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How to Be a Womanizer

Updated on August 3, 2007

Become a Womanizer Today!

Have you ever wondered how some men just seemed to be getting all the women.

5 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last

5 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last

"Nice Guys Finish last." I'm sure you've heard this saying before, actually I think it could qualify as a modern proverb. So what does it seem like all the women sleep with the asshole/jerk/player types and let the nice guys remain friends? Women are illogical creatures. I remember how confused I was back in the day when I was in "love" with one of my friends. She complained about how mean her boyfriend was to her, and there I was wondering to myself why she never considered dating me. Ah I wish I had a fairy godfather back then to tell me what I'm about to tell you.There's nothing wrong with being nice to women, it's just that some guys just emit so much unattractive qualities to women that pushes them away.

1. They're too emotional/clingy/insecure

I think this is the #1 attraction killer right here. Once a nice guy finds a girl he likes he'll do anything to try to keep her. Understand that the woman is supposed to be the one that's emotionally attached to you, not the other way around. It's also very important once she's attracted to you that you give her some space. If you're calling all the time how is going to miss you? Also understand that you should never communicate your interest verbally. Don't tell her you like her, show her you like her.

2. Not physically aggressive enough

Women love sex almost as much as guys. The problem is that some guys are worried that the women will be "offended" if they make a physical move. We're guys, we're suppose to be the ones in control. Advancing towards her shows her that you're a confident man that's not afraid to get what they want.

You have to change your thinking and understand you should try and have sex with her BEFORE the relationship starts. Think about it, would you buy a car before you take it on a test drive?

3. They make women their #1 priority

Women should never be your first priority. The most important person in your world is you. I've seen guys waste precious time in the best years of their life chasing women, and in the end they end up with nothing but regrets. Nice guys should always focus on improving themselves by their own standards. Once they get into a habit of self-improvement, then they will naturally become more attractive and get more women.

4. They put women on pedestals

She's a human just like you. She eats, sleeps, and picks her nose too. Men want to be with good looking women, if not then you're either lying or you're gay. But understand

The Three Classic Ways to Approach a Woman

One common misconception about womanizers or players is that they all have a "golden" pickup line. They can walk up to any girl, use it, and take her home. Because of this many guys who start learning about attracting women search for the perfect pickup line thinking it'll solve all the problems. In reality pick up lines are all about luck.You can use the worst pick up line ever invented, but if she thinks you're cute then you're in. But more than likely she would've been interested in you, but you ruined your chances by using a cheezy pick up line. Do some guys really think they can get laid with "If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together!" Instead try one of these time tested openers and get some results.

1. Ask her a question or opinion on something

You want to approach as if you're not trying to pick her up, and after she finishes answering the question, you transition it into a normal conversation. This is probably the "safest" way to approach someone because you can get an idea of how interested she is in talking to you.

Ex. Bad Response

Me: "Hey I just bought this tie today, I was wondering if I could get your opinion on how it looks on me"

Girl: "It's okay"

*ackward silence*

Ex. Good Response

Me: "Hey I just bought this tie today, I was wondering if I could get your opinion on how it looks on me"

Girl: "Oh yea that looks great, the color of the tie really matches your eyes, where did you get it?"

With the bad response you can tell that she's not that interested in talking, and you can leave the situation casually. The second response you can tell that she wants to talk and you can take it from there. Remember that what she says alone isn't enough to gauge her interest, take notice of her body language and other forms of none verbal communication.

Another tip if once you're in the conversation don't introduce yourself or ask for her name. Let her ask because it can be seen as a sign of interest.

2. Direct Opening

This is when you walk up to a girl and you let her know immediately that you're interested in her. It can be in the form of a compliment or a statement of interest. This method obvious takes the most balls to do, but the payoff can be big if it works out. This works well if you're a good looking guy that doesn't mind rejection.

ex. "Hey I saw you from across the room and I wanted to come over and say hi"

3. "Hi"

Short, simple, and my favorite. Pick up artists believe in a concept called the 3-second rule w

The Importance of Eye Contact

One thing that I’ve always had a problem with early in my life was making eye contact. Whenever I talked to someone my eyes would look at the floor or wander off into the background while I was talking. Over time it became a sub-conscious thing and I never noticed it. It wasn’t until I started dating that a girl told me she thought I was really insecure when she first met me because I wouldn’t make eye contact with her.

Why is eye contact so important when talking to people? The most obvious one is that it shows some confidence.Tt’s a sign of insecurity to not make eye contact with someone when you’re talking to them,. Making eye contact shows that you’re open, relaxed, and a direct person.

Research has also shown that prolonged eye contact with a woman will make her body produce phenylethylamine (PEA) which increases the feelings of attraction.

Whenever women are at a club or a party, they use eye contact as a way of showing someone that they’re interested. You can spot them because they’ll be making short frequent glances at you. Lock eyes with her and make sure she looks away first. Wait a few seconds and look in her direction again. If she’s still glancing at you then give her a small smile, if she returns it then you’re in. Walk over there and say hi.

It’s important to understand that making eye contacts involves your eyes looking into theirs. I know some people try to compromise by looking between their eyes or another spot on the face, but this turns into looking like a stare, which is not a good thing. It might feel unnatural at first, but once you master you’ll have a powerful weapon next time you talk to a lady.

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