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Top 10 Must-Watch High School/College Movies Like American Pie

Updated on October 5, 2018
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Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.

American Pie is one of the first movies that got me into the teen comedy. It brought with itself a lot of dirtiness and crudity to prove its symbol. The high-school comedies were never the same again. Before ending the freshman year it’s important for the teenagers to understand their sexuality as well as of the others. In order to do that, one must eat the forbidden fruit, erasing the misconception of the parents who still consider their offspring’s as babies.

One thing is certain; this movie is not for the intellectuals and people of a serious demeanor. It’s just about having a few good laughs at the stupidity and naivety of teenagers who are trying to lose their virginity before they even know it. The most hilarious part of the movie is the “first time thing.” If you’ are a teen then you can relate to it. If not, movies like American Pie would remind you of your teenage years and what you probably missed doing in those days. Either way, you are going to have a lot of fun with these films. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the similar kind of movies.

Movies like American Pie are either similar in terms of humor or storyline, sucking us into their worlds for a few hour but you are requested not to consider this as a family movie , no matter how liberal your parents are.

Can’t Hardly Wait

The plot revolves around a group of friends partying hard on the day of the completion of exams. Of course, it doesn’t turn out the way they’d have liked it to. The movie discusses a lot about the contemplation of sex and girls. Especially Amanda the most justified beauty of the school who is a dream date of every guy. Mike Dexter a dorky guy asks for her and she accepts him. The movie also impacts the reality of recognizing our true friends our uncertain future etc.

‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ simply sticks to a very popular formula that makes this teen comedy such a hit amongst youngsters. Clearly, it's targeted at a younger audience. Don’t look for any profound or hidden message in this movie, for there is nothing to find. It’s just one plain, entertaining movie - Nothing more or less. It does what it is supposed to do – entertain the audience for a couple of minutes.

With an entertaining plot and a strong cast, this movie reminds you of the 80’s teen comedies. This is one of the biggest compliments a modern movie can get.

Road Trip

This is a story about Josh, a guy who makes a mistake of mailing a video of a random hookup to his LTR girlfriend. When he along with his buddies start traveling 1800 miles just to make sure she doesn’t see the video, they embark upon the biggest adventure of their lives. You will enjoy the road trip for sure. All the four characters compliment the sensual need of one another in the most prolific ways.

From that point on, Road trip takes the same old formula that makes teen comedies such a popular hit and shakes it up to serve something that’s more refined and a little bit wittier.

The characters develop throughout the movie. The most memorable one is the transformation of Kyle, who becomes one of the most likable and genuine characters from a nerd. There are certain scenes in the movie which cannot be forgotten.

Yes, Road Trip is filled with crude sexual jokes, nudity, but aren’t most teen movies this way? There is no denying of the fun factor here. Just don’t choose this movie for a date night.

American Pie 2

You are looking for some movies like American Pie. Why not give its sequel a go? All 4 high school friends are now inseparable and commit to being friends forever. Unlike their debutante, now they have become proactive in sensual harmony. When they reunite in a beach house to hold the biggest party ever, things don’t go as planned.

If you loved the pacing, humor, and rhythm of the original movie, you’re only going to love American Pie 2 for what it has to offer. Remember the scene where Jim is caught masturbating by his father? There is no respite for him in the sequel as well. This time around, things are taken to the next level as his dad walks in while he is having sex. Only here he doesn’t get the name of the girl lying with him.

This is just to give you an example of how awkward, crude and dirty this movie can get just for a few more chuckles. Intellectuals, look the other way. If you are looking to find the meaning of life in this movie, you’re going to be disappointed. It has nothing else to offer other than a good dose of humor and teaches the importance of holding on to oneself when time takes a turn.

American Pie movies would always stay one notch ahead of other teen comedies because of the originality and professionalism that stems from every scene. Yes, there are tons of sexual jokes and double meaning comments, but it has its heart in the right place.

I’m not going to go as far as to say whether American Pie 2 toppled the first, but it lived up to its name, which is saying a lot and exceeded further to become a cult movie.

Project X

The plot revolves around 3 high school boys who decide to throw a big party to highlight their social status amongst everyone. Things begin to get out of control as the word of the party spreads around and takes a crazy magnitude. The movie sometimes represents the savage and unruly punk culture of youngsters.

There has been a lot of ill fame and criticism about this movie. Those criticizing this movie need to understand that it’s not targeted at everyone. People around 15 to 26 are going to like this movie more than people of other age groups. It’s very clear that this movie is targeted at a young audience.

There is a lot of sex, drama, and drugs. I warned you. It’s not a movie you’d want to watch with your kids or family. Or be a proud thug and air it on a family gathering, more brownie points for you!

The ending is a little bit predictable, but aren’t all teen comedies are the same way? You don’t want certain movies to be unpredictable or ambiguous with its ending, especially when it comes to the comedies and romantic movies. In this light, they did a great job with the ending. You can see it coming from miles away, but it’s still pretty entertaining in its narcotic way.

Don’t pay attention to the negative reviews. You’d be missing out a lot otherwise.

Scary Movie

You would have to give credit to the 1996’s teen slasher ‘Scream’ for reinstating this genre. Tons of slasher comedies have been released ever since then, but they are seldom any good. ‘Scary Movie’ on the other hand manages to stand on its own with a strong storyline and a talented young cast. Scary movie takes hold of a few horror movies and makes an indigestible cocktail out of it.

The plot revolves around a group of teenagers, who accidentally ran over a man one year ago. Fast forward one year, they find themselves being stalked and chased by a random serial killer. Apparently, he knows what happened last summer. The most adorable thing about this movie is that the audience is left in aghast to contemplate such comedy made out of the most devastatingly spine-chilling movies.

It’s one of those I-know-what-you-did types of horror movies that keep you on the edge of your seat until credits begin to roll. Despite its crude humor and the very predictable plotline, you can’t help but laugh and shudder in fear at the same time as these dumb teens try to figure out what’s happening around them.

Scary Movie cashes in on the success and energy of ‘Scream’, but still manages to do justice to this genre of teen comedy. Just sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster ride. If you are looking for some good slasher/comedy movies like American Pie, this movie should be right up your charity.

Porky’s (1981)

Set in 1954, the plot follows a couple of usual high school kids whose life revolves around sex and making the life a living hell for their teachers. When they decide to help a friend lose his virginity by infiltrating a brothel called Porky’s: things spiral out of control.

I’ll say it straight away; there is nothing classy about this movie. There is nothing sophisticated or classy about a story that revolves around virginity and brothels.

Instead, it’s funny as hell. They don’t care about the law. As long as nobody is getting hurt, everything is justifiable. It’s fun to sit back and watch them try to outsmart each other and sticking together when they’re in trouble. It reminds you of your high school days (unless you didn’t use to be like these boys at all).

That said, some events depicted in this movie are a bit over the top, like watching the girls taking shower and making ludicrous scenes in boys locker room. But aren’t movies made for showcasing events and things that we don’t, or can’t, do in real life? By no means should one take it seriously or try to connect it with real-life events.

Those who had some real fun growing up would love this movie for what it has to offer.


Superbad is a story of 3 high school nerds who desperately want to get laid. When they get invited to a party, the only thing remains between them and sex is getting the two girls they just met, drunk enough to want to do it. Things get complicated when one of them runs into cops with a fake Id of Hawaii. The other two start getting anxious as their plan goes awry. Will they get laid?

Of course, the plot is pretty basic and the jokes are crude, dirty and sexual, but they make you laugh out loud, which is a testimony to the originality. It’s the performances of the three devoted leads that cement its place as one of the best teen comedies of all time.

If you love dirty and sexually driven movies like American Pie, you will love Superbad.

Knocked Up

Ben Stone is a nonchalant party savage who leads a carefree life and discusses it with his father once in a while. When he hooks up with a random girl Alison and has unprotected sex with her, he deals with the consequences 8 weeks later as she shows up at his doorstep claiming to carry his baby.

They decide to give this a chance and have this baby by staying together. Will Ben finally grow up and be up to the task?

There is no denying that ‘Knocked Up’ has its fair share of vulgarity. It doesn’t try to beat around the bush either. Even so, don’t presume that it’s a stupid movie. Vulgarity doesn’t imply stupidity. There is a certain kind of craft and originality to a lot of its sexual and offensive jokes. The movie tries to search for emotions in the depth of absurd. You cannot complain when everything makes so much sense, which makes ‘Knocked Up’ a good candidate for one of the must-watch movies like American Pie.

Surprisingly, Knocked Up is a clever, witty movie with a strong plot and some authentic acting. Most teen comedies tend to lose their way somewhere down the middle, but this one never lets up once it gets going. Despite the vulgarity and nudity, ‘Knocked Up’ is a grown-up teen comedy everyone must watch at least once. It is especially the ones who are fond of having unplanned babies.

The Girl Next Door

A Sizzling hot girl approaches the new neighborhood and captivates the mind of the young guy living next to her. Isn’t that the dream of every guy growing up? A little bit far-fetched, but let’s be honest with ourselves here – everyone has given it a thought at least once. This is exactly what happens with our protagonist as he finds out that his smoking hot neighbor used to be a famous porn star.

It’s a movie about prejudice and observance, sex and love. Our Youngman goes through a lot of manipulation and adoration before he takes a stand about his ladylove.

In a world infested with blunt and brain-dead teen comedies, movies like this keep the light of hope alive. It’s funny, though-provoking, and even emotional at times, cementing its place as one of the most underrated movies like American Pie.


With truckloads of teen comedies unloading all the time, it’s pretty possible that I missed out on quite a few good movies. Let me know about them in the comments section.


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