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College Life: 7 Things to Settle Before Summer Vacation

Updated on March 28, 2015

Summer is at Hand!

This is your most awaited moment. Summer vacation is at hand! You are finally going to be temporarily free of exams, sleep deprivation, math, terror professors, computer radiation, early in the morning marathon, indifferent board mates and of your ever frowning landlady. After the long and tiring semester, it is exciting to imagine what sorts of fun you can do during the vacation. You will get to see your parents and they’ll make you mow the lawn again. You’ll get to see your relatives in a family reunion and they’ll ask if you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend again. You will get to see your old friends from high school and they will taunt you for your most embarrassing moment (with pictures presented on PowerPoint) again. Aren’t these exciting?


However, your plans may instantly be destroyed because of things you should have settled before summer. Your classmate might suddenly inform you that the class must take a remedial exam while you are already traveling to Boracay. Your landlady might suddenly call and demand for your rent payment while you are having a quiet time watching the sunrise at a beach. Summer vacation is too short for you not to enjoy it, isn’t it?

Here is a checklist of tasks you need to accomplish before summer vacation:

1. Accomplish your clearance early.

If you are studying far from your hometown, you might be too excited to go home and you might consider accomplishing your clearance during enrollment for the next semester. Some Universities are okay with this. However, delaying your clearance also means you will get enrolled late. Knowing that you still have to accomplish a task at school before at school before enrollment, you may need to go back to your University earlier which could shorten your time for vacation.

2. Verify if you successfully accomplished course requirements for the semester

Consider scanning your checklist and schedule again to check if you missed to pass a requirement or if a professor might schedule another exam which is usually a remedial examination. Going back to the University to submit a requirement is time consuming and costly. Usually, you will have to look hard for your professors because they are not always around when the semester ends but I don’t know why. Failing to submit a requirement, according to my experience, you will have to submit a special project usually an expensive book- ah! Now I know.

3. Update your contacts with your classmates

Keep in touch with your classmates during summer. They might provide useful updates about enrollment at your University. Have a contact of someone who lives nearby the school, the Student Council and other people who might provide information. You don’t want to be way too early or too late to enroll, do you?

4. Inform that you will be away for summer

If you work or volunteer for an organization, make it known to them that you will not be available for summer. The same goes for your pastor in the church you attend in (If you are a Christian attending in a church nearby school.) You might not want them to keep wondering where you have gone to. They might forget that you are a student.

5. Settle everything at your apartment or boarding house

You don’t want your landlady to frown at you for 4 months the whole semester for leaving your room messed up whole summer. Clean up your room. Pack everything you will bring for vacation. Neatly organize things you are going to leave. Pay your rent; your landlord may need it since most of the boarders go home during summer. Before leaving, inform your landlord that you will be away for vacation and tell him/her when you will be back. If you don’t, you might get stabbed for being mistaken for a thief when you’re back (this nearly happened to me when I was in 2nd Year College).

6. Contact your parents

A surprise does not usually work; they expect you to come home. Tell them you will be home soon. They are always expecting a call or a message from you. You have been busy for your final exams so you were not able to contact them regularly. By informing them, you are making them happy because they are very excited to see you, hug you, and kiss you. Always be grateful to them and make them feel you love them. Now that you are in College, they might be starting to feel lonely and forgotten. Don’t make them feel they are forgotten! And oh, they don’t forget you will mow the lawn for summer.

7. Give thanks to God

You are now in College and you already know how to live by yourself. You may have realized by now you that doing things all by yourself is insufficient and you really need God’s guidance and provision. Don’t forget to thank Him before the semester ends. When classes start for the next semester, while asking God for provision you might just realize you haven’t thanked him for the previous semester!


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