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I Am a Traveler

Updated on February 7, 2013


From my native land I fled, to the Land of Promise beyond;

It will take me a lifetime, conditions, emotions, and lots of decision-making before I could ever reach my destiny;

The Destiny that is drawing me closer but never arriving there.

Why must I leave?

Don't I have love ones who gladly accommodate and cheer me?

I can choose to stay and try to feel good about it;

My native land has its own culture;

People here get along well;

There is plenty of food, drinks, jobs, abundance of love and camaraderie;

I can live forever here and be merry for the rest of my life;

Everything I need is already here;

My native land is a wonderful place to raise a family;

A few get rich and almost everyone seems happy and contented;

The Leaders who govern the masses are idolized and are the ideals of the citizenry;

They are the law, the status quo and the models of society;

Why can't I just stay and comply?

Who knows what comes out here for me?

But I am a traveler; my parents were too;

They just happened to make this place one of their stopovers during my birth;

And they stayed too long, long enough for both of them to die here and for me to forget of my true origin;

They got very busy establishing rapport with the natives here;

The inhabitants here benefited from their creativity;

They had gathered treasures for themselves from the rich resources in this God-given blessed land;

The people loved them so much;

My parents had built their mansion here and before they died they were able to distribute their properties and share their blessings to the peasants.

But I am a traveler, it's in my blood;

Now that I am on my own I must continue the journey that had been long interrupted;

I have to survey the world and discover new things in different lands and people;

That is my mission as a traveler;

I will achieve the objective of the mission that my parents had chosen to forget;

My accomplishments, achievements and experiences with people, both natives and travellers,

and with nature along the way;

Make my life worth-living.

If I'd prefer to stay, it would only be an empty body;

Because my heart, my mind, and my soul take me to distant lands;

To be with other travelers like me;

Who always long to be home;

To be home in the Promised Land;

To be with the King of kings of my Destiny;

He is the King of the Promised Land, the King of the Ultimate Destiny

Where every one alive both people and everything in this vast universe are destined;

I have to go ahead;

And perform my mission;

For I was born to achieve and to lighten the hearts of other travelers

Who continue searching for the meaning of life, the now and the beyond.

My travels may be full of adventures, pleasant or unpleasant;

But my reward will be the crown from the King

Who is all-knowing and Omnipotent;

This is my mission; I am a traveler.


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