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Photography is a mean of communication

Updated on April 12, 2013

Taking photos to express Nature!

The true meaning of photography!

What is the true meaning of photography in your opinion? A photo! Just a photo...

Good, bad or even great. I don't think so. What you see is what you get is the easy part to a straightforward photography. Taking photos is another passion of mine. According to my own observation, and long years of experience in the field of film-making, and photography, I now personally have my own theory on the art of photography. It is true 100% that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, an example to represent the true meaning that lies behind photography, and photos. Photos could be a different means of communication, a whole new way of expressing feelings, and different emotions. Each might represent a piece of a grand puzzle of the bigger picture. To have the right piece is to know how to capture photos. In other words, you should be a photographer but not every one with a camera is a photographer..In order to be a great photographer, you should be a good critic. Each individual look at pictures differently, and from a different angle or perspective just like paintings. At the end, each will form a personal conclusion. In this case, Photography might be equivalent to poetry when it comes to representation, reflection, and inner meaning. It isn't easy to express a certain message by photos without having the right equipment, creativity, and talent. Capturing photos requires a sensitive soul who knows when to press that button and capture the right moment. Therefore, what's the use if you have a camera, and don't know how to record history, a specific meaning of a significant moment in life. Sometimes, you may need no perfect light or shade in order to capture what you see. But you sure need the perfect timing to simply record what you see. Some pictures reflect the meaning of happiness, sorrow, sadness, anger, serenity, peace, and even silence. However, if you don't have what it takes to become a photographer, an artist with a sensitive soul... Dig deeper, and find what it needs to become one.

Gladys Karam

3Angels Power Film Production INC


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    • 3angelspower profile image

      3angelspower 6 years ago from Cornwall, Ontario

      Thank you for your comment blessed eve. I'm glad that you agree with what I wrote..

    • blessed eve profile image

      blessed eve 6 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Everything you write here is true., It is not the camera but it is the man behind it!