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Zeitgeist - The Movie

Updated on March 15, 2013

ZEITGEIST: THE MOVIE - The spirit of an age

The word zeitgeist describes the intellectual, cultural, ethical and political climate, ambience and morals of an era or also a trend.

If you haven't yet heard of Zeitgeist, you will, just give it time. You can watch it free here

Anyone with access to the internet is likely to come across it at least once. This movie opens eyes, changes lives, and makes you question everything you have ever believed in.

I'm not given to conspiracy theorism (yes I made that up) but I never shy away from the pursuit of new information. There were some points made in the movie that gave me pause to think about what is really going on behind the scenes.


Part I: Is dedicated to debunking Christianity, and insists that it is in fact a religion based on much older religions all with roots in Astrology.

Part II: States that the US Government knew about Sept. 11 ahead of time and participated in its planning and cover-up.

Part III: Goes on to expose the Federal Reserve and its alleged secret ownership by a group of international bankers.


I've seen the movie, read a few books in support of the theories and researched the information debunking the whole thing. Like many things I researched it from both sides, both present compelling arguments, but come at it from such polarized views that it is hard to take either side as 100% truth.

I've included clips from each section of the movie so you can sample the information, but if you want to view the whole movie please go to

There appears to be a severe lack of sources on both sides, so it is hard to confirm or deny anything totally.

So, I'm challenging you to use your brain and research both sides and giving you a place to share those views. Play nice, play fair, and cite your sources because either way someone is going to call you on it.

I've also added a few links to videos debunking Zeitgeist, after you have seen them it is up to you, what do you think?

So here is your question ZEITGEIST hype or honest truth???

So what do you think about the "Christ Conspiracy" section of Zeitgeist?

How accurate do you think the information contained in Zeitgeist really is? Is Christianity really based on ancient astrology? Were the stories taken from older religions and modified to fit into the current Bible? Or is the whole thing faked?

Your opinion?

See results

September 11?

September 11 was it terrorists or a government conspiracy?

There is a lot of information provided in the movie, even in the short section I have provided. The question is, is it true?

What do you believe?

See results

The Federal Reserve?

Federal Reserve

According to Zeitgeist our country is at the mercy of the federal reserve, which is really being run by foreign bankers. What do you think?

Do you believe that foreign bankers run our country through the Federal Reserve?

See results

For and against...

The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold
The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold

Wonder where they got the sources for the debunking of Christianity? Here it is...


Thinking for yourself

This lens is really an exercise in thinking for yourself, it was not meant to be pro or anti Zeitegeist, it's just meant to encourage exploration of both sides.

For the truth rarely lies in the right or in the left, but somewhere in between.

According to Wikipedia: "Freethought is a philosophical viewpoint that holds that opinions should be formed on the basis of science, logic, and reason, and should not be influenced by authority, tradition, or any other dogma. The cognitive application of freethought is known as freethinking, and practitioners of freethought are known as freethinkers."

Read More -> -> ->

The problem with the left versus right approach is obvious in today's world. We each pull in the direction we believe is right, but in the end we get nowhere.

Picture a child on a swing, they go forward, and they go backward, but in reality they go nowhere at all.

You can't get all of your information from just one source, or even one type of source or your knowledge is incomplete. When searching for the truth, hopefully we will all remember to approach it from both sides and someday...

maybe someday...

we can all meet in the middle.


(pansy as the symbol of freethought courtesy of



Tell us how you really feel!!!

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This film really seems to be well made and documented but, in reality it contributes to the atmosphere of fear and unease that it purports to expose and which is running rampant in Amerika (sic) today. What scares me more is shoddy research or deliberate obfuscation put forth as journalism and scholarly documentation.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My son made me watch this movie, too... but, it has affected him detrimentally... it made him very cynical.. no need to be cynical :) Just live people!

    • tandemonimom lm profile image

      tandemonimom lm 

      10 years ago

      I haven't seen the movie but now will try to do so. Nice job on the lens!

    • mysticmama lm profile image

      Bambi Watson 

      10 years ago

      This movie is son literally made me watch it...he claimed that the movie proved that all the things I had been saying for years really were now he believes me...lmao...excellent lens...I was going to get around to making a lens about this movie, but you beat me...and did a wonderful job...5*

    • drifter0658 lm profile image

      drifter0658 lm 

      10 years ago

      I've not seen the movie, but I will now that you brought it to my attention. As far as Christianity goes, it's a relatively young religion. just under 2000 years old, and my views about Jesus Christ have changed over the years. I see him more as the Abby Hoffman type. But, organized religion as a whole turns me off for to many may reasons than I could discuss here.

      And I believe in God.

      Well done and thanks

    • NanLT profile image


      10 years ago from London, UK

      One good lens. I love things that mke me think.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      One good thing I can say about Zeitgeist and the like, is that it inspires debate and maybe a hunger for information that wasn't there before.


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