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What happened in 1982 in american history

Updated on May 31, 2014
Michael Jackson in Thriller
Michael Jackson in Thriller

Life in 1982

Living in this year was difficult with the Recession going on and other problems around us.  There is no doubt that the recession had a huge impact on how people lived with the cost of things changing.  To own a new house the average price tag was around 82,200.00 dollars and to rent was about 320.00 dollars1.  The costs were steady; also the cost of gas was 91 cents3.  But the troubles of life didn’t stop entertainers from doing their job.  The smash hit Cats came out onto Broadway and lots of people went to go and see it.  People listened to Michael Jackson’s new album called thriller, which sold millions after millions of copies3, one of the best albums to hit the selves. Living in 1982 meant that you probably own a Michael Jackson’s thriller album and if you didn’t listen to his music you just were missing out on a lot.  If you love movies, a great one came out called E.T.-The Extra Terrestrial many people found it interesting and amazing how the graphics are good1.  Others that you may have heard about were Gandhi, The Verdict, and Rocky III.   Recommended books that have come out this year were Thomas Keneally’s Schindler’s List and Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, two great reads1.  We also got to see some sad endings for people like Satchel Paige, Grace Kelly, etc. in which we wont forget them1.  In sports, it was in baseball that great legends such as Hank Aaron were inducted into the baseball hall of fame.  Also the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Milwaukee Brewers to win the World Series1.  In football it was San Francisco that defeated Cincinnati in the Super Bowl, and the LA Lakers beat the Philadelphia 79ers in the NBA Championship.  Lastly in the world cup Italy wins over Germany.  Living during this time meant that you had little room to move around in because of how everywhere you turned there was always the recession facing you in the face. But on the bright side we got to see new technology being invented and new things made to make life much easier.  Being apart of this year was seeing Ronald Reagan struggle to try to keep the United States from falling to a recession but he failed terribly2.  You got to taste the new issues of USA Today and see how it was a great read on your free time3.  Traveling around wasn’t much of an option because there wasn’t much money to spend, yet if you did you would have gone to EPCOT, which stands for Experimental Community Of Tomorrow4.  This is located in Florida at Disney, many kids want to go and see how this new park is like no other.  Having a computer this year meant you were apart of a few that had them, and if you sent emails would have heard of the computer scientist Scott Fahlman3 who invented the idea of showing emotion through the computer using, what he called them, smiley’s.  Overall this year’s living conditions had its ups and downs, yet next year will be a fresh new start for those who want to try to have a better one.  

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