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Malavika hot South Indian Tamil actress

Updated on December 24, 2013

Malavika hot picture collection

Mini Biography of Malavika

Real Name: Shweta Konnur

Screen Name: Malavika

Date of Birth :19 July 1979

Profession : South Indian Movie Actress

Popular Movies: Unnai Thedi,Lovely,C U at 9,Naan Avanillai and Apparao Driving School

Malavika is another sensational actress in South Indian cinema who is much popular for Tamil and Telugug Movies. Malavika started her entertainment journey with the Tamil movie called unnai Thedi in the year of 1999 and this film was directed by popualar Tamil movie driector Sundar C (husbend of Kushboo). She was much privilade to perform her debut movie with Tamil movie star Ajith Kumar who is one of the leading star in Tamil cinema. Unnai Thedi movie make huge sucess and Malavika also got great popularity instant thorugout this movie. After the sucess of Unnai Thhedi Tamil movie she got so many offers to perfrom in South Indian cinema .

By deeply considering filmography of this beautiful star we can observer that she is much fond of performing in Tamil movies rather than Telugu or Malayalam regional movies. However Malavika is one of the most glamors actress in Tamil cinema and she got ultimate popular during the mid 2000s . Malavika acted quite few movies compare to other actress in 2000s but she is much lucky to maintain good reputation in the industry in very short time period.

Vasool Raja MBBS is another great movie of her and she was much privileged to perform that movie with Padmasri Kamal Hasan. After the year of 2009 she completely quit from acting . Nan Avan Illai is the final movie of malavika don in major character and after that she performed some guest appearance for few movies in 2008 and 2009. However as a actress Malavika unable to get any awards during her cinema journey. She got the skills of performance and also she able to add extra spicy to the movie which she acted. Even Malavika dident get ultimate popular like such as Jyothika, Simaran, Namitha etc.. she got great popularity among south Indian fans . Specially in Tamil audience.

Videos of Malivika hot dance in Tamil movie

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Bollywood Entry

She enter in the Bollywood cinema after getting popular in several Tamil movies. She got ultimate popular due to the glamor performance on Hindi Movie called CU at 9 movie. Malavika perform very glamor performance in this movie and that movie is one of the great horror movies of Hindi cinema. Even the movie didnt performed very well in the north Indian cinema Malavika got lot of attraction due to her glamor performances.

Filmography of Malavika

Tamil Movies
Telugu Movie
Malayalam Movies
Kandha Kadamba Kathir Vela
Navvuthu Bathakalira
Pakal Nakshatrangal
Pooparika Varugirom
Phantom Pailey
Vasool Raja MBBS
Chala Bagundi
Chithiram Pesuthadi
Apparao Driving School
Naan Avanillai

Some hot and glamor photos

Malavika also got famous due to the supportive role which she made on with Chandramukhi which one of the most successful movie of Tamil cinema history and she did acted that movie with superstar Rajanikanth, Prabhu and Jyothika. Performance of Nan Avan Illai movie with Jeevan is also really memorable for South Indian fans.She got unique style and ultimate beauty which attract the audience.

After the marriage Malavika quite form south Indian movie industry and there are very few chance that this actress will perform again. As a Actress Malavika achieved a lot in the cinema even this actress not much popular as Super actress such as Meena, Kushboo, Simaran Baga, Jyohtika etc.Malavika got abnormal talent on performance arts and and she is gift with a beauty that other actress dosent have. However even she unable to become super popular as actress mentioned above she got talent to survive in the high competitive industry like South Indian Kollywood for over 10 yerars in also really inspriational.

Some several movies of her dident performed very well in the industry but she remain as a star neral a decade beacuse of her talent and ability to perform sustainable in the movie industry. However Malavika is one of the great actress in south Indian cinema and I am plan to update more news and images of this hot and glamors star continiously. Being a great actress in the industry malavika got much more public attention.


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