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Naruto chapter 616 Whirling and Enduring

Updated on January 16, 2013
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Naruto and hinata
Naruto and hinata
Naruto and hinata

Neji’s death moved him and for a minute he concentrated on Obito’s wording. Obito tried to move him away from fighting this useless fight for the sake of peace. For him Peace is not a reality as long as there is hatred, emotions and ambitions, there won’t be any peace. People will always fight for their love; for their hatred and it’s impossible to get peace as long as there are emotions involved. In reality it’s not possible that’s why Obito joined Madara Uchiha to protect this world from hatred, emotions and ambition, to create an Utopia. For a minute Naruto was deviated from his path but when Hinata slapped him and told him the real reason, why Neji gave away his life for him, he realized that his life is not his own now. Many of them gave away his/her life for the sake and safety of Naruto. They all believe in Naruto, they believe that he is the only one who can find the true meaning of peace. In the meantime, the nine tails gathered his chakra and give it to Naruto. Naruto turned into his sage mode and made his clones. Naruto distributed his chakra among the ninja alliance using his clones. After getting Naruto’s chakra (nine-tail chakra) they were all pumped up and were again on their legs. They were feeling an enormous amount of chakra inside their bodies and getting ready for their blow on the ten-tail. Meanwhile Madara Uchiha was seeing their tactics and enjoying the play. He wasn’t looking tense or doing anything to stop the Ninja alliance. He was simply standing doing nothing and enjoying what the Ninja alliance has to offer. He was disappointed by the shinobi (Ninja) of this era. They were too weak to even defeat an already dead Ninja (Madara Uchiha). Even the 5 kages together were no match for him. After getting Naruto’s chakra, Ninja alliance attacked the ten-tail. Their plans were to paralyse the ten-tail first. So they used the shadow jutsu to block its moment and Ino uses the mind controlling jutsu to control over Obito’s body. In the meantime, finally the story shows something about Sauske. Sasuke, Orichimaru and Sasuke’s subordinates were at some place. Orichimaru was taking them to the person who knows everything. I am waiting eagerly for that man.

At the end of the chapter it’s focused again on Neji’s death where Lee was crying like hell. He was in too much pain as his best competitor died. He always works hard just to get ahead of Neji but he never beat the genius once. Kakashi told Naruto that whenever he swears to protect his comrades he failed and that burden will be his forever. In reply to that Naruto said that’s why we are Ninja, we are the ones who endure and that wound will always makes him remember his friends. He doesn’t want to create imaginary friends whom he doesn’t want to get hurt. It’s a reality, it can be a curse but real Neji is here (pointing towards his heart).


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