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Best Knife for Camping

Updated on February 24, 2016

Best Knife for Camping

Camping Knives – Best Knife for Camping

The rush of adrenaline and the thrill of pushing oneself to the limit are the two things adventure enthusiasts live for. Exploring the unknown or conquering hostile terrains, whatever the activity is, they are required to be outdoors, depending on their supplies and nature for survival. Things like a first-aid kit, sleeping bag, matches, rope and tools are packed from home as it is highly unlikely to find these things in the middle of a forest or the top of a mountain. Carrying a lot of stuff for a camping trip or trekking expedition is not possible. Only the most essential and travel-friendly articles should be a part of their backpacks. A good quality, multifunctional knife is an indispensable part of their tool kit. Sometimes it is the only tool they have, apart from a shovel which makes it crucial for them to choose the best knife for camping.

Living in the wild means depending on nature (completely or partially) for survival. It is usually for food, shelter, fire or safety. One has to hunt, build a tent, light a fire or dig a hole. A knife which can do all of these is considered best for camping.

The best knife for camping not only does the usual cutting and chopping, it performs a host of other tasks. There are fixed-blade knives as well as folding knives to choose from. These differ from each other in many respects apart from the nature of the blade.

Foldable Knife

Fixed-blade knife

  • These are small and fit in a pocket.
  • Can perform tasks like cutting, slicing, chopping of small objects.
  • More compact due to foldability.
  • These are usually bigger in size.

  • Apart from cutting, slicing and chopping, these can act like a hammer, used to dig holes, and chop wood.
  • Comparatively less compact.

These are considered the best knives for camping. Some campers prefer carrying both, a foldable one in their pocket and a fixed-blade tied to their waist.

The fixed blade knife can be used as a hammer when struck with good force with its grip, can be used to chop large pieces of wood (even logs), to make a campfire, slice/skin meat or to make a fire using the metal blade. The foldable knife is used for tasks that require more precision and less force.

The blade can be made of any inert, non-corrosive and durable metal like titanium or an alloy like steel treated with carbon. The handle of the knife needs to be strong and should complement the grip of the holder’s hand and also be lightweight. The best knife for camping will have all the above qualities.


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