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Wrath of Sandy | The Largest Atlantic Hurricane

Updated on November 25, 2013

Hurricane Sandy is the Largest Atlantic Hurricane Recorded

The largest Atlantic hurricane atrociously assaulted the United States over a period of 2 days between October 29th and 30th of 2012. It is the largest Atlantic hurricane to have ever been recorded. Even though it wasn't the most powerful to have made landfall in recent years.

More than 8 million power outages throughout Hurricane Sandy's two day existence of landfall. A week after she pounded the Atlantic and Northeast, over 1 million businesses and homes remained in limbo without electric. The victims then battled freezing temperatures.

Image: Creative Commons - Attribution 2.0 Generic | NASA GOES Project

Superstorm Sandy impacted 24 states on the East Coast from Florida all the way to Maine. She killed at least 110 people in 10 states, unleashing the worst of her ferocity on New Jersey and New York. Beforehand, the Caribbean saw more than 70 deaths. The storm surge hit New York City on October 29th, leaving subways, tunnels and streets flooded. Canada also felt freezing rain and winds resulting in 1 death.

Image: Creative Commons - Attribution 2.0 Generic | U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Northeast Region

The damage of Sandy climbed to over $50 billion dollars (Yes, billion!) in economic destruction, including property, lost businesses and living upkeep. The charge to insurance companies could stretch as high as $22 billion. FEMA has distributed nearly two hundred million in emergency housing relief and has put over 34,000 people from New Jersey and New York in motels and hotels. Local, state and federal officials have yet to create an extensive plan of stable housing for the displaced.

Image: Wikipeda | Creative Commons - Attribution 2.0 Generic | New Jersey Army National Guard

I feel for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Living in Florida, I have seen my fair share of extreme weather. Take the time to help those in need. Donating time and/or money may mean the world to someone who feels as though they've lost everything.

Please keep the families affected by Sandy in your thoughts and prayers.

Disaster Preparedness Kits

It's best to have an emergency kit long before any type of disaster strikes. As a storm approaches, supplies can be very hard to come by.

Hurricane Preparedness List - Have Supplies Ready in Advance

These are just some of the items to consider including in your kit. Make sure there is enough to last each person at least 3 days. Adjust according to your families personal needs.

  • Plenty of Water
  • Non-perishable food
  • Prescription and OTC Medications
  • Flashlight with Extra Batteries
  • Infant formula and Diapers
  • Pet Food
  • Important Documents
  • Blankets
  • Change of Clothing
  • Bleach
  • Matches
  • Water Proof Containers
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Books and Games
  • Paper Products
  • Can Opener
  • Cash
  • First Aid Kit

An Eye-Opening View - Damage Caused by the Largest Atlantic Hurricane

Sliding over the images will show you the extent of damage caused by Sandy.

Are you prepared?

Do you have a plan and supplies?

See results

Hand Crank Radios

Having a hand crank radio will come in handy during a power outage. Some radios come equipped with flashlights and cell phone chargers.

Do you think you will be able to handle a disaster?

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    • netangel profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Florida

      @steadytracker lm: I'm in Tampa, we were given the day off from school as well. We were very lucky though and were missed competely.

    • netangel profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Florida

      @mbenning22897: I hope your family was okay!

    • steadytracker lm profile image

      steadytracker lm 

      5 years ago

      I grew up in St. Pete, Florida and I remember the day that Andrew struck homestead. Despite being so close, I remember having the day off from school and having nothing but clear blue skies. All of that changed a few hours later though. Despite this fact, I grew up and moved to the Philippines where we deal with multiple typhoons every single season.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      My family went through a bad storm many years ago. I know how important it is to be ready..

    • netangel profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Florida

      @lucylucy222: I've been lucky to not experience horrific scenes like Hurricane Sandy. I live in the Tampa Bay area and we haven't been badly hit in many years. I hope to never experience what so many others have but I'm always prepared because you never know what can happen.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I went through a hurricane many years ago. It wasn't a bad one that caused damage like the ones in recent years but it was still scary. I learned I needed to be ready and be stocked up with supplies before the season starts,


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