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Real World: Skeletons - Episode 3 Recap and Review

Updated on January 12, 2015

Previous information shared:

This season of real world is based off of last seasons where people's past relationships literally came and lived with them, chaos ensued.

This season the past is not limited to their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends. Now it includes their enemies, family, and whoever else they have wronged in the past. It looks to be an interesting season with Madison revealing her past addiction to drugs.

It has been teased that Bruno's brother might appear on the show because of an argument the two had in the past. Violetta received a call saying that two of her worst enemies were coming to live in the house as well. It has also been revealed that Tony will have a past girlfriend appear on the show.

Three Way

The episode starts with the day after Bruno and Sylvia's fight. Sylvia pulls Bruno aside to talk. Bruno is still a little upset because Sylvia was flirting with Tony. In the end they are both still single and ready to mingle.

The group heads out to sight see for the day. The wolf pack is Nicole, Bruno, and Jason because they are the strongest, it's cute that they have bonded. Madison and Tony still have no label between the two, which I like. I don't think it's good if they get attached enough to have labels after a few days.

Bruno calls Carla up to hang out. He feels there will be tension. That night the girls and guys split up because Carla and her friend are coming over. They then head out in their matching tops, which I find adorable if they did that on purpose.

Violetta has an alternate ego named Clarice for when she gets drunk and has a good time. The girls arrive back drunk and Carla is still there.

Jason Goes Off

To distract Sylvia from Bruno, Tony starts flirting with her. Madison notices and feels awkward. While Bruno makes out with Carla, Sylvia and Violetta make out with Carla's friend; Paulina. Jason is super excited

The next morning Madison wakes up and is super excited about going kayaking. The guys dog Violetta for making out with Paulina last night but she asks them to stop and Jason keeps going. A fight ensues, and Jason becomes very rude because she did ask him to stop and she was clearly upset. Tony laughs along and does not help at all.

The girls are there to support Violetta though, which is great. The guys complain because Violetta makes jokes; but I bet if they were upset about a certain joke she would most likely stop. Jason then spills that he has a child coming to the guys and Nicole. He has a little girl and then he realizes that he was in the wrong with how he was supposed to act. He realizes he would not want a man to talk like that to his daughter.

He does not have a relationship with his baby's mother. It looks like she is going to be the one to be Jason's skeleton.


Tony's Girl Back Home

Tony has a girlfriend apparently. Like seriously? I'm done. I thought at least he's single. He's saying he cares about her, I would have dumped him in a heartbeat. Nope, he is willing to do that on national television knowing it upsets her. I would be embarrassed if I saw him acting like that on Twitter and everyone knew.

I hope at least Madison knows it sucks that she made out with a taken guy. Hopefully nothing further comes between those two and I can't wait for Tony's skeleton to come on the show.

Girls Night Does Not End Well

Sylvia has some enemies back home as well. It looks like the cast is starting to worry more about what's coming. Jason opens up about growing up without a father. He wants to be better then his father. He is also enjoying his freedom before the baby comes.

That night they have a girls night. They are having a good time last night. Madison is moving on from Tony and finds another prospect for her to flirt with. His name is Cole, and he seems pretty cool. The girls are all for it and encourage her. The guys and Nicole go out separately. Tony is playing the field as well. Bruno is saying he's not a player but it looks like he has found his third girl to make out with.

I think Madison and Cole make a cute couple and she should flaunt it i front of Tony, maybe I'm a little mean but I would love to see that happen. The girls come back home hammered. And they blame Violetta for Sylvia being drunk. Like damn, Sylvia is a grown ass adult. If she wanted to be drunk she can be drunk.

Tony is being a little rude. Violetta gets upset and tells Tony he's being annoying, with lots of other curses. Tony gets upset and starts yelling at Violetta. Violetta revealed she was bullied when she was younger, which shows why she doesn't stand for anyone stepping on her or putting her down.


The Next Day

Violetta calms down. Sylvia is very drunk and ends up peeing in the confessional. Ensue the grossness and bonding of this. The whole house finds out of course.

The next day, Tony realizes that he did in fact push a nerve. He also is saying he is gonna be "supportive" of Madison and who she chooses to be with. He needs go away, she's not his, and they aren't dating. Jason talks to the mother of his child and she asks to make sure he is getting along with people because he has a temper, which we have seen.

The girls go mud wrestling that day. I would not be able to get in the mud like that and wrestle, I'm sorry but they are brave souls. This actually looks really col, and it looks like a lot of women supporting other women. I was worried it would be just males watching and perving on them. It looks like the girls have grown closer because of this and they dance in the street to show their appreciation.

Bruno desperately wants to get it in with Pamela, so badly he has sex with her in the bathroom. He goes to share it with Sylvia and she doesn't care. She feels a little hurt by it but she says she won't have sex with him after that.

They head out that night and have hopes of bonding and want to feel like a family. Violetta admits to the group she was overweight, awkward, and made fun of.

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Preview for Next Week

The skeletons are coming next week. The first one looks to be Sylvia's enemy. She is VERY unhappy about it. It also looks like Violetta is on her side. Seems like it will be an interesting week!

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