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Suraj aka Nagesh : Is innocent?

Updated on September 30, 2012

“Ramchandra keh gaye sia se aisa kalyug aayega, Hans Chugega dana , kauaa moti khayega”

What to believe and what not to believe is really hard for me now, Suraj aka Nagesh really turned the world upside down now, the new video release shows him working as a dish washer, thus adding more fuel in the fire of controversy.

There isn’t a single doubt that he was a call centre employee and a student in Indian Institute of Bartending (IIB), Chennai. Though there is no doubt too that he isn’t a man of honor, in fact he is a liar.

“I got a B.Sc degree, but still I can’t find a job that easily” told by Suraj in his audition video to the judges in reply to “Do you have any qualification”.

In a telephonic conversation with IIB Principal Mr. Edison, Chennai (ph. 044-65330070) he confirmed that he was registered with the name Nagesh, he also confirmed that he was a call centre employee in Mumbai but the Institute doesn’t have any academic record of Nagesh. Next thing we got to know that he was also an MBA graduate (Lied above as he confirmed in video that he is a B.Sc graduate).

He opted for a 3 month course in IIB, worth (17,500) but quit before that as his hostel rent and course fee were still due (A person who doesn’t have enough money to buy a 1000/- rupee cell phone, why did he even choose a course that costly?). Another reason told by the institute for Suraj to quit the institute was wine tasting where he realized that this profession is not for him. Before IIB can answer more questions they hang up as they were bugged answering calls related to Suraj.

Whatever the reason for him to pull out a stunt like that in a reality show is still unknown to us but because of him the T.V (Roadies) rating goes sky high, breaking the records of controversies in any reality show. But in my true opinion I still find him a projected Target launched by the MTV Roadies to sky high their TRP rating. Why do I think like that? The possible reason I think of is how did he enter in Roadies? Obviously there are forms and question, which contestants have to fill and answer. Aren’t there any criteria about checking the back ground, qualification or etc. if there isn’t you can say there will be lots of fake application registered in Roadies out of which Suraj is selected? Was it a coincidence? Let’s assume if he was a targeted project by MTV roadies, they registered him, gave him a script and he acted well too, he got selected, win hearts by pulling sentimental strings. Next thing to do is Controversy; MTV Roadies ignited a fire releasing videos and picture showing him studying in IIB through some third party. Controversy started, Roadies TRP goes straight sky-high but here is a part where they have to save themselves. What if people question about how Suraj got into Roadies isn’t there anything where MTV Roadies check the background of the applicants they are selecting.

Suraj Audition on MTV Roadies 8

Now the saving part, a new video releasing him working as a “Dish Washer”, 50% of the people aren’t going to check where did he worked as a Dish Washer. Another 30% will think he is saying the truth he was working as a Dish Washer, Suraj isn’t fake or Liar though he hides something but he wasn’t wrong completely. 80% people are ruled out now, the next 10% like me don’t believe it because video can be created afterwards as there is no date, no way knowing when the video is been shot and even though you finally found out where he worked as a Dish Washer, the hotel/restaurant where ever he worked can be bribed, it’s India everything is legal if you got money. The other 10% don’t care about what’s going, they don’t give a damn about whether Suraj is fake or not, they are just getting Entertainment that’s all for them.

It’s just a hypothesis if we assumed that he was a targeted project, but if he isn’t then he will be in big trouble playing with sentiments. Though I m sure if he proved to be fake, he will be sure getting into big budget movies because of his fabulous live performance on camera and if he proved to be innocent I will say “you better check him one more time buddy”.

Showing him working as Dish washer


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    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 7 years ago from Virginia

      I agree,,,,it does help explain it.....great hub great writing....voted up

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 7 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      This helped me clear up a lot of questions! This was well written and thought out. Well done HUB. Up one and Useful. RJ

    • kuckoo profile image

      Your Lover 7 years ago from Your Heart

      check out :- Suraj aka Nagesh Bartending pics and lies