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10 things you did not know about the cinematographic universe of Marvel!

Updated on January 5, 2015

1 - Samuel L. Jackson has signed 9 movies with Marvel.

You never stopped to wonder how Nick Fury appears in so many movies without having any contract crisis that the most important heroes have, as Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans?
This happens because Samuel L. Jackson in the early MCU, signed on to insane nine films. Five have already been (Iron Man 1 and 2, Captain America 1 and 2 and The Avengers).

The combined box office of all films is 7.1 billion dollars.

Follows this brief list:

Iron Man: $ 585 million
The Incredible Hulk: $ 263 million
Iron Man 2: 624 million dollars
Thor: 449 million dollars
Captain America - The First Avenger: 371 million dollars
The Avengers - 1 billion and 519 million dollars
Iron Man 3-1 billion and 215 million dollars
Thor - The Dark World - 645 million dollars
Captain America - The Wintry Soldier - 714 million dollars
Guardians of the Galaxy - 769 million dollars

Little money, don't you think so? Which brings us directly to the next item in the list ...

The Film Universe is the second largest franchise, behind Harry Potter.

There are $ 7.1 billion of the Marvel Film Universe 7.7 billion against the boy wizard's film franchise that delighted a generation. At least until next year, that with the box office Avengers - Age of Ultron, we expect that the picture will be reversed and the MCU pass to occupy the top.

The parameter to choose a director is that he has done something that has "a unique trait of being awesome."

Ever wondered why Kenneth Branagh and the guys who directed some episodes of Community be directors of major films Marvel Studios? The truth is that this is Marvel's intention: to break the limits and hire directors who can bring innovations to the film beyond the superhero field.
"You do not need to have driven a great action movie with visual effects and beatings. Only need to have done something that has a unique trait of being incredible," said the head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige.

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Phil Coulson has appeared in more MCU than any other character.

Although not a superhero and never have appeared in the comics before the movies, Phil Coulson became one of the most popular characters of the franchise, appearing in more movies than any other hero or character - and we're not even talking about Stan Lee because in each movie he acts with a different character. And remember that we still have the TV series and short films!

Edgar Wright inadvertently helped give shape to the MCU.

Despite having abandoned the Ant-Man movie project due to creative differences, Edgar Wright was involved with the project since 2006, despite having been hired as director only in 2012. According to Kevin Feige, was the initial script that Ant-Man patterned MCU, forcing the directors of each film and Feige to modify certain pre-established elements of his views to the movies so that it could accommodate the film's Ant-Man.

Kevin Feige had the idea to build the Universe Film when he realized that Marvel had the rights of the majority of the Avengers.

In 2005, most of the money produced in Marvel's movies came from licensed films with other studios, such as the Spider-Man movies by Sony and the X-Men by Fox. The idea was to build series of films by the scope of Marvel, and the final idea came when Kevin Feige realized they still had the rights to some of the greatest heroes of the publisher - the Avengers.
Thinking about it, Kevin had the idea of setting up a franchise solo movies that would meet in a large crossover, as well as in 1960 comics.

Shared universes were not as well accepted before the Avengers.

Although it is currently the most famous of Shared Universes, make no mistake thinking that the MCU was the first one. Before, we had a vague idea of universes shared with crossovers (Alien v Predator, Jason Fredddy v) and even with real shared universes (Universal Monsters, for example). The point is, keep these shared universes seemed an arduous and expensive task, so the idea did not take off until then. However, with the advent of MCU, every self-respecting studio began to assemble its own shared universe. Examples? Beyond the universe of heroes by DC, Sony and Fox, we have the return of the Universal Monsters, and the junction of the Godzilla movies and King Kong (which returns to theaters on Skull Island).

Joss Whedon is one of the creative consultants for each film.

This is kind of obvious, but in order to keep a chronological cohesive pattern without contradictions between the films, each production has a number of creative consultants, who give their opinion in the development of the project and even change certain things to keep in a straight line. And it is obvious that the director of the film series that brings together all other franchises would be the major creative consultants!
Also, the guy was responsible for directing some of the post-credits scenes from the movies, so that they deem clues about the next film of the team. And here we can mention the post-credit scene from the first Thor and Captain America - The Wintry Soldier.

Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - 2015

The first film of the Movie Universe began to be shot before the script was complete.

Even though the film in the franchise with has the highest average of positive reviews according to Rotten Tomatoes, the first movie Iron Man began to be shot even before the script had been completed, making many of the scenes we saw were but improvisation - a great improvisation that helped consolidate all films that would follow, and the beloved the Avengers.

© 2014 Tiago Damião


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