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What is the real deal with V. Staviano?

Updated on June 3, 2014

No excuse for racism- period. But this article is about her.

I want to start right off by stating the obvious, the comments and the attitude of Donald Sterling is disgusting and out dated. In this year of 2014 there is zero room for that type of archaic view. But this article is not really about his shortcomings it is about V. Stivian and her motives and past and why she might have been willing to put herself in the limelight under such despicable circumstances.

Sterling and his wife

Pictured here is the REAL victim his wife...
Pictured here is the REAL victim his wife...

A little bit about the situation

To look at her she is nothing more than your run of the mill LA looking ethnic woman. Until you notice the designer clothes and quarter of a million dollar cars. V. grew up in Texas to a Mexican mother and an African American father. Her real name is Vanessa Maria Perez. She looked very different in high school, there is no debating the fact that she has had some major plastic surgery.

By the way Mr. and Mrs. Sterling are no strangers to name changes themselves. When they were in their 20's they petitioned a court and asked that their names be changed from Tokowitz to Sterling "because it could help them financially and people couldn't pronoun their name properly".

Her instagram page is filled with photo's of designer handbags, and costumes and artwork apparently she is a self proclaimed artist, she just forgot to add the Con part. To be honest with you she really is not a very pretty woman, so I'm amazed what she was able to soak Mr. Sterling for.

The list of items he bought her is:

  • Bentley
  • Ferrari
  • Range Rover
  • 1.8 million dollar townhome
  • and over $200,000 in spending money to "live off".

That's just the things that we know of, I'm sure that list is much longer. What I do not understand is did V. intentionally set out to destroy this man Mr. Sterling (who is worth a reported 1.3 billion dollars) or was it after his wife tried to sue her that she decided to get even? The hundreds of hours of recorded conversation tells me this was something she had planned for a very long time.

This is not the first NBA owner V has been linked to. She was also connected to Jerry Buss. former LA Lakers owner.

V. her senior year at Roosevelt High School

V. Stiviano started from the bottom...

She went to the same high school as Donald Sterling and his wife Rochelle. She was a very different girl than the one you see now. She has obviously has a nose job, cheek bone implants or chin implant. She gets straight hair extensions, wears lighter colored contacts, and has veneers.

In one part of the recordings Sterling is calling her a "white girl" it is very clear that he has no clue of her heritage, except that she is part "Latino".

I believe she was not honest with him from the beginning. You also see in pictures from early on in their relationship that she is wearing a small "star of David", him and his wife are Jewish so I think she used that to her advantage and led him to believe that she too was a Jew.

Donald Sterling and V. at Clippers game

The many names of V. Spiviano

Since she has been arrested four times since 2002 we know the many alias' that she has used over the years:

  • Vanessa Maria Perez (this was actually her name before she changed it.)
  • Monica Gallegos
  • Maria Vanessa Perez
  • Mariamonica Perez Gallegos

She has been charged with:

  • Petty theft
  • Drinking and driving
  • Possession of a controlled substance

Even with her quite checkered past she has been the foster mother of 2 boys ages 12 and 13. Whom she allegedly finalized the adoption paperwork and are now the boys legal parent. She does not have any photos of them but I do know that they are Mexican and African American and Mexican and Native American. Hopefully she will do the right thing and take good care of them. Kids certainly does not seem to mesh with her lifestyle but we'll see.

Part of the Donald Sterling Foot in mouth conversation!

Do you think she is wrong for taking all the money and cars from him knowing he was married?

See results

How did V get her hooks into him?

We know that an advertisement for a 2011 charity luncheon lists Stiviano as a director of the Donald T. Sterling Charitable Foundation, with Sterling as chairman.

She claims that she was his archivist and that is the reason she was recording such long hours of conversations she alleges to have over 100 more hours of recordings. But if she was doing that job wouldn't the recordings have stayed with him and not her?

I have a photo that I will post that has her listed as a Director of some sort for the Camp David Basketball Camp for unprivileged children that the Sterlings' held every year.

The one thing we do know is that she was around him quite often at his offices and did seem to have an actual job working for him beyond being arm candy, so maybe this relationship really did cultivate at work. I just don't see how any man could spend that kind of money on a woman who is not his wife...makes no sense to me.

Her Ferrari from Sterling


Her Bentley from Sterling


Her Range Rover Sterling bought for her


V. wearing the Star of David necklace


I'm going to be President of the United States some day...say's V. while wearing nutty visor


Friend of Sterling Tommy Lasorda has this to say...

Tommy also had this to say...

LA Times Ad that features V. as a Director of Camp David.

I will never understand

I will never understand how these woman are able to topple empires, break up bands like the Beatles and ruin lives of smart men, billionaires, married men with children. It's not easy to become a billionaire, try it lol you'll see how hard it is. Will we ever really know how this woman manipulate these men, obviously part of it has to be sex, but come on. There has to be more to the story. I hope to find out, because it sure is the secret sauce!

© 2014 Karen Ranoni


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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Amen, Sister. It may well be, if we look at the origin of MAN and their very NATURE, literally and biologically.....he acts specifically according to his NATURE.

      Thus, it seems to me, it is Society/mankind who needs to learn. Not "accept" or concede to...but simply learn. Through the ages, evolution from "animal-man" to "civilized".....cultured, educated, moralized and more man-made rules and codes to last into eternity.....NOTHING has seemed to curtail or even slightly dampen NATURE......the evidence is powerful & undeniable.

      Unbearable as it is and will forever be....."Survival to the Fittest" is not the end of that quote.....I like to add my own observations. That quote was meant originally to apply to the male species, (the hunter, protector and "warrior,") justifiably so. The "rest" of this is: "Victory to the Temptress." ......quite annoying, but true as the sunrise.

    • Karen Ranoni profile image

      Karen Ranoni 3 years ago from Romeo, MI

      I love your answers!! You are always SPOT ON!!! Man will never kearn, there will be V's as long as there are Pee's haha

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      It is simply a shame that a successful & high profile man like Donald Sterling was brought down by the likes of V. Stiviano.

      As you noted, this has happened before and will continue to. There will always be men of fame and fortune who become the actual "prey" of women (using the term loosely) like "V."

      In my humble opinion.....1st. of all I think you are spot-on about her motive to destroy Sterling. It was a very carefully planned attack based upon her revenge of Donald's wife. But that alone would not have been quite enough for V. Stviano. There was much more in it for her and we've all had a front row seat to the massive, public scenario.

      It's done and cannot be undone. Sterling is far from an "innocent" victim, IMO. Surely we can face the reality that Donald made a lot of very foolish decisions based on thinking with "his little head." This spells nothing more and nothing less than M-A-N.

      Karma is a constant force.........UP+++