still donno how to make money onlines also. more times they show off how they makes their moneys only like with ecommerce or mlm but dont teach it to us. so we pay them to hear them boost tthem own results?? this is my experience. i feel scam.

william cheong scam video


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